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It's a jam man....

You know when you're listening to a jam and sometimes it's cooking and you're connecting right there with it, building it along with others into an epiphany and then it gets bigger and spreads til it can't be held any longer and it falls like a shower of stars burning to the ground and it noddles around looking for itself for awhile and then someone reconnects and the whole thing builds up again like a Hindu Yuga?

Well that's a little wheel. The bigger wheel is turning too and maybe the Dead will come back to life. Heck! Maybe they have and I just don't know it cuz I'm not paying $100 to see ANYBODY. Now this is my take and maybe not yours and that's 100% fine with me - but see, My encounter with the Grateful Dead wasn't about a party, or witnessing history etc etc. It was hearing the new, real news. It wasn't selling pertuity. It was creating synchronicity on the spot. Money had very little to do with it. Now it seems to be a key ingredient with the Grateful Dead as it is most places. No blame, no shame. We all gotta pay the rent.
I'll pay my landlord til hurts,
but my connection to you all,
I'll pay what it's worth.
And what it's worth to me,
is something that can not be seen.
Worth more than silvered gold
it can not be bought or sold
There is just no way to tell
China Cat Magnolia Dark Stary Stary Moon
forever, I wish you well.

Respect and praise for those who gave their "all" to build this thing and fly it round the world by our "connections" through the Grateful Dead, Beatles, Jimi, Janis, CSNY, Allman Brothers, Dylan, Joni, Miles, Pete, Jack, Alan, Timithy, Buddha, and many others.

Sorry, didn't mean to have a cow
but what I really want to know is;
Where's that connection now?

lamagonzo (not verified)
What is Over; What is Not Over

What is Over: The Grateful Dead with Jerry at the helm. His presence, his licks, that certain something in the air that made us all move with a pinch of grace. He was the spoon that stirred the pot 100% of the time after Pig died at 27 years old. Maybe you can arbitraily dispute that for the sake of argument but I think it pretty much speaks for itself.

What Is Not Over: Different variations on the basic theme. It's really spun out in many different directions and my particular favorite post-Jerry act is The Other Ones. Everybody will have a different opinion based on their preferences, but this genre didn't die with Jerry. If you were to try and define it, it would be an amalgam of Rock, blues, folk, jazz, bluegrass, improv. jam. All the same stuff it used to be without Jerry. Is it ALL worth seeing? Probably not, But to say: Get Over It. It's Done. Get On With Your Life... is more appropro to post 1974 Grateful Dead. The experimentation with the group mind meld and taking music as far as it could go was over.

The point is, given the really, really lousy crap (with very few exceptions) out there posing as an excuse for jam band music, the stuff coming from the former band members is 95% worth seeing (and paying for). That is why I'll be going on this tour.

But, these guys are getting old and this music is for the young. I'm glad they stuck around to pass the flame to another generation or two of musicians. If not their particulare styles, at least an influence from which to evolve from.

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in my dead related wear clothes, I am / was always a subtle kind of head. never wore no tie-dyes... this is in direct contrast to my old lady whose trademark enourmous steal your face tees are really... uhhh, in your face.

try the newer iron on photo paper, they work pretty welll. after a few dozon or so washes (inside out) they are still going strong. on a 10 $ soft cotton workshirt, it looks pretty good. black on black with jerry's hand in white like the pic above.


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Philosopher Crstna

You not only aced it, you made me laugh out loud. Mahalo!

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Joined: Aug 22 2008

It ain't over till I die-then is it? Sounds like philosophy to me.........

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Joined: May 26 2007
I used to have

a t-shirt with the handprint. It fell apart years ago and I never found any others. I think I already whined at the Store folks.

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Excellent cc, I have that

Excellent cc, I have that pick.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
cool shirts

I downloaded a few images from a google image search, one was a pic of Jerry's hand print inside a guitar pick, I printed them out myself onto an iron-on transfer, and made some cool t-shirts of my own for myself.

image hosted by

a small little glimmer on a black work-shirt, the image over my heart is about the size of a large guitar pick, people who know, give me the knowing smile. those who don't know what that image is, do a double take, wondering if the image is giving them the finger.

reminds me of what life is all about.


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My SYF hat goes with me everywhere. The only t-shirts I own besides the tan army ones are GD, black pocket tees and HD shirts. i love walking around with my guatamalen vest and Top hat, especially at fests, always seem to get comments from other old schoolers, great hat, killer vest, holy shit havent seen one of those T's in years. Love to show the colors be part of the show talk to people who never been there and blow thier minds, just have FUN. Was wearing my SYF hat in the airport the other week waliking to my gate and a grey haired brother walks by, says nice hat, i said ah you like that, he just smiled. Makes you feel good you know. i probably would not of stayed in the Army if Jerry did'nt die. but yes there is life after. The vibe is there just gotta go to the right places. Wave that flag. I remember going to a function wearing my SYF hat and one guy comes up to me and says, You're a deadhead, I say ah yes i am, He replies ah ha that explains alot. Funny stuff. Anyway we all have to be responsible at one point and time. Don't think i would have paid of my truck selling dyes and funghi, well maybe loved to blow money on the most expensive hotel rooms sometimes. used to just goof on the clerk when I'd walk in to give my name for a reservation, Sir you know this room is $250 a night, yup i'm paying in cash. Loved getting those looks like, who the hell are these guy's. oh well days gone by. But if your still breathing you can still have Fun. Let's get crazy this spring and let the good times roll.

Never had such a good time!

Joined: Jan 7 2009
the wheel keeps turnin

"The Bus" is painted a little different now ----- but its still headed in the right direction!!!!!!!!


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