Grateful Dead

Meet Me in Chicago

Cinco de Mayo in Chicago: the boys return to their old stomping grounds at the former Rosemont Horizon for two nights, May 4 and 5.


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Won't be windy in St. Louie

Meet me at Schlafly's Taproom, east of Chaifetz, 2100 Locust, and I'll have a brew or 2 with you!
Wine afficionados will enjoy vinyards and tastings southwest of town along the Missouri river.

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But I am trying to make New Years happen!

"It's got no signs or dividing line and very few rules to guide"

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No, but you could

mail me some cooookies...

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Anyone Coming out to these shows?

November 12th and 13th are right around the corner. If you are coming out here, PM me because we have lots of fun stuff for you to do when you come out.


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Police Abuse Witness

If you or anyone you know may have witnessed ABUSE by the Chicago police the evening of 05-05-09 at (night of Allstate Arena show in Rosemont), you are urged to call attorney Goeffrey Fieger at 248-355-5555 and leave info with Robert Giroux. You can also call the Chicago division of the FBI at 312-421-6700. This is Rabbit and I can be reached at 419-215-0577.

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I really dont think that my first 2 dead shows could have gone any better. I would just like to say thanks so much again to all the people that helped me out up there and helped make this experience so wonderfull for me. Thanks to ch1narider for helping me out with rides and a place to stay, and to Grayfolded for the ticket for 5/4. Thanks to Darkshire for being so awesome and giving me your extra 5/5 ticket so I could miracle mine, and for staying with me until I got back on the bus to St. Louis on 5/6. I hope to see you again very soon (and I think I will.)

Im sure that I will see you all again, hopefully sooner than later. Lets all hope for another tour very very soon.

Peace and Love,

"You know the one thing we need is a left handed monkey wrench....."

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Anybody know if there are

Anybody know if there are any videos of the may 5 show out there? Let me know.

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THANK YOU! for a real good time!

Had a great time at the two shows in Chicago...Rosemont's finest seemed much more tolerant than the last time (93) I was there, cept for the EXTREME pat down at the gate the first night...basicly patted me down as though I was about to be arrested...all the way down the leggs etc!
Even though I had an excellent time, the venue itself pretty much sucks for accomodations (bathrooms, vending, acoustics, etc.) but has a great bunch of business around it, liquor store, target, 24 hour restaraunts etc that I didn't have to drive anywhere after arriving on the 4th.
Hoping for an outdoor ampitheater tour!

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Hotel.... $300.00 Gas, Food,

Hotel.... $300.00
Gas, Food, etc.... $500.00
Hangin out on Shakedown in the lot with fellow Deadheads.... priceless
Rockin Allstate Arena with The Dead.... BEYOND DESCRIPTION!!!!!!!!!!

May the Four Winds Blow You Safely Home... I Miss Jerry

Joined: Jan 11 2009

Anyone know where the Chitown shows are on


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Meet Me in Chicago