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Joined: Jun 5 2007
nicely said!

very nicely put, free idea! we are all the sum of the parts, spokes to the wheel and the wheel keeps turning.... hows the ride : )

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Joined: Aug 11 2008
those other guys up on stage

yeah, for me it was 100% about listening to Jerry hash out, carve out,
be the vehicle for such the right sounding melody, (i call it the uber-melody,
the melody that rises above all the other melodies to stand like a king of melodies)
that you could never think of
a better melodious path through whatever musical passage he was in, that the rest of the band were always just those other guys up on stage. But in the intervening 13 or so,
I have come to appreciate each for the role thay play in this ongoing experiment in light and sound. Having Jerry around was like living during the time of Liszt, or Mozart, and getting to hear them jam on the piano. I hear those cats could jam. And I think more about how mozart could really rip it up on the ivories, more than whatever written down thing he left behind for us to play over and over again. So, there's few people who really know their way around a melody, and who will dig so deep into it as ol' jg. and no-body no-body has ever
raised up the hair on the back of my neck, like ol jer could do. But this Grateful Dead thing is more than the sum of its parts, and we all have a role to play. mine was audience member, and i wouldn't have traded it for anything. And these "other guys on stage" they have carried on, shouldering the responsibilty of the legacy, but also the present. Totally the right
guys for the job, and I only hope that seeing through the lense of time will dissolve any barriers to future great together-music-making! schubert andy

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welcome and make yourself at home!

Joined: Aug 26 2008
as above

I'm a Deadhead from back in the day as they say.
I'v been around and done it all but now I'm back on this site.
What more can I say?

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Joined: Jun 17 2008

It is NOT life after the Dead it is a way of life the way we live our life and our beliefs, the people that are our freinds, We did all of this before we lost Jerry with our beliefs and everthing, so we just keep going with what we love. It's like a medical student that goes on to a long career of medicne and healing they have devoted their life to it and they love it and eat and breath that everday. Yeah, yeah one is a paid "career" how about other stuff people devote their life to like religion, model trains,dolls,politcs,airplanes... the list is endless with "hobbies that have turned into a life long WAY OF LIFE.

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life after dead

Dear Jerry:

You wrote my life and you still make it better! 52 and so much more to do but nothing like chillin with the dead. And some of the warmest folks and life long friends shared that time and still, this music, up to this minute. I remember in 72 when I first started listening, then attending the shows, there were "OL timers" who thought the DEAD had peaked and we were punks. They were no more right then I would be if I told the younger heads 'ah they weren't shit post 88, what do you know" when the truth is they touched us all at different times and continue to do so to this day. It was a ticket to a gathering and it was great! Life goes on but the music plays on.


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It was over for some people in '69

I've been hearing "It's so over, move on" while I've continued to go on many long strange trips within the ecstasy cloud which envelopes this scene. There is so much joy and happiness happening every day around here I just cannot stay away. The first time I was told it's all over was by someone who quit seeing the Dead "when they started playing indoors" meaning somewhere other than the Panhandle. I guess it is over for him. OK, one scene may go away, the vibe is still around. Personally, I really miss the Avalon. I also enjoyed myself several NYEs at the Oakland Coliseum. Find joy in what is available. All life springs from death. It is up to those who choose to thrive to find the new life and nurture it.

You can be someplace else later
Be here now

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Dear Young and Bummed

Your cup is half full not half empty if you look at it right. Wow, you get to see Phil, Mickey and Bobby, where I live you have to travel 6 hrs. plus to see a show if you can get tickets, so see you are actually very lucky at this time and place right now. Baba Ram Dass said Be Here Now and you can be here now with more great sounds of recorded Dead than were ever around in the day. Official releases, archives, vines, it is mindblowing and the quality is so high. And there are so many good jam bands out there now, carrying on the spirit of improvisation. I wish I could have seen John Coltrane but at least I can feel his spirit and you can feel Jerry's magical sound inside of you and that is what it is about for me. peace . .

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

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I think the Dead will always

I think the Dead will always be in me. I'll keep listening and living that way...I'll keep wearing my jeans and tie dyed tees. LOL. And I think there's alot of people out there like me. I was fortunate to be around in the late 60s and 70s but not fortunate enough to ever catch them live. I wish to this day that could have happened...but, as long as their music lives so shall we...Dead style.

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ps-"now go out & make it a great day" quote from local news guy.....xoxo... Gypsy Cowgirl


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Life After Dead?