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Joined: Feb 17 2009
been years since I caught a show

Can't wait for Sunday!
Stop me and say "Hey Now!"
Anyone wanting to make plans to meet up prior to the show ..?
same Id on yahoo.

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Joined: Jan 20 2009
Anyone staying at the

Anyone staying at the Fairfield Inn Wendover?

Joined: Mar 18 2009

When Ratdog played here last November you could buy the CD after the show. Does anybody know if The Dead will do the same?

Joined: Mar 13 2009

Hello all,

This will be my first Dead show. I saw on the Grensboro Col. site that they do not allow audio/video recorders. I sent them an email asking about that policy in relation to this Sunday's show, but I yet to receive a response. Since The Dead have along history of allowing taping at their shows, does any one know how it works out at a facility like the Col whose policies do not allow such?

I cannot wait for the show!

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Joined: Oct 3 2008
weather report (sweet)

just checked out weather for greensboro for easter sunday, looks like it is going to be a very nice spring day, a little chilly aftershow, but I'm sure we will all be quite hot by the time it is over. I was kinda concerned especially after we got 6 inches of snow up here in the NC mountains on tues. But not to worry, all is copasetic. Everyone, have a great show and I will see you there. 2 days and then it's on. I can barely contain my self, walkin on a cloud all the way out in space, oblivious to any and all negativity, could it get any better?

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Joined: Jul 31 2007
meeting spot

so are we going to have a meet and greet at any specific local or just wing it....

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Joined: Apr 24 2008

driving from poconos to greensboro and the following 14 shows.. have room for one rider.
ps..leaving saturday... contact me if interesyed

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Joined: Jul 3 2007

I believe my bro and I are camping at Morrow Moutain State Park unless we find there are issues... Their site looks noice and between Gbroro and Charlotte.

Joined: Mar 18 2009
Greetings from NC

Very excited about the show but very disapointed in mail order tickets. Sec 127 I can get better than that today on ticketmaster. The amount of floor tickets on stubhub makes me sick. scalpers suck! But I am in so Yahoo!! Any West Coasters fimiliar with the Purple Turtlz? Drop me a line and see you at the show. Any locals going to Bruce & Mac also?

Joined: Jan 1 2009
humphreys ridge?

is it in rout to charlottesville? i aint goin to dc


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