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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Viners - Out of the closet!

OK, I posted this in the New Vines topic, but thought that this was more the place for it. So I hope some of you other viners jump in and admit it.

Out of the closet about being collectors, that is what I am talking about. Did I fool you?

Women just don’t tend to be the obsessive collectors that guys generally are. I’ll be honest - now it is vines. As a kid it was rocks and minerals, stamps, coins, insects, models, Matchbox cars (that must date me). As a teenager it became records. As an adult it has been books, journals and magazines, more books, Fillmore and Avalon postcards, records still and then CDs and now guitars and the newest is vines. OK out with it, I have admitted my obsessive collecting compulsions. What about yours?

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Joined: Jul 29 2008
Vine stats

Hell, never been to this forum, I think.

Re: oldest vines. There are several vines that show their topic as starting around November 11, 2007 but I think that reflects the start of the new website, and maybe those vines were carried over from a prior incarnation. Don't really know, though, I only got here in August '08.

The "Whiney Bitch List of Missing Vines" is posted infrequently (near the end of the month, maybe) in the New Vines 2009 forum - figure everybody checks in there once in awhile. Be on the lookout for the new, improved WBLMV!

I'll see if I can get some vine-stats together shortly, I do know there are 180 total, six of which are retired and 14 of which are "caboosed" (but may be gone).


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Joined: Nov 21 2007

my dumbass posted vines going out today , ha - i forgot it was presidents day ..
everything will go out on tuesday .. i carried those vines around all day too ..

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Thank You

As most of you know, I am fairly new to the Vineyard. I really want to thank all of the seeders and viners for revitalizing my interest in the Band.

I was a fairly huge Deadhead between 1977 until around 1984, when both I and Jerry lost interest. I went to a show in the early 90s, and without trying to be a snob, both the Dead and the scene was not what I remembered. Since I was not a huge collector of tapes, I really drifted away from the band.

When Jerry left us, I was shattered. I had no interest in seeing any post-Jerry incarnations.

One day I stumbled onto this website. I started to listen to the Taper's Section and began to re-realize just how magical and special the Dead's music was. I slowly waded into the Vineyard and continue to be amazed each time I listen to new vine. I now have a pretty good sampling of shows across the years, and I continue to seek copies of shows I attended, which is really cool.

I even took my son to his first concert ever when we saw Phil at Nokia in November. He is 15 and although he is more into Zeppelin and Metallica, he thought the show was pretty cool. Now, I am totally psyched to see the Boys in MSG (I hope) and Nassau (should be getting ticket through mail order). I know it will not be the same as it was 30 years ago, but none of us are, and I think its gonna be damn good.

Finally, it is not just the music that has revitalized my interest. The spirit of the Deadhead community as I remember it definitely resides in the Vineyard. The people are generous, caring, funny, enlightened and interesting. They respect and appreciate the music and the Band's legacy. It has been really refreshing to see a new generation, some of whom never even saw the band with Jerry, get into the music, as well as the scene.

So, thanks again to the viners, seeders, and Mary for re-kindling this old Deadhead's interest.


"Let there be songs to fill the air."

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Vine stats

Hey Richard

good to see you here again! Well I thought of recording how many signups there are for each vine when doing the Vindex but then stopped thinking about it soon afterwards. Markinthedark has done an excellent job of tracking all the stalled or dead vines and chasing all those responsible. He posted a list somewhere, but I forget where. Egypt 78 is locked as well as Winterland 73, another very early offering.

I have not seen Hunter for ages..I wonder if he knows just what he started!!

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Vine Stats?

This vine thing has really grown in the last year and a half. Have any of you with time on your hands compiled any stats, other than Badger's Vindex (which is REALLY great)?
Maybe you can verify a couple things for me. I think the oldest surviving vine is May '77 east coast (started in august 2007). The first vine, Egypt 78 is now locked.
Most popular vine, Summer '82 - 42 signups?
Any other interesting stats?
We all owe a debt of gratitude to Hunter who got this whole thing started. Has anyone heard from him lately?


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Joined: Jun 26 2007
Merry Christmas

Or Happy Holidays.
Thank-you to every one here.
Thanks for sharing and for your kindness and generosity.
Just found this in another forum
(Cut and paste into your browser)
Peace everyone,

Joined: Nov 21 2007
lost addresses

wow I can`t type hadley anything without miss spelling ,hard to get used to my wifes computer ,, I stiil have a few address but i did loose mostly all of your`s ..
so please pm me your addresss .. I do have vines that are ready to go out ..
I have Mark`s and hal`s and a few i don`t know who`s ...
Take care folks and I hope everyone has a beutiful day !!

Joined: Nov 21 2007
catostrophic failure

hey folks,, ihad a majorwindowssystmecrash onmy computer (am useing wifes now) Ilost everythinginmy documents,thankfullyihave my music onan external hard drive but,,,
Ilost everyones address !!! so please send me all your address..i hate this computer darnvista !! adress address .... Ihave vines tosendout ..
wellbacktore-installing windowsonmy computer.. have a better day thenme

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Joined: Oct 2 2008
My Tale

I have been on the bus for near on 28 years. Got my first Dead album, AB, as a junior in high school. Saw my first show the next year in Chicago. It was a trip and they put me in the taping section. I went with a friend who turned out to be my brother-in-law. The big thing about him that night was he had a car! He could get us to the show.

Saw many shows in the following years, but my last one was Foxboro, Ma for Dylan and the Dead.

I am a journalist/librarian and live in Falls Church, VA. Our family includes two boys both smarter than either of their parents. We have two cats, Seamus and Ione, and the boys have fish.

I found the Vineyard about a month ago and have been using it to upgrade my concert collection. It's been a lot of fun so far and I hope to meet others in this forum sometime.

Cheers to all, especially the seeders.


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