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July 74 Vine

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July 74 vine
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MOTB Release: 0056 16/44.1
Release Date: 2007-12-09
Band: Grateful Dead
Date: 1974-07-21 (Sunday)
Venue: Hollywood Bowl
Location: Hollywood, CA
Analog Audience Source: FOB Cassette (MAC)
Analog Copy Instances: Reel 1 (R1)
Medium Stock Brands: MAC = Sony C90 [CrO2], R1 = Maxell UD 35-90
Analog Lineage: 2 x Sony ECM-22P => Sony TC-152SD >> MAC >> Sony TC-D5M => TEAC AN-300 [Dolby Encode] => Technics RS-1506US [3.75 IPS] >> R1
Analog Medium Preservation: R1 >> Technics RS-1506 => TEAC AN-300 [Dolby Decode] => Grace Design Lunatec V3 [Pre-Only] => Korg MR-1000 >> DSF [1-bit 5.6448 MHz Stereo] >> Korg MR-1000 => Korg AudioGate >> WAV [24/96]
Taped By: Rob Bertrando
R1 Supplied By: Barry Glassberg
Transfer By: Adam Egert
Mastering By: Derek McCabe

Set 1
d1t01 - The Promised Land
d1t02 - Tennessee Jed
d1t03 - Me And My Uncle
d1t04 - Sugaree
d1t05 - Jack Straw
d1t06 - Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo >
d1t07 - It Must Have Been The Roses
d1t08 - El Paso
d1t09 - Scarlet Begonias
d1t10 - Around And Around

Set 2
d1t11 - Seastones

Set 3
d2t01 - China Cat Sunflower >
d2t02 - I Know You Rider
d2t03 - Big River
d2t04 - Row Jimmy
d3t01 - Playing In The Band >
d3t02 - Wharf Rat >
d3t03 - Truckin' >
d3t04 - Nobody's Fault But Mine Jam >
d3t05 - Playing In The Band Jam > Playing In The Band Reprise
d3t06 - Ship Of Fools
d3t07 - Sugar Magnolia

d3t08 - U.S. Blues

Editing Notes
-- No patch sources were used.
-- d1t09 - Cut at 6:32 of "Scarlet Begonias" cross-faded.
-- d3t03 - Cut at 1:11 of "Truckin'" cross-faded.

-- d1t07 - Feedback burst at about 4:52 of "It Must Have Been The Roses".
-- d1t09 - Some mild to moderate feedback effects from about 2:38 to 3:20 of "Scarlet Begonias".
-- d1t09 - The end of "Scarlet Begonias" is missing from 6:31 on.
-- d2t01 - Low-level feedback in "China Cat Sunflower" begins to occur in conjunction with the start of Jerry's vocals. It starts to intensify around the 2:40 mark, culminating with a penetrating burst at about 2:53. The issues abate for the most part during the instrumental segment leading up to "I Know Your Rider".
-- d2t02 - Intermittent, fairly minor, feedback during the first half of "I Know You Rider".
-- d2t04 - More intermittent feedback - mild to very ringing - starting at about 0:20 of "Row Jimmy". It continues until around 3:00 or so, when it is finally squelched.
-- d3t03 - Music is missing starting at 1:11 of "Truckin'". Gap begins right at the end of the line "New York - got the ways and means", and includes most of Weir's next verse.
-- d3t03 - Just after the start of "Truckin'" it is possible to distinguish conversation with regards to the pending tape change - presumably between Rob Bertrando and one of his cohorts. As an exercise left to the listener, focus on the right stereo channel, at timing points 0:24, 0:30, 0:57 and 1:03, leading up to the cut-off at 1:11.

7/25/74 - Grateful Dead
International Amphitheatre
Chicago, IL

SBD -> Rm -> Dat -> Sonic Solutions -> CD

2 Discs Audio / 2 Discs SHN

Disc 1: First Set + Encore
Disc 2: Second Set

Set 1:
Me And My Uncle
Loose Lucy
Black-Throated Wind
Beat It On Down The Line
Mexicali Blues
Brown-Eyed Women
El Paso
Row Jimmy
Weather Report Suite ->
Let It Grow ->
Around & Around

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Big River
It Must Have Been The Roses
Jack Straw
Dark Star ->
Slipknot! Jam ->
Stella Blue
Johnny B. Goode ->
Uncle John's Band
U.S. Blues
One More Saturday Night

Ship Of Fools

Charlie Miller


Grateful Dead
Capital Centre
Landover, MD
Sick Bits Vol. 8

Source: Matrix (SBD/AUD mix):

SBD: (SHN ID # 2277)
MR> C1> DAT*> CD via Teddy Goodbear

AUD: FOB (SHN ID # 17968)
AudMC > DAT > WAV > SHN via Jerry Moore

All three sources were SHN files downloaded from LMA and converted to
WAV > Sony Vegas 5 > WAV > CD Wave > FLAC 16 (level 8)

Matrixed by Chris Chappell

Set I:

d1t01 - crowd & tuning
d1t02 - Promised Land
d1t03 - Sugaree
d1t04 - Black Throated Wind
d1t05 - It Must Have Been The Roses
d1t06 - Cumberland Blues
d1t07 - Scarlet Begonias
d1t08 - Jack Straw
d1t09 - Deal
d1t10 - El Paso
d1t11 - To Lay Me Down
d1t12 - crowd & tuning
d2t01 - Weather Report Suite Prelude >
d2t02 - Weather Report Suite Part One >
d2t03 - Let It Grow

[missing: set 1.5 Seastones]

