Grateful Dead

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Garcia on NBC
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Sweet as honey

that was beeutiful :)

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Jerry, the sit down comic

not a stand up comic at all...

more of a sit down comic.

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No Jerry guitar here, but I

No Jerry guitar here, but I really dig Jerry.........................DIG!! :)

"May your dogs be with you"

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Jerry's tools

Live Dead = The SG
Europe 72 = The Strat
Without a Net = Tiger

Fender preamp. Love the simple stuff. Love the live stuff. Like the envelope follower. After "Built to Last" the Guitar technology became an explosion of digitally enhanced infinite possibilities. Jerry was a kid in a candy store.

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You are NOT wrong.

In fact, you couldn't be more right.

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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Still Discovering

Thanks Easywind, but I have already done that. One of the greatest things about being a younger deadhead is that I am still learning and discovering the Grateful Dead, and yes, I agree that there are many more of us younger ones than vets (especially out here on the west coast of BC). I do wish I could have seen Janis and all the others, but Jerry is the one musician that I appreciate the most out of all of them, so I will just continue to experience all the music the best way I know how.

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There were days, and there were days...


Get all the DvD's you can afford, especially the reissued Grateful Dead Movie, and Winterland. In the reissued Grateful Dead movie, the last disk with the extra cuts is heaven on earth. Play that on a nice big screen, with great sound, turn down the lights, and you will see Jerry live.

I must of seen hundreds of shows; very fortunate indeed. It wasn't the first show, but the second, where I the dead were forever etched in my heart & soul. It was a show in the week at the Fillmore in April of 1971, when TC was a guest, and opened the 2nd set with Morning Dew. That entire show is beyond words and remains my favortie to this day, although there are quite a few close to it.

Jerry, Pigpen, Keith, Brent, Jimi, Duane, Janis and to all the rainbow warriors who have moved on to become...... you are missed.

Forever young -Easywind

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Am I wrong? It's about sharing and getting along. Isn't it?

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Age doesn't mean a fucking

Age doesn't mean a fucking thing. I saw Jerry once and my wife saw him about thirty times. It all comes down to personal taste. I personally don't like anal folk who shit on younger fans, but thats just me. marye makes a good and unevitable point, we all move on from life. All of the folks who experienced the Grateful Dead will eventually be replaced with people who havn't. Who the fuck cares? Enjoying the music? Well turn it up then!


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Jerry Garcia