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What a kind and loving send off for Herb the Hippie. What a great person to have as a neighbor....

jonapi (not verified)
rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb

Eric Sykes - born 4 May 1923; died 4 July 2012.

wonderful, inspiring English comic actor and writer. he also co-wrote some episodes of The Goon Show with Spike Milligan and also co-founded Associated London Scripts, wrote some classic Frankie Howerd routines and the brilliant "Sykes And A..." and "Sykes", two excellent BBC comedies in the '60's to the late '70's.

hard to explain how much joy he brought to me in my youth; with such superb comic timing and his effortless style, thinking of him brings back the fondest of memories. was also lucky enough to see him in a classic Pantomime (before they were populated by reality-show pond life) alongside the equally talented Jimmy Edwards; watching those two firing on all cylinders on the same stage made one hell of a lasting impression.

sadly, sadly missed.
bless you Eric Sykes for spreading so much laughter.

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farewell to Chris Ethridge

A very unhappy surprise to hear of Chris's passing. If you can find a copy of "L.A. Getaway" (probably only on vinyl), I recommend it to all. It was a one-time trio with guitarist Joel Scott Hill (with Canned Heat for a while), Chris on bass, and drummer Johnny Barbata (with the Turtles, and later Jefferson Starship). It came out in 1972, and I still treasure my copy of it.

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Our beloved neighbor and friend
Herb the Hippie.
He loved all kinds of Jam Music and
The Grateful Dead.
He traveled 1000's of miles and lived
on the road for years.
His motorcycle his only need many miles.
Diabetes took him in his sleep as
his sugar dropped to it's last low.
If you knew Herb; all is handled and
there are no calling hours.
Herb lived them while he was here.
His cat is off to Mass to live with his nephew.
If you didn't know Herb, he was a great friend.
He wanted everyone to feel free and happy.
Now you do. The neighborhood won't be the same.
Herb the Hippie was 69.
All the best ahead friend, go ride the skies!
Happy and free, xo!

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Peter Barsotti

Bay Area folks who knew him from BGP (you saw him on stage many times...) will be sorry to know that he's gone. He passed on a few days ago; this article from last year will give you an idea of what he was like and the various doings of him and his brother Bob. I got to meet them once or twice. They were great.

jonapi (not verified)
goodbye pinta

poor old soul. i just saw that on the news this morning.
how incredible nature is and let it continue to be so.

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Lonesome George

This sad old gentleman has died, and with him his species. Here's hoping after his long lonely wait that he finds a mate in the hereafter.

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I was a sci-fi kid

Ray Bradbury passing means that all of the favorites from my youth -- Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Heinlein, Herbert -- have gone from this mortal world.


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And he wrote some of the screenplays for the

Twilight Zone (that was Rod Serling, kids, greaaat stuff).

Teachers open the door, but you must enter yourself.

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Ray Bradbury

of Fahrenheit 451, but he also wrote the film script for Moby Dick, which I never knew. Wotta guy.


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