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Joined: Dec 25 2009
Diabetes? Take heart, Take Action!

The US has 30,000,000 diabetics with new cases being diagnosed at the rate of 2 million per year. Diabetes is a bummer, no doubt about that. I speak from personal experience. I could dwell on the causes of diabetes and corporate trickery to get us to our current condition and keep us buying supplies but I'll skip that part for today.

If you're diabetic and just diagnosed chances are you'll have some time to do something before you go insulin dependent. You are not well educated by the medical profession at this point. They throw a bunch of paper at you or tell you to go to a website but there are no diabetes education computer modules that I am aware of. My point is that you have a chance at this point....

IF you concentrate on exercise and diet. Chances are overwhelming that you are overweight and your diet sucks. Buy the carb. pocket-book. Keep a food log. Take your blood sugars. Learn which foods bring those sugars up. Avoid them. Exercise regularly. Tension exercise from work activity is often not useful. You need to find a routine you can do at least every other day. Set a goal to lose weight. Never give up. Join a gym and do sweats if you have to. Find a way to shed pounds.

80% of diabetics eventually become insulin dependent. Don't despair. Don't give up. The pen injection units are ridiculously easy to use and don't hurt but the tiniest bit with the ultra-fine needles now in use. They don't need refrigeration. My experience is that you have to start out taking the advice of your doctor and then do some experimentation based on blood sugar readings. They'll tell you that you can't combine this or that but you'll find you might be able to. It all depends on your body, which is changing all the time.

Now they have general background insulins; meal insulins and a mixture of the two. If you don't want to think for yourself you better do what they say. But if you can think critically, try to find the most effective combination for yourself. Of course, the more varied your diet and mealtimes the harder it will be. Being a creature of habit can only help at this point.

There has never been a better time for diabetics to treat themselves. There are now RNA injections (with side effects) and lots of other stuff I don't even know about. All providers tell me the same thing. There is no reason you can't have good control and lead a fairly normal life with good quality almost to the same lifespan.

Discipline in blood sugar readings and carb-counting and taking your medicines and exercise is most important, as well as regular care from Dr.s and being aware of infection, especially around the feet.

Your health is your own responsibility. If you're a diabetic, I wish you the best of luck.

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Taper's Section on vacation?

I see weir 2 weeks behind in Dead song selections from the past: what's up?

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
Ed "The Red Panda" Snowden Turns the Screws

35-40 World leaders are so pissed at America for spying on their top execs., including German PM Merkel's cell phone, that a delegation of them are coming to America to talk to Obama about it.

What is Obama going to say. Well, the response has been: "We are reviewing our policies in this regard." There is no denial that we have been spying on our allies. We've always done it and always will. The allies will now feel insecure and will take defensive measures to protect conversations and important data.

But the reality is that the NSA mostly, but with the collective might of the other Anglos (Britain; Canada; Australia & New Zealand), have a worldwide net that can catch anything. No conversation or piece of data is safe. None of it.

You should know that the NSA is spying on it's own citizens and if they target you there is no place in your home they cannot pry into, technically, from the outside. Of course, if you're innocent then you have nothing to fear, unless the fascists come to power. But why should you have to prove your innocence? Why shouldn't their be at least a Grand Jury/FISA Court to hand down a legal decision that there is a proven shred of doubt before privacy is grossly violated? The NSA has now been said to have ignored FISA decisions.

People who see Ed Snowden as a traitor are not thinking clearly. He put all his information in the hands of reporters, not foreign intelligence agencies. He has done us all a favor by making a siren call -- PAY ATTENTION! LOOK WHATS HAPPENING! He wanted to stay free so he ended up where he ended up.

Why should he be railroaded into jail for pointing the criminal activities of an Administration that was using the Patriot Act to run roughshod over every person in the world's rights?

In the end it probably won't change anything (more than it already has). The world has become too dangerous of a place. The instructions for making a plastic gun with a 3D copier are going on the internet.

Joined: Feb 3 2012
RE: Antibiotics research

Anna, I think the answer is in your own post, "War On The Poor." Why save these people when they can just suck up whatever wealth they had and add it to their own growing pile? I mean, if I were a crooked politician, it's what I'd do....

