Grateful Dead

Most Cosmic Venue EVER

Let's face it, some venues had a lot more charisma than others -- and still do. Red Rocks probably tops a lot of lists when it comes to personal Grateful Dead power spots -- but what amazing places haven't we heard enough about?


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Joined: Aug 6 2009
fox theater atlanta

one magical place, with the historical building and the interior painted like a desert oasis, the twinkling stars and clouds in/on the ceiling. you could feel the cool breeze blowing intinate about 3500. none like it!

Joined: Aug 16 2009

without a doubt veneta 82

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Joined: Jun 24 2007
What about Starlight in KC

What about Starlight in KC? pretty cool venue, small with towers on each side of a copper awning with comedy and tragedy on the face of the towers. early 80's shows, on our tapes we called one reckless and hot....because it was reckless and hot! I remember the boys starting good lovin and me starting to dance and leaving my body until the song was over and I'm on the other side of the venue!

Joined: Jul 26 2007
Some Faves through the years

Roosevelt Stadium
Devore Field Chula Vista (grass up to your ankles!)
Cal Expo (more grass)
Ventura Fairgrounds
Marin Ctr.
Palladium NYC
Red Rox
Angels Camp, CA
Fairgrounds Grass Valley, CA
Oakland Aud/Kaiser
Stanley Theatre
Sheas Theatre
Boston Music Hall
Cape Cod Coliseum
Fairgrounds Lewiston Maine(mega grass)
Radio City Music Hall
Fox Theatre Atlanta
Fiesta Hall San Mateo

Joined: Apr 4 2008
Cosmic? Santa Fe Downs 82 n 83 , Autzen 94,veneta furthr 96

Downs run only 40 min from my home Santa Clara Pueblo Reservation, magic shows both yrs. old hippies frm the various mountain havens ,Ojo Sarco,Dixon, Taos mountains,all those burnouts from back at the old communes up there in the Sangre de Cristos. and alot of my native brothers and sisters from the diffrnet rezes all16 of em within a 2 hrs, drive Looks like rain , while it rained ,brilliant colors in the fading daylt. Autzen 94, great run ,very mellow vibes by were we camped by the railrd tracks across the river frm the main prking lot, Frisbee area roped off in a huge grassy area,great people , hot weather n sizzlin doses. all nite bash. veneta 96 furthur fest cool vibes n zero securiy,except for those 2 OLD Hippy dudes in security t shirts, magic glowing sunsets n soft meelow vibes in the evening, thanks to those 3 girls who piked me up while i was hitchiking to San Francisco, forgot ur names, but still have the pics, oh yeah, how were yhose phish shows in red rocks?

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Wow weeeeeeeee!

That picture posted huge!!! Ha ha!!
The place was so cool!!!

Joined: Jul 20 2007
The Angel Orensanz

The 1st venue of the taxi tour 3/30/09 NYC, this place was awesome!!


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santa fe

1983 great shows all year, but for all around great vibe the hult center-eugene ore. gotta say my favorite though was the downs of santa fe-wavy gravy welcoming us all as we pulled into the campsite the night before the shows, dancing in the rain, then a beautiful rainbow emerges behind the boys as the rain comes to a stop. phil wearing a huge sombrero and stepping to the mike for harmonies on cold rain and snow-first time i'd seen him sing in a long time. what a tour though-park west-spent the night in utah in a cave up in the hills-one more labor day night. still looking for cd's and any related merchendise (stickers, shirts, et.) from 1983. any help would be greatly appreciated. heading down to charlottesville in 2 days-looking forward to seeing the boys with warren

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Joined: Mar 25 2009
Venue wish upon a star

Something happened to me in Saratoga.

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Joined: Jun 19 2007
When a whole town becomes a venue...

Hard to top Redrocks as far as being in a venue,, but when the whole town of Telleride became a venue,, well you just had ta be there,,


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Most Cosmic Venue EVER