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Joined: Jul 2 2007

You are not alone!!! We are all here with you. If gets real bad, and you want to-send a pm-I will answer. My sister had the same dramatic misfortune as you, last march (well was no drunken driver, but her 18 year old daughter died in a car crash) and have some vague idea how she suffered(s) from the novels of mails she wrote, while trying to process and keep sane.

Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Samuel Clemens

Joined: Jun 10 2007
thank you for the vibes for us and for our mimi

thank you all-

some days we feel very alone, and then mornings like this when it is just me in the house and i am drinking coffee and wandering from room to room- and i remember i can check in on the forums and find someone has been sending us vibes for our girl. it feels so much better to not feel so empty if even for a quarter of an hour...

thank you-

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Joined: Jun 10 2008
My Grand Daddy he was

My Grand Daddy he was beutiful and Jerry I never knew him i wish i did but his sprit was ment to fly on to the terripan station

May there be love in your hearts and dead in your heads!

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Thanks All

Your condolences mean alot, and I'll surely pass them on to John's family. The funeral was very sad, but the wake was awesome and I'm sure he was there for it!! Peace brother!!!
Words can't describe the sadness and emptyness you must be feeling. Well beams and healing vibes to you and your family. Peace

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Joined: Jun 5 2007

as a parent i can not think of the amout of loss you are feeling, i'm very sorry for you and your other...
Such a long, long time to be gone and a short time to be there


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Joined: Jun 5 2007

sorry to read of the loss of your friend, john.. and loss of a father and companion to his family, so very sad...
Fare you well, fare you well
you mean more than words can tell
Listen to the river sing sweet songs
To rest your soul..

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Joined: May 15 2008

though i have lost a dear friend in my brother to a drunk driver. i cant even to begine to kinow what ur pain is for no parent should have to bury a child.i can only say that we as a ppl n a family can stop these sensless tradgeties by not letting the ones we love n even the ones we dont from gettin b hind the wheel after a few drinks.cause only heart ach can come of it . so th
e strongest of well beams n vibes n many many many prayres to u n your family.

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Joined: Oct 23 2007
Caroline & Steve O

Hugs to you both.
Makes me think of RosaLee McFall
Healing Beams...


Joined: Mar 12 2008
stevo, caroline

I'm sorry for your loss. Peace to you.

Joined: Nov 21 2007
caroline , steve-o

am so sorry for your loss ,, i can`t even think of the words to say right now ...
may peace be with all who has lost loved ones ,,, am sending out beams of strength to
help you through .... the sun will shine again for you someday ,, it always does ...
try to stay strong ,, we are all here for you ....


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