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
Antibiotics research

Scary. Hate to inform you Slo, but the Network news has been reporting on this subject for two years -- probably since the closure of Pfizer's lab. Every three months or so they have another story of impending catastrophe.

Staying away from your local hospital is highly advised if you can possibly do it.

Why doesn't Congress appropriate 40 Billion or so to the CDC to set up it's own lab and surge up a dozen or so new antibiotics?

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Joined: Jul 20 2012

does anybody watch Frontline on PBS? Some of the very best reporting on specific topics anywhere, imo. At your leisure, try to make some time to watch "Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria" It is a current event that affects all of us and our loved ones. This show is a two-parter with part two to be broadcast in the Spring of '14.

The end of effective antibiotics is here, it's worldwide and it's deadly serious; you'll be glad to know that the very last dedicated super-research facility for antibiotic drugs in the US was in Connecticut and it was closed in 2011 by its owner, Pfizer, due to "portfolio management decisions". In other words, Pfizer's investors "demanded return on investment"; boner and (life-saving)cholesterol pills do just that, life-saving antibiotics do not, however. (Although, to their credit, Pfizer was the last research company to fold its antibiotic division. Their competitors had done so years in advance for the same reason, not enough ROI).

Part 1 focuses on three specific cases and the origins of the bacteria and bacterial genes which currently have complete resistance to ALL known antibiotics EVER developed anywhere in the world. It also gets into the economics of drug development ie., what a human life is worth. Part 2 will focus on the incredible overuse of antibiotics in our food supply and, more specifically, what it is doing to the animals we eat and, ultimately, ourselves.

I'm cynically assuming that when a prominent Senator's loses a loved one in a US hospital from one of these infections, which, by the way, is exactly where these are becoming more frequently contracted, investigations will ensue and we'll all get to hear about the shocking lack of funding and research on the 5:30 national news. Before that happens though, you can catch it on Frontline.

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Joined: Jul 30 2012
thermionic valve on the threshold of filament purgatory

absolutely! creme patissiere is a nightmare, darling.

but thanks for your comments on the two articles. really insightful...

oh, and my upmost sympathy for growing up with a Catholic anything; my heart goes out to you.

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Ender's Game

Not Ending. The protagonist is named Ender.

I need to get around to reading that one of these days too.

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Joined: Jun 17 2007
Enjoy the Fall Classic

Go BoSox...

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
War On The Poor

The stimulus will give out on November 15th for SNAP (Food Stamps) and the program will lose 39 billion dollars. I am watching Senator Pat Leahy of VT right now say that there will be NO Farm Bill this year (with subsidies for big food producers) if this cut stays in place. We have House minority whip Eric Cantor to blame for these cuts.

There is already hunger in this country. Hunger everywhere, in the most surprising places as well as the islands of third world poverty some Indian Reservations have become. Children are the future of this country. There aren't enough of them and we need those there are to be highly educated. Instead, they will be stunted in their growth from the cut in food stamps.

It's not just food stamps. It's also voter registration, Section 8 housing; Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Every program designed to help the poor. Meanwhile the wealthy and large corporations benefit massively from tax loopholes you could drive an aircraft carrier through! Money is wasted horrendously on weapons that are needless but funded because jobs have been apportioned to all districts in the 50 states for maximum Congressional support. America has spent more in Iraq and Afghanistan, per capita, in the last 15 years on all things (the least being direct economic aid), mostly on deadly weaponry and our troops and our support for them -- THAN WE HAVE SPENT ON OUR OWN POOR.

What is wrong with this country? What basic human empathy do we lack? How can the Congress turn it's back on it's own poor constituents while lining their filthy pockets with the bribes of the rich! How much coke and heroin and pain pills and tranquilizers do they have to absorb to be this numb and inhuman?

Tell me how these people claim to follow the purported Son of God named Jesus who preached help for the poor? There is not just a special place in hell for these revolving 535 - they each have VIP boxes and merit greater special attention from the devil's helpers! Time will pass oh so slowly for them as they suffer these sins.

This rant is far from over but I'm calling it a week today. Enjoy the Fall Classic if you're so inclined.


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