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For the Days Between

What follows is a piece I wrote on 8/9/2001 please read and pass on if you have the inspiration

AUGUST 9, 1995

A Dark Star fell upon the Eyes of the World
As this Friend of the Devil slipped into the Promised Land
only to become the Estimated Prophet in the Greatest Story Ever Told.
All the Brown Eyed Women went a Truckin’
Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad.
Loose Lucy and Ramblin’ Rose caught the Black Throated Wind
to El Paso singin’ the Mexicali Blues.
Cosmic Charlie and Tennessee Jed Beat It On Down The Line
lookin’ for The Big Boss Man.
But it was Sugar Mags and Stella Blue
who saw the Smokestack Lightnin’
when Loose Lucy was Throwing Stones
at the reflection of a man Standing On The Moon
in the Black Muddy River.
He’s Gone
But the Drums circle Franklin’s Tower One More Saturday Night
because The Music Never Stopped.
In the distance you can here Casey Jones
pulling out of Terrapin Station
As Sugaree is singing
“You Know Our Love Will Not Fade Away”

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Wishing Jerry a Happy Birthday! >:)

"thats all folks"

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Happy Birthday Jerry

Miss you more than words can tell

RustyStrings (not verified)
Thanks Captain Trips

You were fun :))

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Wood chopping "accident"

Is it just me or does anyone else think the whole wood chopping accident story is a little fishy? I mean, what kind of parents send a 4 year old out with his 9 year old brother to chop wood? At the very least this is serious parental neglect and at worst I think this story was concocted to cover up something else. Tiff simply went along with it because he was a boy himself and may have been threatened with severe punishment if he didn't; as the years went by, he probably started believing it as well. At any rate, what really happened will probably remain lost to history because there seems to be precious little available on this subject. It seems strange to me that of all the volumes written about Jerry (and I've read quite a few of them), none of his biographers have ever so much as questioned this extremely dubious story. Other than that, happy birthday Jerry! Truly one of the greatest and most influential American musicians of all time.

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Giving thanks

for the life and art of Jerry Garcia. Your art has touched my life and spiritual journey in more ways than I can begin to describe! Blessings to you on your journey! We all miss you, brother!

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Hippy B-day Jerry :) :) :)

Hippy B-day Jerry :) :) :)

lamagonzo (not verified)
& So the Days Between begin...

HB Jerry!

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Oh happy day you were born Mr. Jerry Garica!

A true American Beauty

May ya'll feel the joy in your memories,
of so many roads, so many roads...
Love and light forever~on all our days between.
In lovingkindness always, xo

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LONG MAY YOU RUN............

Happy Jerry Day Everyone..............


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Jerry Garcia