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Mona - What a sad story

A noble cause you are on as well as other deadheads. I'll do what I can but this sure does look like a cold trail. If the note found in his pocket had a phone number without an area code it sounds like the authorities didn't do the basic work of calling the # with all area codes. That is very sad!

One has to wonder why his family didn't make more of an effort to find him? He was ejected from a vehicle so his fingerprints were intact, therefore his fingerprints were not on file anywhere. I don't know with the consolidation of data bases if efforts are being made to recheck his fingerprint record on a regular basis. My feeling is that "the authorities" find this case long closed and aren't doing a thing other than maintaining a record locator just in case.

My predilection in such cases is to think spiritually about this fella. I have to believe after 18+ years his soul should have moved on. It would be horrible to think he was a ghost hanging around that death place still, as some people might think happens to people who die suddenly and won't let go of their body...

It is still possible to catch a break in this case, stranger things have happened.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7; All good deadheads go to heaven!

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Links do work

Unfortunate here you have to copy and paste. If that doesn't work then just google Grateful Doe for pictures etc. There are many sites with the same info.
Sorry my synapse is having problems with my synopsis. (This bear just wants to hibernate) and I did manage to get it mixed up.
I mentioned Facebook because that is why I am here posting. A deadhead sister Lesha Johanneck has started a new campaign there with an event page to have everyone share about Grateful Doe across the globe and the internet in hopes someone will recognize him so he can rest in peace.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ON FACEBOOK TO HELP! Just share, share, share!
IF you are on facebook look up "1995 Grateful dead fans @Rfk stadium Were you there??? Plz join".
Here is full information from
Jason "Grateful Dead Fan" Doe
Birth: unknown
Death: Jun. 26, 1995
Greensville County
Virginia, USA

I challenge anyone who reads this to please pass this information onto a friend or even a couple of friends. If you have the time please contact media in your area and ask them to run my story. I really am tired of this long journey that I have been on and would like to go home....

If you have any information that may help identify me PLEASE contact The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Medicolegal Death Investigator 1-800-447-1706. My agency case # is 123526

My alias for the last 15 years has been Jason Doe AKA Grateful Dead Fan. I was given the name Jason because of a note found in my pocket and because of the tie-dye Grateful Dead t-shirt I was wearing.

It really would be nice to have my real name back again.

I died in a horrible car accident in Emporia, Greensville County, Virginia on Monday, June 26, 1995 around 1:30 PM. I died along with the driver of the van. The driver, Michael Eric Hager fell asleep at the wheel, the van left the road & hit some trees. Neither the driver or I was wearing seat belts. I first hit the windshield and then hit the trees. Both the driver and I were ejected from the van. We both died instantly. Michael was identified quickly. He had his ID on him, as well as the vehicle registation. Michael's family did not recognize me, they suspected that I was hitch hiking that day and Michael picked me up to give me a ride somewhere.

I had just been to a couple of Grateful Dead shows the weekend before (June 24th & June 25th)the accident at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. I still had the 2 ticket stubs in my pockets when they found me.

They also found a note in my pocket that said "Jason, Sorry we had to go, see ya around, call me #914 prefix with an arrow pointing to Caroline T.'s name. ----> Caroline T. + Caroline O. Bye!!!!" There is also a cute little drawn picture of Jerry Garcia on the note. I wonder where these girls are and if they remember me??

The only other things I had with me are 4 quarters and a yellow disposable lighter.

I was wearing a red tie dye t-shirt that was from the Grateful Dead 1995 Summer Tour. I had on a pair of light blue 505 Levi jeans size 33x32, size 11 1/2 blue or black FILA athletic shoes, white athletic socks, beaded necklace, a macrame necklace.

My Vital Stats:

Age: 16-21
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 169lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown/Dark Blonde/Dyed Red
Eye Color: Brown
Identifying Marks: I have a small homemade 5 point star tattoo on my left arm.
Piercings: My left ear is pierced. I was not wearing an earring when they found me.

Here is an article about my death:

To read more about my story you can visit me at Websleuths:

My info on

Cremated, Other.
Specifically: Unknown

Created by: LoveToHelp
Record added: May 28, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 52954852

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Links don't work. It would be good if you could put together a brief synopsis of what the scenario was for those of us who don't do Facebook.

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Help bring Grateful Doe home. (@);-)

It has been almost 19 years we have been searching to bring Grateful Doe home. Possibly named Jason he was killed after a grateful dead concert in June 1995 the dates of the concert were June 24 & 25 1995 at the Rfk stadium in Washington, D.C.. If you know anyone that went to the concert add them to the group or just keep sharing his flyer someone has to know something. PLZ help your brother by joining this group or posting this anywhere you can. The bus leaves no one behind. Thank you.

