Grateful Dead

Most Cosmic Venue EVER

Let's face it, some venues had a lot more charisma than others -- and still do. Red Rocks probably tops a lot of lists when it comes to personal Grateful Dead power spots -- but what amazing places haven't we heard enough about?


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To many to name Kaiser every year

Way to many places to name but will throw a few of my favorites out here. Starlight 82 , 84, 85. Park west in 83, did not like it in 87 to many people. Boise most wild outside and inside scene. Lake Placid 83 of course all the Red Rocks shows 15 total for me. Ventura 82 , 83 , 84 , 85 87 again to many people but still there.
Places I enjoyed do to the ride to the show or the place itself. Morgantown 83 ,U V M 83 , Telluride because as someone said the entire town was the show. Check of the .

To may to post as far as Dead Shows.
Jerry Band For sure the Stone in SF, Berkeley Stone ,Community theater Berkeley French's camp, Music mountain 82 Cape Cod coliseum both Dead and JGB Brandies university 8 Ocean State theater Providence The Cage U mass , Dunsmuir House and Garden , Russian river , Key stone Palo Alto and of course the Frost. Throw in the Oklahoma Zoo amphitheater too.

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Only because I was so very

Only because I was so very lucky to be in college at the time, and thus could take a semester off and splurge my hard earned sandwich shop job money->
Le Zenith in Paris.

The venue, the surrounding locale, the people- a slice of European Dead heaven.

That, or Cal Expo in Sac.

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Bay Area

Well, i primarily saw the Dead in the Bay Area, and my shows are from mid 80's on.
Greek Theater is my top outdoor choice, seeing the Berkeley Campanile with the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate bridge. I used to head up to the top part of the venue stage right where the sun set on the venue last. There were always a bunch of sun worshipers and we'd hollar when the sun set, usually over the Golden Gate, grooving away. The most magical moment for me there was during a Franklin's Tower, during the verse "roll away the dew", a little cloud passed over and sprinkled the crowd on an otherwise clear day. The place just lit up!

Frost Amphitheater - the parking lot party was among the Oak and Eucalyptus trees outside the venue, Inside it was lined with trees and gently sloping grass~100 yards to the band.

The Henry J Kaiser Auditorium for indoor. It felt like a giant high school gym, one of my favorite shows was there, Nov 8, 1987...a great confluence for me..... one other show i remember dancing in the halls that spiraled around the place since they placed speakers out there, I spent nearly the whole show on the periphery...particularly remember He's Gone and just grooving with all the smiling people.

saw many great shows at other venues, but those three above had the magic vibe for me.



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Grateful Dead power...

Well...going at this directly...
Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, every time I saw them there I had some really great moment...none quite as dramatic as the night prior to the show that ended up on the Dick's Pick when I asked my wife if she was ready to go. She said yes. We walked down to the front row without saying another down on our hands and knees at the orchestra pit...and they broke into broke down palace for the encore...
Hampton Coliseum...again, too many moments, collectively the east coast comeback shows from the first night Black Peter (sick sick know what I mean)...thru the 3rd night when I thought the place would lift off during Terrapin.
Greek Theater, Berkely, CA...when Jerry hit the first notes of the first Watchtower the boys played in 87 a psychic growl seemed to go out around the universe.
And well, home turf...Omni, Atlanta...They just seemed to own that space...
Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own.


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MCU Park - Brooklyn

Just saw Furthur there, and that is an incredible place to see a "GD" show.

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BK3 with Tara Nevins

it's great

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-The best outdoor amp. has to be Highgate VT.....
-The most intimate setting.....The Palace,Auburn Hills,MI.
-The sweetest of coliseums is definetly Hampton,VA,Jerry once reported that Hampton,VA was one of his favorite venues to perform.
-The best backdrop is tied...Red Rocks and Alpine Vally.
-The place where they rarely let us down,no doubt,R.F.K Stadium,D.C. fact,all the venues had things that stick out,so its hard to put one ahead of the other,they rocked the house no matter what town they came to invade!

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Saratoga Springs

Most Cosmic: Saratoga Springs
Most Powerful: Red Rocks
Most Iconic and Beloved: Greek Theater
Best Small Indoor: Great American Music Hall
Best Medium Indoor: Warfield
Tie for Best Large Indoor: Kaiser and Bill Graham Civic
Best Coliseum: Philly Spectrum
Best Never Thought I'd See the Day Venue: Phil and Friends at Fort Mason a few years ago. I could see the Golden Gate Bridge from where I was up on the hill, while Phil and the band played sweetly below. A perfect moment in time that brought tears to my eyes.

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best / worst

best: maybe my first "theater" show 11/29/79 stanley in pittsburgh, or my best theater show 11/30/80 (front row, killer show) fox atlanta
best shed: SPAC '83
best outdoor vibe: Greek '85 or Maine '88

worst arena shows: Utica '79 and Billerica '79

best topless fellow female show-goers: Las Vegas early 90s

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Venue Energy

Hampton - Warlocks Baby. Alpine Valley as organic as it comes. Hershey Park was pretty surreal.


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Most Cosmic Venue EVER