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JERRY lives on....


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It Will Never Be Over

I only seen the Grateful Dead 5 Times and That was over 12 years ago but the Dead still live strong in me.I say as long as peaple play there music it will always live,as long as we have there music it will live and as long as we love there music it will live.Its like a good book that we pass down to the next generation.
The only thing that really bothers me is that "The Dead" are not touring,what happend they were doing so well in 2003 & 2004,it seemed like every thing was clicking and going so smooth.The band was playing almost as good as they were when the Grateful Dead were at there peek.No one will be able to replace Jerry and I dont want them to but the music should go on.The 4 guys who are alive should be together playing so the younger crowd can injoy them and get an idea of what it was like,It might not be as big as it once was but we might never know either if they dont try.I just want to see them together again cuz they do put on a good show and yes Rat-Dog & Phill & friends are good but its not anything like it is when its Phill Bobby Micky and Bill.We go see The Dead & there are three parts to the show which we dont get seeing Just Phill or Bobby.We get the first set then the first half of the second set the second half of the second set.If i rember right they said not to let the music die and in the majority of us its far from dead,Thats why I dont understand why there not together.Who knows how long they have to,they should be playing as much as they can together or at least tour in the summer together and do a mimi tour in the winter.Like in the winter do 3 in cali & then do a show in Chicago then P.A. then N.Y. and so on.My younger brother loves the Dead and he just got into them a year ago he is 17 years old and he never saw them live and I am afraid he may never get to.This is what I mean by passing it down to the younger genaration.I didnt care for the Grateful Dead intill my cuz dragged me along with her and I was a Head after that,The weird thing was that I got into the show cuz of Weir and Phill cuz Bobby was moving all around get down to the music and he went over by Phill and then Phill & Bobby just started to get down for a few minutes,I mean bobby was jamming and Phill was dropping the bass note down hard and I just got sucked in.Then I wanted to go to the next show so I hit up my bank grabed,grabed some cash and the next night they were all on unlike the night before were Jerry didnt seem with it and this night is the night that jerrys Guitar just set me on fire.Like I said The Dead are far from being over.
Have A Grateful Day, DireWolf_81

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It is over without Jerry....but from the ash of the Phoenix....

The tear of the Phoenix has healing powers. When the magnificent bird becomes to tired and weak it bursts into flames and from the ashes a new creature is born. The Harry Potter point here is that there is no more Grateful Dead and has not been since Jerry Garcia passed away on the saddest August day. There is, and as long as those who enjoy the music and the philosophy of a collective mind believe it to be so and, more importantly, MAKE it so. There was nothing like a Grateful Dead Show. NOTHING. But there is no reason that from the off-shoots, the musical followers and fans that cannot build the next generation back better and stonger than before. The bickering and cursing that occurs among the fans is the dark side. The light is the music, the passion and the creativity that early Grateful Dead inspired. It is the dedication and hope that the middle and later years of the Grateful Dead delivered. The light is what keeps us writing, singing, painting and talking about the band, the times and the future. Wheter we choose to see the glass as half full, half empty or just a broken cup - as long as we make it so, it is ours to behold. Believe it if you need it, or leave it if you dare.
Bless you for reading this.

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the music carries on

Whoever said that? haven't they heard of recorded music?????

of course everything changes but the tunes and the spirit remain the same.............. of course our lives carry on & we cannot be stuck in the past - our past leads to our present...........

There are some cool live bands out there now - phew! - otherwise it would be really crap for all of us & especially young people who are setting out on their music trails

For me the dead can't be beaten in terms of good tunes, hours of music with fab guitar solos, some deep and meaningful lyrics along with some high times and laughs I will ALWAYS listen to the dead - why stop now? they lift my spirit & can get me thru stuff..........

