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Joined: Jul 9 2007
Sakparadise in play?

Is Sakparadise back in play? I know he was holding up some vines previously. Hopefully all is well but we need to know if he is in the loop or not.

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Joined: Mar 31 2008
Yes I'm after toddsnc

and I can't wait for this very special show. I'm re-PM'ing Todd to confirm

Joined: Nov 21 2007

yup your next .. it was mailed to you on the 26th. I pm`d BennyJakes and never got a reply from him .. I did`nt want to sit on it for too long .. then the list continues and just skip me ..

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Joined: Feb 22 2008

Well after reading the above posts I am guessing Tommo is next?? It will be monday or so before I can get this out though.

Joined: Nov 21 2007
hate to skip people

but still no word from BennyJakes so I guise i`ll send this out to Toddsnc got to keep it moving ....
peace and sunshine to everyone !!

Joined: Nov 21 2007
need your address BennyJakes

no word from Benny Jakes yet ,, mey have to go to Toddsnc next ,,?? will give it one more day i guise ..

Joined: Nov 21 2007
makes sence to me

sounds good to me... I`ll PM Benny Jakes and get his address ..

Joined: Jul 9 2007
my 2 cents

It looks like an honest mistake on this but people shouldn't get skipped. I responded to Stuman's inquiry of who wanted this and am #26. I think it should now go to Benny Jakes (skip chinacat503 who has been incommunicado) and make sure to hit the people who signed up previously. As it works it's way, UncleJon would obviously skip Row Timmy and forward to Grateful Jeff, and then Grateful Jeff would skip stuman (who has it now) and forward along to me. Also, I thought Sakparadise was causing some bottlenecks in other vines but that may have been resolved. Make sense?

17. Grateful Gooner
18. Row Timmy
19. chinacat503
20. Benny Jakes
21. toddsnc
22. Tommo
23. sakparadise (
24. UncleJon
25. Row Timmy
26. Grateful Jeff
25. stuman
26. Dead in MA
27. ripple1974

Joined: Nov 21 2007
my mystery

Ok ,, I think row timmy sent this to me .. He pm`d me and said he`ll send me the May 77 , but he sent me this one by accident ( I think) .. And yes this is a very excelent show !! I absoloutley love this one !! Jerry sounds Grate ,, right on the notes man ,, Wow !!
but this still leaves the question ,,,, who should I send this to next ? Oh and the (bonus disc) that come with this one is from the Music box , Omaha NE. and is only the first set and is very mixed-up .. I posted 25 because i had just received it ,originally my name was not on the list .. I`m happy to get it though !! But who should i send this to next ? people got skipped and there is people after me who want this ? oh what to do ??

Joined: Jun 4 2007
jerry on the eel 1987 frenchs camp memories!!

this was one fun show.

first of all it was in a beautiful setting!!!
very hot day!

crazy nugs!!

lots of nakid folks!!

plus it was a hog farm event!

jerry was in a great mood. this was the first time since this group played at a thanksgiving party for the gd gang.

i cant remember exactly when, but this dude next to me threw this bud onto the stage, yelling for jerry to pick it up. this was no reg bud.... this bud was the size of a corn cob!!!

after much yelling for jer to pick it up.

our hero steve parrish picked it up, and placed it on jerrys amp!!

i still regret not taking a pic of that!!

1 acoustic set, then 2 electric sets!!

it was a wonderful show!!

we were a bit bummed because the next night jgb was playing the greek, and it was a good 6 7 hour drive.

it was worth it since bonnie raitt jammed with jerry that night

but thats another story....

peas bradleyg


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