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RETurn of the Summer of Love party

Just got back home from SOL party in England

a great time was had by all involved, great music played

Groups playing were, Silverwood, Urban Spacemen, Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford (Unscheduled), Cosmic Charlies and Barry Melton and Green Ray

all taking place in the beautiful Kent counrtryside and no Rain


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Spanish Jam

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"Emotion" should be plural.

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Don't lend your hand, to raise no flag...

Isn't "move on" just a diaphanous expression, anyway?
I agree with Camille, above. There was a palpable feeling at shows that I've never felt anywhere else. When I do something out of anger or other such emotion, I don't think "That's not a very Christian or Jewish or Buddhist or Muslim or Hindu thing to do," I think, "That wasn't a very Deadhead thing to do." To leave that sentiment behind would be to leave behind the only thing that ever truly made sense to me: A place of wonder and adventure, filled with people intent on experiencing as much joy as they could. And to keep in touch with that place, I listen to the Grateful Dead.
A lot.
But even without the esoteric existentialism, as a music lover, I enjoy listening to the best music I can find. Luckily, that happens to be the boys.

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It depends on your path

Maybe those that have moved on ceased to find the spirit and be connected, and that's okay. With all due respect, maybe some never really were "there", and that's okay too. Personally, walking into a show always felt like coming home after a long journey - with a sense of community in a way that is not easily replaced. The excitement in the air was simply tangible. You could feel a peaceful vibration or humming that can only be described as joy. So, the question is not "why don't you move on?", but rather, "what path are you on?". Has your mind moved on to what other life lessons you are here to learn, or, do your life lessons encompass and embrace those feelings, and therefore still lives on in that spirit?

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living in the past

boy - reading some of these comments gives me a head ache.

the grateful dead made music that is not really replicated today - and although now getting up there in age - i do keep up with today's music world of live performing bands - and enjoy much of what is out there. but the grateful dead remain fun to listen to and there are those days where nothing else will do - really amazing that so much of what they did was recorded and more amazing that so much has been released and hopefully will continue to be released for continued listening enjoyment for those who want to go back and hear this great playing. i cannot make much more out this question of "living in the past". hey their old shows remain fun to listen to; why make more out it than simply that.

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this is great

I love reading through the posts here. Like others have said, the thoughts posted here are the thoughts of my own. It seems we all here are echoing a similar vibe. To me, being a deadhead is essentially part of your spirit. It is something that you love. To me, I don't chose what I love- it comes to me and it is part of me. The dead, and all that we are trying to define here as the essence of the experience, it is what we love. I don't think that it is something that you can cut out of you, it is part of you. And why would you have to? What I love about the dead and the deadhead community is there are no rules, it is total freedom to me. You could do whatever you wanted to express yourself however you wanted. To me the dead is about creativity. Creativity in the music, creativity in art, creativity in how we chose to live our lifes, how we define our families... Why should we start now trying to limit this? Why would we want this to be over? To me the grateful dead has always been more that what we can put a finger on and define.

Oops, real world calling...... must get back to work..... I enjoy reading everyones thoughts here. We have created here yet another community of deadheads and it aint over here.....

Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile....

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Still rockin!

Funny--my brother and I saw many shows during the mid 80's to early 90's. I am 42 and still love the Grateful Dead--there is something spiritually satisfying and grounding about the music. while my brother still loves it, he listens to all the contemporary stuff--rap, hip-hop, etc. and says I am stuck in the past. Not quite true, but I know what he means. However, I think the music is as timeless as classical music. people still love Beethoven and Bach. I know the music is timeless when my four year old son surprises me and starts singing the words to Uncle John's Band! That being said, I do listen to current music. Widespread Panic is on fire last night--just caught one of their shows in L.A. Jimmy Herring is really clicking with them. Download the show from 4-27-07 in Orange Beach, AL.

Anyhow, as long as shows keep getting released, I'll keep buying them. I hope to still listen when I'm an old old man, and hope my kids enjoy it as much as i do...

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2 words .....flux capacitor...anyone???

Love to read all the thoughts, takes and angles on this topic.

I am still listening for the secret and searching for the my own way of course.
I have taken to relearning what I can about the era of '71-'74. A time of extrodinary music that I often overlooked in my younger days.

Reconciliation with reality can be extremely difficult at times. Even to this day. And this is from a guy who has worked in a white collar sweat shop for 20 years. Very close to where I was on 8.9.95 :(

The music, in my head, never stops. Actually had my first dead dream the other night in a really long time. Bobby and Philip playing Mexicali Blues together, at a soundcheck or something of similar ilk.

Peace be with all of you!

“The Omnipotent Grateful Dead!”

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Once you're on the bus....

The whole Dead experience for me was.....just that....the whole helped me become what i am today....don't know how you would stop that...ya just take it FURTHUR...i still see lots of live music and i DON'T try to compare it to Jerry...but ya know, sometimes at any particular show, i get that old the strangest of places if ya look at it right...Peace.....just thinkin when i first took my first two children to see Jerry, they were like 8 & 10 at the time....RFK cause it was outdoors and stuff...and we're walkin the lot, seein the sights and my daughter says "Mommy, everyone is so Happy here!!" They GOT IT!!!
later on they boogied standing on the seats singin every word to Box of Rain...chill bumps rememberin that.....

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/me puts on a fine tape, and

/me puts on a fine tape, and enjoys a pleasant afternoon....

whats over?



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