Grateful Dead

Meet Me in Worcester

Two nights in Worcester, Mass.: 4/18 and 4/19. Planning to go?


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Joined: Sep 24 2010
BuzzBee Frizbee who remembers this

i found one from back in the day on ebay i want it so bad use to have one lost it at a show was wondering how many remeber this or am i the only one

Joined: Jul 27 2010
Jerry Garcia's Special Birthday Cruise in Boston

Jerry Garcia’s 68th is coming up this week and we’re planning to celebrate it. Join us for a cruise around Boston Harbor on Jerry’s Birthday, Sunday, August 1. On board the band, The Grateful Dread, will be playing songs from the Grateful Dead with a jammin’ reggae twist all night long. For all the Deadheads out there and fans of the “Dark Star,” this is a night you definitely won’t want to miss! This cruise around Boston Harbor boards at 4:20 and sets sail at 5 PM. Get your tickets now at

Joined: Apr 18 2009

walpolechinacat do you still have those tickets?

where are people parking, and what time are you going to get to the lot to hangout?

Do they allow cameras inside?

Still lots of tix available for less than face price here

so I guess thats what I'll do!

Joined: Jan 8 2009

Parking a problem..within walking of DCU..try Hampton Inn..tho we didn't spend night there, they allowed us to park there for a few sheckles..Hope this helps

Joined: Oct 28 2008
Worcester scene

great pre-concert meal and scene at The Flying Rhino on Shrewsbury Street just east of downtown, a good hike or short drive from DCU

Joined: Jan 4 2009
Im Ready!

Been a long time comin' since ive seen Weir,Lesh,Billy K,and Mickey on the same stage(Highgate 95) So by my calculations, Im WAAAAYYY over due! Got my 2 MIRACLE floor seat tix right on my fridge next to Jerry, Cant wait for my "Evening with The Dead" See you in the Lots(were going in way early)

Joined: Apr 16 2009
Parking or hotels ....

Hi all,

Thinking of driving up from DC.

Is it true that there is very little parking? How can you have a big place with little parking?

Any good hotels around there?

Thanks !!

WalpoleChinaCat's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007

Yes we are everywhere and I probably do know you

If you know of anyone wanting to go to Sunday Show PM me here

The Cat

Joined: Apr 6 2009
Cool walkin' jingle

SEC 1 Row V 15&16 on the floor.Looking to trade for 108,109,122 or123.

Joined: Apr 10 2009
Maybe I'll see you all there!

I won't be getting to the scene until late afternoon unfortunately but hope that it's a beautiful day for all! Think I'll head to Worcester tomorrow or friday and check out the area so I know where I should head to on Saturday.

Have a great show everyone!


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Meet Me in Worcester