All the music i've listened to & gigs I ve been to over the years (not just the dead) are part of me & I am glad for those experiences. It doesn't mean we can't still have more now.............just different

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Young Dead Head

I started listening to the dead last year around this time. I heard Sugar magnolia and it was one of the most beautiful sounds I ever heard. I dove head first into dead history and culture. I started listening to ratdog and phil and friends. I discovered many other bands like SCI and others.

Even though the dead broke up and I will never get a chance to see them, I will still live my life and they will be a part of it.

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my life will always have the dead in it. whether i'm listening to a show, or a song on the radio or humming a line from a song. they have been a huge part of my adult life and they will go my grave with me. i met someone recently who never saw a show in his life yet starts every morning with a couple of songs on his stereo and in his car. he told me that it helps kick start his day, puts him in a good mood and gets him thru the day. the music will live for as long as we want it to. sure, i miss seeing them and i'm not fond of bobby and rat dog shows but i cannot not have them being a part of me. they touched my core a long time ago in jersey city and i have never lost that feeling and hope i never do. my only wish is that bobby and phil could put aside their differences and put the family back together again and hit the road. jerry may not be there but the music would be.

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on with the show

i have been a deadhead for over 25 years. i can never let go. i go see whats left of the Dead, Phil and friends, Ratdog. The reason being is its as close as I can get to what I have loved for so long. I caught the 04 Dead tour, loved it.
The thing about Ratdog I have noticed since they formed is the music is getting slower and jazzier as time goes by.It doesnt do it for me.Im not going to no more RD shows this year.Maybe next year.
I have heard that Phil wont share the stage with Bob again.Im not sure of the whole story ,but would like to see the Dead get back together again.
Billy wont you come out and play!!!!!

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Jerry tribute

Yeah, I was kind of thinking of a similar thing.

It would be neat to take some of the video on tape, have a computer generate a hologram image of Jerry, then have the Dead do a tour with Jerry actually on stage in the form of a hologram. Obviously the guitar tracks would have to be isolated from the many multi-track recordings in the vault. But it would be pretty wild. Even if he just came out for the second set, or something like that.

The problem I guess is that for some reason the "Dead" are no longer touring. I caught them in Charlotte in August '04, and couldn't understand why they called it quits. They were great.

Greg SC

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RE: life after dead

Howdy folks,

I think the best thing out there is this website and David Gan's radio show of the Grateful Dead. There will never be another band like the Grateful Dead, but the psychedelic aspect will always be present in somebody's music. I recently went to see the police and walking in my footsteps was very psychedelic in my opinions, sure it wasn't drums/space but Sting and the sidemen knew what they're doing in taking the music somewhere. I really got dis-enfranchised with the scene by 1995. I got tired of all the folks who attended shows NOT for the music but for everything else, frat boys, activists, dealers both legal and illegal. I simply wanted to go to a concert, not really a festival. Sure, there were lots of good folks there , but it was getting out of hand, and if Garcia didn't pass there probably would have to be a hiatus at some point. I really wanted to hear a studio album, beucase there was going to be so much good music on that album. I really would like some audio engineers to try to isolate some of jerry's tracks from any multi-track live recording and try to make that last album with the rest of the band. Sure , everybody would call it a sell out, but I'll buy it; oops I forgot about vince, they'll have to do it with "long way to go home" . That was a great song becuase Garcia got to do the role that he hasn't done since the days of pig pen, accompanyment striaght forward...I think my fav is deer creek 93 for long way to go home. Garcia's guitar playing was really good on that tune.

Ursa Minor

I wish that for just one time, You could stand inside my shoes, and for just that one moment, I could be you - Bob Dylan, Positively 4th St.

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Mozart is also not actually around now either, and yet you rarely hear people suggest that those who like Mozart (Powdered-Wig Heads?) "get over it". The point is to try and be happy and help others do the same during the brief moment in the sun that we have. If something makes you happy and hurts no one else, it is in my opinion a good thing. If someone doesn't want to be part of that well I wish them luck on their chosen path.


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Life After Dead?