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Joined: Jun 22 2007
I'm far from Oakland

But if you're paying taxes, it legitimizes you as a business, which is just one further step toward where this whole issue needs to be.

Or at least a small business. We won't go into multi-national corp tax-dodging...

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Marye One of AG Holders

One of AG Holders announcements in March was no more Fed involvement in going after states where pot laws are relaxed.

And the road goes on forever....

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Joined: May 26 2007
yeah, I have mixed feelings

I'm glad to live in such a pot-positive town, and on the other hand I voted against this because I think if the pot clubs pay this tax rate they should have the city aggressively protecting them from the feds. But hey, it was their idea, so eh.

Joined: Jun 9 2007
Oakland Taxes Pot!

Leave it to MaryE's home town to be the first city to tax pot. As a libertarian I am usually against taxes however the pot club owners were all in favor of it. So what the heck. I am just curious do they ever have specials sales? Or end of the year clearances?

And the road goes on forever....

Joined: Mar 12 2008
Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a ball-less pussy?

I guess so after hearing him on the news last night saying that "just because we can make a lot of money(legalizing marijuana) doesn't mean it's the right thing to do." Never thought I'd hear a Republican say that! I guess Arnold thinks the "right" thing to do is keep letting the drug cartels make billions of dollars off of California's #1 cash crop and keep giving them the incentive to have multi-thousand plant growing operations going in all of California's national forests. I guess Arnold thinks the "right" thing to do is to keep millions of law-abiding, tax-paying Californians labeled as criminals who must live in fear of losing their jobs. I guess Arnold thinks the "right" thing to do is keep letting thousands of Californians lose their jobs cause he doesn't care about them. I guess Arnold thinks the '''right" thing to do is to keep people from being able to buy "certified organic" weed so they can get sick from smoking shit that has been pumped full of chemical fertilizers and doused with pesticides. Marijauna has been sanctified by God (read the Bible) and is the best medicine on the planet. If Jesus turned enough water into wine to get a whole town shit-faced I don't think he minds us smoking a little pot. You should have stayed in Hollywood Arnold, maybe you'd still have some respect.

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I remember

learning once that the reason that hemp/marijuana was declared illegal in the States, was due to a massive and powerful lobby by the lumber and cotton industry-for the very reasons that a couple of you have touched on here. The fact that hemp grows faster than trees or cotton, and can be used to make any grade of paper, from tissue paper to cardboard, making tree paper a less viable product.

If this should be true, then it makes sense that in order to keep this unenvironmentally sound law NOT questioned about the real motivation behind it; to have a massive brainwashing campaign to the public of the "dangers" of smoking pot. What better way to keep the people from looking behind the scenes for the truth, than "mass education". Keep everybody on the same bandwagon, and nothing changes. HMMM clever strategy, eh? Cept some folk tend to fall off these bandwagons, thank goodness!!!!!!!!

Ststephen is totally right that there are strains of hemp plants that contain little to no THC. Is a whole area of fields of this sort of hemp not far from my house here in southern Germany. Smoking it would just give you a sore chest.
AND I also like your "thanks marye" post, btw, ststephen.
Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.
Mark Twain

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the conspiracies and the truth:

not saying that the reason is because of smoking weed, but if you 'lack ambition or motivation' to read that link, here is the condensed movie version:

other history:


( -:


Joined: Mar 12 2008
dealing with dickheads...

who think meth and coke are more dangerous than pot can be frustrating, anyone with half a brain knows alcohol is the "gateway drug" . It's a sin and a crime even to have to have this conversation. Dumb ass politicians.

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
One more thing...

Another aspect of the legalized marijuana debate I neglected to mention before concerns its cousin, hemp. Hemp has been used for centuries for a wide variety of purposes, including making rope for the war effort during WWII. Back in the early '70's living in the St. Louis area, we got wind of marijuana growing wild up in the northwestern part of Missouri. Strangely enough it was around a small town named Tarkio, which of course had a Tarkio Road outside of town (for any Brewer & Shipley fans). Truly hemp has a long and storied history as an industrial type product, and using it now as a bio-mass fuel would be a stellar way to help ease the energy crisis that currently exists. Again, we need to break down the fear, and separate fact from fiction. Believe me when I tell you, I've taken the drive to Tarkio and I know from 1st hand experience hemp has no real quantity of THC, and as such won't get anyone high.
So, IMO, we have one more solid reason to consider bringing the country forward and using the gifts Mother Nature has to offer...

"The future's here, we are it, we are on our own"

Peace, Steve

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Joined: Aug 14 2007
Just Say Yes We Can

I'm with Jackstraw (which btw, I enjoyed the sun today without getting arrested)
I've had several friends battle cancer & used it. Sure I'm not the only one. Now, my son's mother in law about to under go chemo asked me today about "medical marijuana" & giggled-asked me if it was legal here in California.
The Feds need to mind their own business. Will that ever happen? They seem to be in every countries business just about. All over a simple weed....well, at one time it was simple


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