Set II:

d2t04 - crowd & tuning
d2t05 - He's Gone >
d2t06 - Truckin' >
d2t07 - Nobody's Fault But Mine >
d2t08 - Other One (1st verse only) >
d2t09 - Spanish Jam >
d2t10 - Wharf Rat >
d3t01 - Around & Around
d3t02 - Peggy-O
d3t03 - US Blues
d3t04 - Sugar Magnolia

d3t05 - Casey Jones

Total Times:
Disc 1 [76:39]
Disc 2 [71:24]
Disc 3 [38:31]

- for track times see shntool output
* Sick Bits Vol. 7 fits nicely as filler on disc 3

General Notes:

Two sources from the LMA provided coverage for this matrix: a relatively
dry SBD, and a pretty nice sounding FOB AUD recorded by strangers with
Jerry Moore's rig (see Jerry's notes). The result is an excellent matrix,
justifying the blending of two sources to breathe life back into a
relatively unrecognized but excellent show. Check out these reviews from
the Llama:

"I have the soundboard version of this show and I must admit that it is
clear but clinical. No Character. This audience version has the ambience
that is lacking in the soundboard. Do yourself a favor and download both!"

"You've heard the classics, now try this one! Recommended." -Dr. Flashback

This is the first show of 29 played at Capital Centre, and Bill Graham
starts off by letting the crowd know to stay out of the isles, probably
concerned with the fire marshall, who I'm sure was not impressed by
the firecrackers (M80s?) that were let off periodically during the show -
the most loud and notable is during To Lay Me Down, the crowd in a very
intimate space, an explosion even clearly loud on the SBD. Listener beware!

The whole show is played well, from the gumption of Sugaree through the
excellent Weather Report Suite (nice Keith); and the second set starts
with a slow but funky He's Gone (Phil), a freaky Spanish Jam out of the "space"
of a 1 verse Other One, and a rare Peggy-O (6th time played). Garcia takes
a different approach throughout, both refreshing and daring. The band delivers
on the crowd request for Casey Jones, and Phil sums it up at the end: "We
really appreciate it folks, you don't know how much."

Thanks to Jerry Moore for making the FOB AUD happen (see notes), Mark Cohen
for the analog > DAT transfer, Noah Weiner for the DAT > SHN/CD; Teddy Goodbear
for the SBD along with the rest of the Compendium crew, and Doug Johnson for
uploading it to abgd.


Editing/SBD & AUD source Notes [see attached]
Shntool Notes [see attached]
FLAC Fingerprint [see attached]
MD5 checksum [see attached]

Excerpt from AUD text file:

(*) Notes from Jerry Moore - June, 2003:
"Had piss poor taping seats, and was unable to negotiate better
ones. Best I was able to do was dicker with some total strangers
who were sitting reasonably close, on the left side off the
floor, if I remember. They weren't willing to trade seats, but
WERE willing to try taping it themselves in exchange for a copy.
So I crossed my fingers real hard, and handed over the rig.
They weren't at all familiar with it, but I managed to squeeze
in before the show and check in a couple of times. All things
considered, they did a pretty decent job. Some artless level
juggling, and overall levels lower than I would've run, but
better than no tape or a rotten one. The taping the weird noise
at intermission was a nicety I didn't think to mention, and they
didn't bother with. IE, no L&L recording on my tapes... I haven't
the foggiest who they were or what their names were. Never crossed
paths again."


Grateful Dead - July 31, 1974
Dillon Stadium - Hartford, CT

Recording Info:
SBD -> Master Reel (7inch @ 7.5ips 1/2 Track) -> Dat -> CD

Transfer Info:
CD -> EAC -> Samplitude Professional v7.02 -> FLAC
(3 Discs Audio / 2 Discs FLAC)

Transferred and Edited By Charlie Miller
February 9, 2006

Patch Info:
Reel flip in Row Jimmy and WRS Intro patched with Bill Degen's AUD
Unknown Mics -> Master Cassette -> Reel (7inch) -> Dat -> SHN

-- This is shnid 1019 cleaned up and patched.
-- Beginning of Scarlet is cut.

Set 1:
d1t01 - Scarlet Begonias
d1t02 - Me And My Uncle
d1t03 - Brown Eyed Women
d1t04 - Beat It On Down The Line
d1t05 - Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo ->
d1t06 - It Must Have Been The Roses
d1t07 - Mexicali Blues
d1t08 - Row Jimmy
d1t09 - Jack Straw
d1t10 - China Cat Sunflower ->
d1t11 - I Know You Rider
d1t12 - Around And Around

Set 2:
d1t13 - Bertha
d1t14 - Big River
d2t01 - Eyes Of The World ->
d2t02 - China Doll
d2t03 - The Promised Land
d2t04 - Ship Of Fools
d2t05 - Weather Report Suite ->
d2t06 - Let It Grow

Set 2.5:
d2t07 - Seastones

Set 3:
d2t08 - El Paso
d3t01 - Ramble On Rose
d3t02 - Greatest Story Ever Told
d3t03 - To Lay Me Down
d3t04 - Truckin' ->
d3t05 - Mind Left Body Jam ->
d3t06 - Spanish Jam ->
d3t07 - Wharf Rat
d3t08 - U.S. Blues
d3t09 - One More Saturday Night

d3t10 - Uncle John's Band


Grateful Dead
Roanoke Civic Center
Roanoke, VA
Two Discs


Extraction and Shortening by Seth Kaplan via EAC and MKW.
Correct sector boundaries verified using .shntool.

Disc 1 of 2
Set I
Mexicali Blues
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo
It Must Have Been The Roses
Me & Bobby McGee
Tennessee Jed
Playin' In The Band

Disc 2 of 2
Set II
ChinaCat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider
Me & My Uncle
Ramble On Rose
Big River
U.S. Blues >
Jam >
The Promised Land
Brokedown Palace
Not Fade Away >
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
Johnny B. Goode


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam


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