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Joined: Nov 28 2007
Another Person In Michigan

Hey Bruce I live in Michigan to does Covert Operations ever play Grand Rapids or just the East Side of the state

Joined: Dec 14 2007
On The Road

Hey all--my screen name is supposed to be Salparadise not sakparadise. I fat fingered the 'k' instead of the 'l'. Had already copmpleted registrating befiore I figured uit out. The reason for Sal Paradise is in the subject title. Read that book at 15 vand I was never the same.

Saw the Dead in 1983 on the East Coast, did most of my shows in Maryland, PA, Va and points north and south. I always knew I was a little different then most of my childhood friends--really found my family when I got on the bus.

Anyway, I'm a single dad of three wonderful people who happen to be my kids. Teenagers all. Live in the Flint, Michigan area and when I retire I'mk heading out to Arizona or New Mexico--thought about the Eastern shore but been there.

Lost all my boots--about 60 shows--when i got divorced. Advice to all--when you leave you can always buy clothes--Dead boots are priceless. So I'm trying to patch together my collection. If anyone has 10-20-84 Syracuse, 06-26-84 Merriweather and 06-30-85 Merriweather please send me a private message. Those shows have always held special meaning to me.

By the way, if anyone is in michigan you should really check a band called Covert Operations--play some real nice Dead and you will smile, smile, smile.


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Joined: Oct 23 2007
Deadicated ~ thank you kindly

Don't I wish, no I hate to say it was Wierd Al Y. Thanks to Kramer (he's 10 & thinks ol' Al is just a hoot). I will never be able to listen to Another Bites the Dust without singing Another one Rides the Bus. He's has tons more where that gem came from, I don's suggest it though.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

What was the first thing you listened to in your new abode? The acid tests? he, he.
Congratulations! Enjoy your new digs. Deadicated

"Where does the time go?"

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Joined: Oct 23 2007
My move is complete, so here's my address:

Leanne Anderson
105 Keen Ave.
New Ellenton, SC 29809

I forgot how tiresome moving can be.I am beat;I hope to never move again!

Thanks everyone & PEACE

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Joined: Jun 26 2007
No debts

You would have done the same thing. Just helping out where needed.

Nice walk through of TLH. I did run across a more recent version that did not have the tabs across the top but had a standard windows looking menu bar. Just click on file, then decode (I think). The rest looked the same as Andy described.

Peace Rick

Reach out your hand if your cup be empty
If your cup is full may it be again

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Joined: Jul 23 2007
Huge thank you to Ltapilot

Hey now,
I had it wrong,
85% of replacements were from Ltapilot and I am in debt.
Thank you, thank you-
Richard is sending me some other tasty tidbits.
Peace everyone,

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Joined: Jul 23 2007
Thank You, Thank You-

Special thanks to Reid (operator) for a couple of '73 shows that were corrupted.
Special thanks to Richard for for fillingin 85% of the corrupted stuff.
This is what it's all about, and it still happens,

DVD/CD people,
Here is a how-to on the deflacinization and a kickin' of the shn-s
Hope this helps and if the link I put here is taboo, I know you will remove it.
This looks complicated but this is the way I do it and once you do it 2 or 3 times,
It becomes second nature and fast.
If anyone has an easier way to do it, please advise.
Good luck and peace,
You need to download trader’s little helper.
1.34 MB
You need a DVD drive.

Open trader’s little helper
Load DVD
If any screen opens on top of trader’s, close it.
6th. tab to the right, click on decode audio file(s)
directly below that tab, click on Add.
A new window will appear (Add files to decode)
Scroll to the drive that the DVD is loaded in and click on it.
Folders with show dates will appear.
Click on a particular folder and all song files for that show will appear.
While holding the left button on your mouse down, move it from right to left
To highlight the files,
Click “open” and wait a few seconds.
Files will now be in trader’s helper (files to decode box)
In the output location field, click on the alternate directory.
Click on my documents, open new folder, name folder i.e. 12 31 1977 etc.
Click ok
On trader’s, click decode and you’re off, you’ll see the progress.
That's all you need to do.
Your show has been decoded (takes a few minutes) and transferred to wherever you sent it.
From there you can burn your CD’s. If you look at the files, they are usually numbered by disk, so each set of numbers goes on a CD.
As far as hard drive space, once you have burned your CD, you can delete the show and you have the same space as before.

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Joined: Jun 9 2007
Brewster Boy and the bad CD's

Thomas D

I just seen that you already got the 72-73 Shows...but your next(and last) on the vine list...I have the discs and nowhere to send them...If anyone else out there doesn't have them they are kick ass shows...Just PM me and their on the way to you...While I'm at it no ones signed up for the New Orleans shows, I have been asking for 3 weeks to see if anyone signs up... so far nothing...These are also great shows(1-30 and 31-70, and 2-1-70). Just add your name to the list on these shows and PM your address and they will be on there way to you PRONTO.

Later Tom

Joined: Oct 6 2007

Hi all, Like many of you I've been lostening to the Dead since I was a teenager. My first Dead show was in Philly in Jan 79, but I saw Kingfish in Asbury Park, NJ in July 1976. I live in PA with my girlfriend, who is trying but still doesn't get the Dead. I'm also into jazz and modern classical music too. Music can't get to weird, as far as I'm concerned. It's all language and if we allow it then it can say all sorts of things.


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