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Missing Your Email?

I noticed not long ago that I hadn't received an email from since April. This was not such a crisis for me personally, as I'm here practically every day, but it occurred to me that this might indicate a larger problem, so I inquired.

Short version, we changed email providers a few months back and in the process lost quite a few subscribers. Among other things, our new provider is particularly cautious of being labeled as a spammer, so doesn’t try to resend bounces as often as our old system did. It also tends to be a bit more sweeping about messages from ISPs, where if they get a message about a problem from one address that could apply to the entire ISP, they sometimes apply it to everyone from that ISP.

So, in essence, if you used to get emails from and don't get them any more, and you WANT to get them, go to and re-subscribe.

As I am about to do myself...


Missing Your Email?