Grateful Dead

Meet Me in Chicago

Cinco de Mayo in Chicago: the boys return to their old stomping grounds at the former Rosemont Horizon for two nights, May 4 and 5.


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Joined: Jan 2 2009
Arrived and waiting...

the circus is a comin to town !

Arrived in town today to have a holiday weekend prepping for the show & staying at the extended stay deluxe.
Stopped in at Sunshine Daydream - good vibes there.... (thanks for some fun chat and stuff as well !)

Mike and family...

Joined: Jan 11 2009
video cameras allowed?

Anyone know if they will allow video cameras into the shows? i'm sure they will, but wanna make sure.
my hubby and i have a room at the Extended Stay Deluxe. will be in chitown tuesday afternoon.

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Joined: Apr 13 2009
Need to trade my 5--4 for a 5-5

The Arterps
Please help me get to the tues show - a friend bailed on me.
I need to trade a mon - either floor 2 19th row or a sect 109 row d (4) seat 1.
Would trade the floor for a decent seat or sec 109 for anything.


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Will be There 5/5 on the floor- Picture Friendly?

Greeting Folks,
I have made contact w/ many that are going to Chicago, some I know, others I met @ the Wanee website forum. I always try and get some good photos to post on my page that recounts the shows I have attended...anyone have any info on recent polices @ other venues or about All State Arena?
Look me up,

Supporting "LIVE" Music

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Chi-Town Shuffle

Looking forward to the 5/5 show, driving in from the Quad Cities. Weather looks pretty decent, a little cool. Here is a link to copy/paste...

I have extra pair for 5/5 if anyone interested... will be bringing my cassette collection to try and find a good home for them. Might be some weird energy in that Jerry last played in Chicago and Brent last played just down the road in Tinley Park. Remember to wash yer hands, kids - don't want no swine flu!! see ya there....

His job is to shed light, not to master...

Joined: Oct 13 2008
sunny, bright,

sunny, bright, beautiful,warm,little cold at night,as warm in the summer as it is in the county,with a chill to winter not nip in the air,looks like rain maybe cold rain and snow there s a norestern and santa anna winds both fowl and fair (swarming) no rain falling from a heavy sky THERE 'IL BE THUNDER ON THE HILL periods of darkness followed by daybreak on the land bring your dosing rods if the rain comes they run and hide their heads they might as well be DEAD i dont mind fooding out in texas fozen out in utah with dawn braking EVRYWHERE peace and welcome to ch1cago

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weather forcast ?

Whats the weather looking like for Mon-Tue ?

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Here's some info. The venue

Here's some info. The venue is going to allow cars/buses/rvs overnight parking for $75 per vehicle. regular parking is $20. They said there will be a "grilling area" but i bet you can grill near your car if you want. I also bet they will be strict about alcohol. In years past they would make you dump it if they saw it. Don't know about a shakedown , but if they are letting people stay overnight, there will be some kind of shakedown. There aren't any campgrounds nearby. Closest ones are at least 45min. away. lot opens at 10am on monday.
May the four winds blow you safely home...

Sunshine Daydream Chicago
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can't wait another week

hi everyone. i am really excited about next week's shows in chicago. i mail ordered for both shows and have great seats in the 7th row for the monday show. my buddy and i are staying at the wyndham. it looks like as a group we have all of the hotels covered.

i saw the dead at the rosemont in 1993. i remember we say jerry being delivered to the venue from his hotel in the back of a white ecomony van. he waived to us from the van as he entered the parking lot. we went to both shows and actually sat behind the stage for one of them.

my memory of the lot is that if you keep what you are doing cool and to yourself, you will be fine. the suggestion to not drink alcohol in the lot out of beer containers etc is wise.

i was fortunate enough to attend both of the 1995 grateful dead shows at soldier field. i still think that was the best fireworks display following the show that i have ever seen.

i sure miss jerry but can't wait to relive some old times and create some fun new ones.

Joined: Apr 24 2009
Party Down Central

hey everyone me and a couple friends travelin from north iowa, stayin at the holiday inn select(ohare) I'll be the only one with a Cardinals shirt on (OH YEAH) Passin out stickers so if ya see me stop and say high!!!!


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Meet Me in Chicago