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Joined: Oct 23 2007
I'm out

of the vines for now. Please skip me. Sorry, I know it's a pain.
Thanks to everyone

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Joined: May 26 2007
scammers are everywhere!

but not, I hope, in the Vineyard...

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
Framed my check

Someone in Nigeria sent me a nicely-done counterfeit check indicating a legitimate bank in Miami FL. I called the bank and their internal ops guy was all over it. This all started with a car ad in Autotrader for a 300z. The scam falls where I am supposed to ship the car to NY along with a check for a lesser amount ....

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Joined: Jan 9 2008
intrest in the vine

heynow! um not sure whats goin on but iam intrested to! iam a big music fan- dead, just the dead, and of course theres other types. but anyhoo, anyone wants to say hello, please do! have a grateful day!

Joined: Dec 14 2007
got the same message

I can not believe nellie would seek mout another. Apparently she doesn't trust me to handle all this new found wealth so now she's looking for others. I usually send them back s stupid e-mail asking to send the check to a phony address.

Joined: Jan 19 2008
strange stuff brewster boy

Sometimes I get personal emails from scam artists asking me to mail a few grand to South Africa but I've never gotten a message like that here. Theres always some catch, bait, and sinker. Maybe we're all in the wrong line of work! I prefer being honest I suppose.

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Joined: Dec 22 2007
brewster boy

See the Welcome thread latest posts for an explanation.

Not so sweet Nelly's apparently been dispatched...

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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Joined: Jul 23 2007
here's the kicker

Clicked on the user name. This user name does not exist! and here is the user name for your info:
Is this some hack into the system?
Page not found
The page you requested does not exist. For your convenience, a search was performed using the query user 19350.
The page you requested was not found.

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Joined: Jul 23 2007
A strange post to me

This probably is not the place to air this but this letter was in my "inbox" today.
I have rec ieived these before via regular email (spam) and was wondering if anyone else has been hit with this.
Please advise-
From: Nelly2sweet
To: brewster boy
Subject: Hello My Dear
Date: March 26, 2008 - 5:38am

Hello My Dear

How are you doing today, i hope you are doing fine. I hope and i know that this email that i am sending to you would be reaching you in good health?with me just here hoping and praying that you can find a place in your heart to help me save my mothers life,, I want to tell you something very important, though i am not suppose to tell you now because we haven't met before but i know that you would be of good help to me, but i think i need to tell you this, because i think you may be a nice person because when i sending these mail,i felt you are a nice and caring person. And i think i can trust you in this too, this is why i am telling you this. All i want you to do is to keep this as a top secret between us. and also promise me that no other person will hear this okay. Right now am really going through hard and terrible life with my mother.

Actually it happened when i lost my dad, my dad is dead and i am left with my mum. so after the death of my father, his family member came to the house and collected everything my dad left behind for us. and they ask me and my mum to leave the compound and they sold the house. We could not able to find them again because of the war that happened in my country Liberia, so just last week my mum show to me some documents which my dad use to deposit $19Million US dollars in a bank here in Ghana and also a picture of my dad at the time of sign the agreement letter with the bank and he use my name as the next of kin to the funds. So when my mum show to me the documents, i was so happy so i travel to Ghana with my mum. When we get to the bank and we presented all the legal documents that was given to my father at the time of depositing the fund with the bank, we were told that the money is still with the bank, but they cannot transfer the money to us here in Africa, because my dad went into an agreement with them at the time of depositing the fund that the fund should be transferred on express transfer to leave Africa. I never knew my dad was planning of opening a company abroad. so on our way out of the bank, one of the staff of the bank advice us to look for a trust worthy foreign partner to help us receive the funds from the bank. So i want you to help us contact the bank, so that the bank can transfer the money of my late father to you, so that i and my mum can come over to your country and meet you so we all can start a better and happy life again.

Please, i want you to understand that I trust you and I know you can help me and my family because we are passing through hard moments here in Ghana, I am a beautiful girl and so when people see me they don't know the condition that i am undergoing due the reason that I don't want people to know the stress and pains we are passing here in Ghana, and then we meet and live life to the fullest, and i feel we can be together if it is meant to be, that is why am telling you this top secret because am sacred and this is all we have left in this world. i believe you can understand my present situation. I trust you that is why I am telling you this. as am
writing you this mail, my eyes is full of tears because my mum is seriously sick and we don't know any body here in Ghana. so we are living with an old lady called Mrs. Vida Anayor, she is working as a security officer close to us, but she is very old and she will stop work very soon, so try your best and help me and my mum. We really need your help. Life is so hard and terrible for me and my mum right now in Ghana because we don't have any helper. i think I've truly been blessed by finding you and I 'll never let you go away from my life. I will want you to understand that we are going to sign an agreement before the bank will transfer the fund of my late father to you because we have not met before now and the Agreement is for the security reason of the funds too. so i will like you to provide this information so that i and my mum can get the Agreement done from a lawyer here in Ghana, and send you a copy of it to sign. So please reply me with your, Full name, Age, Occupation and address. My mum promise to give to you 20% percent if you can help us get the money from the bank.

I will send you a picture of my mum, my late father at the time of depositing the fund with the bank here in Ghana and a picture of my late father casket during burial ceremony, and i will also send to you a picture of myself. When i receive a reply from you. Please try and get back to me so that i can send to you the legal documents that was given to my father at the time of depositing the fund with the

Please take care of your self,
i hope to hear from you soon. God bless you.

Yours Obediently,
From Nelly and mother

Joined: Jan 19 2008
Thanks Everybody!

Thanks a ton to those who helped me with burning dvd vines. I thought that I could just do it with the same program but I was wrong. I got a lot of great advice from the people that I asked for help and I can't thank you folks enough.


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