Grateful Dead

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The Grateful Dead

"Won't you try just a little but harder, Couldn't you try just a little bit more"

I did. It still stands as one of my fondest memories.

"The Earth will see you on through this time"

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Favorite Lyrics...

"... I won't leave you drifting down,
but whoa, it makes me wild,
with thirty years upon my head,
to have you call me child..."

LOVE that song!

Also, "Row Jimmy." One of my favorite lyrics of any song, any where.

Aside from the Dead, I really enjoy Dylan, especially "Sooner or Later," "Idiot Wind," and "Every Grain of Sand." Like the Dead though, there are way too many examples of amazing lyrics in Dylan's songbook to even begin.

Um... I also really enjoy the lyrics of My Morning Jacket's Jim James, especially on the albums "At Dawn" and "It Still Moves." (I'm telling ya', if you haven't checked them out yet you are really missing out!)

Peace, travelers

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stopped me cold

The lyrics that blew my old mind away to make room for my new mind was from Homeless off the Paul Simon Graceland album. Their appearance on SNL first hit my ears because of the harmony. It really did change my perception of music, and allowed me to wrap around it, and to make it a tool for the rest of my life.

But as I listened to it over and over, the lyrics made me realize that home was not going to be my father's house. I was grateful, I was respectful, but I was in his home. I didn't think like my family, and I don't think we had the same motivations. Great parents. I miss them each day. They were mindful of their example, but never stopped me from making my own choices.

I have my own house now, but it ain't my home. My home is with my people, and with people who think free, and want to hear other stories to see how it may apply to them, or to change their old thoughts and assumptions. It laid the table for loving the Dead, Dylan, and all the rest.

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just a touch

"every silver lining has a touch of gray." i guess cuz i first heard it when i was in a homeless shelter at age 18. i was pretty down and depressed and lonely. my friend that i talked to on facebook sent me a link to touch of gray, and i remember smiling and saying "this is how i feel and have felt for years, but its so upbeat, and hopeful." so then i went and became obsessed with the dead officially. the song still means as much to me now, and helped me do away with alot of my anger and just to let things roll man.

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Lyrics that changed my life

........DARK STAR crashes..........listen to "Grayfolded"-------then again---there are way too many.......Keep Smilin!

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Life full of Consequences

It is... From the Movie " CABIN IN THE SKY"..................

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So many of my favorites have

So many of my favorites have already been listed and I'm sure that these are somewhere in the fray as well, but here they are again:

Inspiration, move me brightly
Light the song with sense of colour
Hold away despair
More than this I will not ask
Faced with mysteries dark and vast
Statements just seem vain at last


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a copper domed bhodi drips a silver komono like a crazy quilt star gown in a dream like wind....i never heard anything like that in ANY song made me a fan for life thanks Hunter

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Crazy Fingers

"Your rain falls like crazy fingers" (your fingers fall like crazy rain)
"Peels of fragile thunder keeping time"

"Beneath the sweet, calm face of the sea, swift undertow"

Hunter is delving into the unconscious, quivering rhythms that unite us.
The Grateful Dead took special care of our precious commodity--music. They served it to us on a velvet pillow, caressing every nerve with their masterful explorations.


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The Lyrics That Changed My Life...