^^^passing it on from Facebooks "1995 Grateful dead fans @Rfk stadium Were you there??? Plz join" Events page.
More about him on the "Grateful Doe" Community page.

Here is a pic of what he could look like today (He had dyed RED Hair), his tattoo, concert stubs, and note found in his pocket addressed to Jason.

Any info at all check out Facebook pages above or PLZ contact/message me here.
Most of all PLZ post far and wide in any or all special sites or groups you are into on the internet.
Together we can sing him back home! Thanx, Mona (@);-)

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Unkle Sleazy February 1955 - 25 November 2010

3 years since dearest Unkle Sleazy passed.
doesn't seem real.

Surgeon - Peter Christopherson Tribute Mix

'25th November 2013 marks 3 years since Peter died, so it's time to re-post as the original link to this recording has expired.

We all miss you Uncle Sleazy.

Original post-…ute-mix.html

The first hour of my DJ set at Bleep43 on December 3rd was a tribute to Peter Christopherson, who died on November 25th.
I chose tracks that either featured his voice, or that I especially connected with him.

Many people have asked me about the set and if it was recorded, so I've decided to make it available.

Recorded at Corsica Studios, London, between 11pm and Midnight on December 3rd, 2010.'

Coil Vs. ELpH - pHILM #1
CoH & Coil - My Angel (Directors Cut)
Coil - Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull (Part 2)
Coil - Various Hands
Coil - Red Weather
Coil - Cardinal Points
Coil - At The Heart Of It All
COH - Silence Is Golden (voice Peter Christopherson)
Coil - Are You Shivering?
Coil - Going Up
Coil - The Hills Are Alive

I still catch myself checking your Twitter page and Threshold House to see what you're up to. Only to realise that you're no longer with us in material form. Incredibly sad.
You were/are still an incredible inspiration. An innovator. A true Artist.
I miss you Unkle Sleazy,

Randall Lard.

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God bless

God Bless J F K. Happen to have worked in the house in Hyannisport many many times is like a museum of photos of a legend that was taken from this life time to early. love ya gg

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JFK: 50 Years ago A Nation's Hope & Ideals are Dashed

Events to commemorate 50th anniversary of JFK assassination:

Observances for Friday and beyond.


-Wreath-laying ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Memorial. 10 a.m. Friday, in Veterans Memorial Park on Ocean Street, Hyannis.

-Press conference at the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum. 10:30 a.m. Friday, 397 Main St., Hyannis.

-Memorial Mass at St. Francis Xavier Church. 2 p.m. Friday, 347 South St., Hyannis.


-Statue of John F. Kennedy to be open for public viewing. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday and Monday, State House.

-Special Mass commemorating the assassination anniversary. 12:10 p.m. Friday, Blessed Sacrament Chapel, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, 1400 Washington St.

-Online-only livestream of a musical tribute in Kennedy’s honor, featuring James Taylor, saxophonist Paul Winter, and the US Naval Academy Women’s Glee Club.1:30 p.m. to 2:15 p.m Friday, John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Columbia Point, Dorchester. (

-Fiftieth anniversary exhibit starting Friday, running until Feb. 23. Artifacts on display for the first time will include a green beret left on Kennedy’s gave by a serviceman, the American flag draped on Kennedy’s coffin, and the saddle, sword, and boots carried by Black Jack, the riderless horse that followed Kennedy’s coffin in his funeral procession. John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Columbia Point.


-Guided tours of Kennedy’s birthplace. 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, 83 Beals St., Brookline.

-A walk from Kehillath Israel Temple to 83 Beals St., featuring speeches from religious and town leaders. A student from the Edward Devotion Elementary School, which Kennedy attended, will lead a song. 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

-Memorial wreath-laying, 2 p.m. Sunday, 83 Beals St.


-Memories of Kennedy from local and state officeholders in an opening ceremony. 10 a.m. Friday, North Essex Community College Hartleb Technology Center.

-A panel discussion titled “The JFK Assassination: What Really Happened.” 11:30 a.m. Saturday, North Essex Community College Hartleb Technology Center.

-Former Kennedy campaign volunteers Frank O’Connor, of Andover, and Ronald Martin, of Lawrence, share their experiences with Kennedy during his presidential and senatorial campaigns. 2 p.m. Sunday, North Essex Community College Hartleb Technology Center.

