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hey, hey hey

love iy

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Toronto Blue Jays

Holy crap!! First place in the A.L East. Finally this team is playing like it was told to us at the beginning of last season. Hitting dingers like madmen and getting quality starting pitching is paying off after seasons of playing rather dull baseball.The only doubt's I have is the bullpen. it seems they need a 4 or 5 run cushion every night to pull off a win. Still...first place after 50 or so games hasn't happened in a long time.

As far as the Habs go, I guess it's a good thing and I'd like to see them go 7 games. But it's hard for me to cheer for a team I hated all season. Hockey ended for me when the Leafs shit the bed. I think St Louis mother passing away has seemed to be a rallying cry for the whole Rangers organization. I hope they win it all.

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Habs win one!

I think I'm in the current event forum, aren't I?

Montreal won a great hockey game with the NY Rangers last night, eh?

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Crimea had finally decided to

Crimea had finally decided to join Russia after 96.6 of voters are favor to join Russia. Crimea had become independent Ukraine since 1954. However, majority of their population were Russians.

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Russian expansion

Ukraine's unrest has left the door open for neighboring Russia to walk right in and take control of the Crimean peninsula. This gives Russia more coastline on the Black Sea for their navy. I don't think the apparent invasion was for humanitarian or stabilization purposes. Today's stock markets suffered as a consequence, especially those with Russian interests. Some energy and commodity prices went up. NATO is silent, as is eastern Europe, as far as I can tell. Eyes fall upon the USA to do something about Vladimir Putin's "incredible act of aggression", a quote from Sec. of State John Kerry. Putin is more interested in Crimea than he is in improving Russia's relationship with the USA. Let's see how Barrack Obama handles this tense situation and hope for diplomatic success to diffuse potential hostilities.

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Line up a long shot, maybe try it two times, maybe more

There are 88,940 more signatures needed by March 12, 2014, so this seems like a long shot and then some, but I'd love to see this happen. A link on the front page here would probably help...

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in response to NUMEROUS requests!

A number of folks have asked about this effort--a petition drive on started by a Head in Kansas to have the band included in the Kennedy Center Honors next year for the 50th anniversary. Details here:

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3 years of intense civil war

150,000 dead

2,500,000 refugees, most living in squalor in the desert, if they're lucky, with nothing left to go back to.

the polar vortex doesn't seem so bad...

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Under the heading : We Are Everywhere....

I am looking for suggestions of original acoustic songs that were done by Mother Mcree's Uptown Jug Band, and the Warlocks, and for which clean recordings exist.
Scott Ward, the Minister of Music for 1st Unitarian Church in Wilmington, DE, is planning to let the various incarnations of the band provide the musical accompaniment to the worship program in an upcoming April service. Toward that goal, Scot asked for my help, and I in turn, am asking for your help - leveraging the power of the collective, so to speak.
There will be 4 or 5 musical interludes, and we have potentially covered 2 - 3 of them with Sage & Spirit from he Blues for Allah sessions, and Heaven Help the Fool from the Warfield run (although a clean quality recording would be helpful).
Scott is really interested in getting something from the early years and lineups, which is well before my time and outside of my experience. Any and all input and ideas are greatly appreciated and gratefully received.
Please post back and / or reach out directly (
Great thanks to all,

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She-ra Slays The 5 G Mervyn-style

Congratulations to Lizzy Yarnold on her Sochi Olympics Gold Medal in Skeleton.
Focused, polite, sincere, humble, determined, inspiring.

Now away to those waffles and muffins. You probably deserve it, I reckon....


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