Grateful Dead

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Joined: Feb 23 2008
Actually I've never been to Greensboro

I've mostly seen the Dead in L.A. and San Diego. Them and the Jerry Garcia Band. Still adds up to a lot of shows and parking lot experiences with heads. Man, what most people wouldn't give for a guitarist like Garcia to feed them their Jerry fix.

I wonder how much a lost CD of Jerry would be worth . . . now?

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Joined: Sep 19 2007

They must rolling along now just got my Greensboro too.

Joined: Jan 11 2009
Got my gdtstoo mail order

Got my gdtstoo mail order ticket yesterday...not intending to rub it in to those still waiting; I'm just really excited!

They aren't "fancy" like the old mail order tickets. Just the plain ticketmaster type.

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Joined: Sep 19 2007
all good things in all good time

Hey Sam I'll pipe in with some faith too - I just posted in response to what is a dead head and with that vibe in mind we just have to believe that these things have a tendency to work out - don't they always with dealing with the Dead. I'm a little anxious as well - way up here in AK and I don't have all my tickets yet either and if they don't arrive in time I'll be on the other side of the country wondering/wandering but I know they'll arrive in time.

Joined: Jan 7 2009
Unke Sam

Just Keeping the music alive Hey Unke Sam put your mail on hold. Will stay at the post office, so you just go down there a couple times a week and pick it up. Put it on hold for a month and you can change it you want. I work for the post office, handle peoples mail who move or want their mail on hold... Good Luck, you will get your tickies....

Joined: Mar 7 2009

Hi everyone!!!!
I'm staying at the Downtown Marriott on Greene St. Anyone else staying at this hotel?
Let me know.

I hear McCouls Bar is the place to hang out.

The show is almost HERE!!!!!!

lamagonzo (not verified)
Hey Unk!

...don't worry, things always work out one or the other for the cataclysimicaly stoned.

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Joined: Oct 3 2008
the weight

Ok, my tickets have been billed to my credit card, The credit card bill has come in, I have paid it (a couple of weeks ago now), so where are my tickets? Why are they making everyone wait till two weeks before the show? I have to move again and if I put in a forwarding address, will I still get them? will they be lost in postal limbo? Why are the ticket gods doing this wait till last 2 weeks thing? Why? I, like above post, am getting very nervous.
"let there be songs to fill the air"

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
And still waiting

On the presale tix. I'm away for a week-and-a-half before Greensboro, so this "2 weeks before the show" stuff is starting to make me very nervous.

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Joined: Jan 8 2009
Still waiting on mine...

Super sweet, K-pup!!! I can't wait for the day when I open my mailbox & my tix are sitting there, smiling up at me.

Just think kids - only a month to go!!

***You know it's gonna get stranger, so let's get on with the show!***


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