Lowell: :

-The University of Massachusetts Lowell orchestra will perform a free concert, with narration by State Senator Eileen Donoghue. 7:30 p.m. Friday, Durgin Concert Hall, South Campus, 35 Wilder St.


-Three red roses will be placed at the foot of the John F. Kennedy memorial stone, and a memorial wreath will be placed at the foot of the eternal flame in Forest Park at 1 p.m. Friday. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., fees to enter the park will be waived. Remarks will be made by Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, US Representative Richard E. Neal, Hampden County Sheriff Michael J. Ashe, and master of ceremonies James Sullivan.

***** ****** ****** ****** ****** *******

A nation came of age and also died with the rise of this president and his untimely demise. Whether you subscribe to a plot or a lone nut or something in between it is hard not to see Nov. 22nd as a high tide mark mark in American history. That is, the tide came in and floated a lot of boats past the high water mark and on this date it left that high water mark in Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas. The tide went out and our country was never the same again. Indeed, in fifty years there has been a regression the planet will never, ever, recover from.

Oh sure, there was ten years of of forward momentum that saw the landmark of African-American rights and the rise of the Free Speech Movement. The hippy culture and LSD left an indelible mark on the world the reverberates still today. But in some ways Moratorium Day in 1971, when 30,000 protesters to the Vietnam war were herded into RFK (in Washington DC) in a mass arrest marked the end of forward progress as measured by an NFL running back. Maybe that day was Earth Day in 1970. Maybe it was the Dead show with the Allman's at Watkin's Glen. Certainly there are several ways to measure the peak.

But the high point was a youthful president that led a still-believing nation along the road to an America marking something better, something to be looked up to. Something to be emulated for a lot of tortured souls around the world rotting in the Gulag or some other third world hell-hole. The morals contest had clearly been won against the Russians and America was at the forefront of whatever could be positively imagined.

And then meaner and smaller and greedier people stepped in and, hiding behind corporations, turned our world into a hellishly small and rotting stomping ground of waste and corruption and increasing extinction of life.

~ Joltin' John has left and gone away
Hey, hey, hey! ~
(sorry Simon & Garfunkel)

Joined: Jun 13 2007

It was my Dad's birthday on
the 17th of November and a
moment for him...

It's hunting season in New York and
my Dad was an avid outdoors man; my
family too. They hunted varieties of
game and fowl. My Uncle an excellent
Trapper and always cared for the
wilderness til the day he died. A great
example to anyone. It was a special and
very exciting time for everyone when
they came home with trophy buck. Then,
the trim would hit the grinder with
sage and pepper, sharpest knives cut
strips of jerky and the comfort from the
harvest settling in and around. With the
temperatures ice cold outside the break
down was bliss. Perfectly cold...

Oh, just like today and tomorrow too.

Perfectly cold...tomorrow, I am driving
my nephew up into the hills to meet a
very best and old friend of mine. He has
some land that he said could be hunted on.
It's so beautiful there on his farm, I
worked for him bailing hay and doing chores.
It will be great to introduce them, they
will hunt this weekend there and maybe
the next one too. There are alot of farmers
up in those hills that I have been friends
with, it will be hard not to visit them all.
One of them named a cow after me, Sherry
was a good cow and she knew her name too,
all his cows had names, (by the way).

I have my Sportsman Licence and am a
great shot. I haven't hunted in sometime
but have helped breakdown hundreds.
Warm game is fresh game. My Dad would
come home with a half dozen ducks or
geese, he was a great shot! He had
accuracy that was awesome, just awesome.
Rabbits, pheasants, quail - perfection
in sight with little or no damage.

Hmmm, I like this Remington 770

I will hope my nephew and his crew will bring
one or three in from my friends farm, he will be shooting
something like that one.

This Christmas everyone should put
a Remington under the Christmas for
their loved ones. The opportunity will
arrive when you can go with crew into
the cold too. I hope you all will check
out the Remington line and find one to
love. It will be a part of your family.
Treating it with superiority will come
natural. Yep, best gift in 2013, to me,
is a Remington, any style and stock.

Ah...rambled a little bit but some
how I know it was necessary, strange
but um yeah. My Grandfathers and all
the way back to the Indians in my family,
they all had a treasured pieces, like
I told you, it's family.

The Woods, xo!

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Lou finally made it

To that dirty boulevard
RIP Lou Reed
I loved your New York Disc

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valium would help that crash

Lou Reed passed today, another of the artists that coloured our lives. If there is a wild side in heaven, I'll bet most of our lost soul brothers are walking it.


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