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Joined: Jun 25 2007
Great site

Hey All--
Great site, and gladly joining up today. 80's, East coast fan here--settled in Va. ( great shows in Bristow, especially Dead '04 and glad to see Ratdog now honoring this venue..)
Followed the Jerry around thru the 80's slowed down ( ok, halted for a good bit in the 90's..marriage, careers and children, but missed it terribly and now catch whatever I can whenever I can, to date) So..although I only occasionally don the dye and certainly walk the straight and narrow--the lovelight's still on. Nice to have a forum to share with folks things beyond PTA, kid soccer and homemade baby food!
Additional interests include raising awareness ( and funds!) for Infant scoliosis. My 2 yr old lives with this condition, and most folks are not aware of the severity of it.( INSIST, that your newborns, toddlers are thoroughly checked for it) I know that this is indeed not the forum to go on and on about it, but will share, that in my quest to throw a local benefit music event (novice, by all means)...I had left many, many messages and emails with performers who I hold near and dear. I expected little to no response however I must commend GD publicist/ manager Dennis McNally for calling my home to find out the details of my mission. What a caring and warm guy ( we know this..) and although it simply couldn't be fit into Bobby's schedule--I was so grateful to have a conversation with someone whom I've admired so much, for so long. This is indeed what the Dead and their fans are all about.
I wont go into the verbal flogging I have endured from DH friends for LOSING his cell number, to be used for Ratdog's show months later, to secure a meeting backstage...errgghh.
Interested to read bios here and many thx for such a good site, glad to be on board...

Joined: Jun 23 2007

My name is Rich. Started seeing the Dead in the mid-80s. Definitely a Brent Era fan. I saw them a couple dozen times over the next 10 years until Jerry's death. Most of the Shows I saw were in the mid-west (from Cincinnati, lived in Indiana, Michigan) and Atlanta. I went out of California once for New Years and it was a gas. I currently live in Pittsburgh where I teach history and in my spare time I play guitar (lots of dead).

I am glad to see this website. Makes me feel good that folks are keeping the spirit alive.

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
Hey 'all

Great site so far...

Long live the Grateful Dead!!!

Fav years:
Grateful Dead => '73, '74, '76, '78, '89

Jerry Garcia:
Jerry and Merl=> '73-'74
LOM=>' 75
JGB=> '75, '76
Recon =>'79

P.S This could change at any minute LOL!!!!

Joined: Jun 23 2007
Peom from DEADLOT '94

found a poem i wrote from DEAD LOT '94
There's a difference in preaching~~~~~~
But its real when it comes from the heart~~
I am not preaching~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
But talking from my Heart~~~~~~~~~~~
I know a place you can go~~~~~~~~
LOVE & Happiness you'll see~~~~~~
Where FRIENDS you'll see come and go~~~
3 hundred miles from home~~~~~~~~~~
No money,just you and you clothes~~~~~
But You know, Someone cares they'll help you HOME,
or somewhat close~~~~~~~~
With a pack on your back~~~~~~~
SHAKEDOWN iz always your Home~~~~~
From city to city,some say itz a pity~~~~
You awake hungry , food being cooked by somebody~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kickdowns-Shakedowns-even seeing painted faces with frowns~~~~~~~~~~~

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
Miss U All So Much

The Bus came by in '73 in Ohio. I hit the trail hard when I moved from there to L.A. in '76. After 250 and more shows later (still have most of my stubs),I can still see all of you dancing whenever I put the band on. I Sold Burritos for years at Ventura Fairgrounds with my good friend Alan. We always set up across from Wavy and the Hog Farms bus.We were kind of immortalized on the 'West 57th Street' tv show once. I miss Jerry and the wonderful places the band always took us too. Walking out of the Alladin theatre in Vegas after a show right into the casino was a TRIP! Boreal Ridge was so beautiful across the street in the meadow. Greek was the best place but Frost was a gas too.So many parties so many parking lots. I can't believe my wife and girls put up with the ship of fools for so long-I miss u all. Peace-Darrell

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Joined: Jun 14 2007
Hey Now!!

Hey Family, I toured 87-92. I now teach English in Hamburg, Germany. It's been a long strange trip with many interesting and unbelievable stories! :) I was born in New Zealand. Grew up in the States. Played guitar and been writing songs for over 20 years now. Singing for all my life! Jody is my real name. Say hi if u know of me family! An ol' school bro' at heart, forever grateful!

Are you kind?

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Heads Anon??

So DA would be like AA when it's your turn at the mike . . .
& then you gotta jump like a willys
Now & then you get the chance
What I said,
Everybody's gonna wanna dose

& then i learned what GDTRFB meant –]

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Joined: May 26 2007
welcome home

Hey Stoney (and everyone else!) Just wanted to point this out to you in case you hadn't found it yet:

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Greetings friends!

I'm Jon. Heard GD first in the early 70's, while visiting some friends with my brother. They were at the time trying to assemble a rock band, and were listening to all the good bands of the moment. Suffice to say that I'm a dead head since then! I can attest now I had a "graceful death" (great name for a new band, don't you think?). Thanks for inviting me on the bus. Nice place you got here; and nice community, with a lot of senior connoisseurs to learn from. It's gonna be a pleasant trip!

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Joined: Jun 20 2007

Hello all!! My name is Chris, or as most everyone calls me, Shaggy. I live in Wisconsin with my wonderful wife Rachel and 3 amazing daughters Sydny (11) Cloe (7) and Abbi (2 1/2).
Been a head for most my life. Well, thats me.
~~~Sing like noone is listening and Dance like noone is watching~~~


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