Grateful Dead

Most Cosmic Venue EVER

Let's face it, some venues had a lot more charisma than others -- and still do. Red Rocks probably tops a lot of lists when it comes to personal Grateful Dead power spots -- but what amazing places haven't we heard enough about?


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Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs NY is a great venue with excellent sound, in 85 the Dead set an attendance record that stands today.

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Another vote for Hampton, VA

My exposure to the Dead at different venues was admittedly rather limited. Only saw them 8 times and at 3 different venues. My first show was at Hampton and saw a grand total of 5 shows there (plus 1 Jerry band show). There was something special about those shows. It started in the parking lot and continued inside at the show. I never felt the energy anywhere else I felt at Hampton. Part of the magic may come from the size of the place. It held enough people to generate a lot of energy, but was small enough you felt intimate contact with the band from anywhere in the place. Obviously the band felt there was something special about the place also.

Never got to see the Dead at Merriweather Post but did see Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman (with Hot Tuna opening) a number of years ago and just saw Phil and Friends there (with the Allman Bros) on 9/30/08. These were special shows in a great venue. Always wished I had seen the Dead there.

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Home is where.......

.......the Dead play.

Must agree with Spindancer concerning the Head & the Space. So in that light I got to say the GD brought their magic to any venue they played. Then it was up to the rest of us.......

One could say I was awakened at Alpine Valley.
Appreciated the kind scene at Autzen Stadium.
Other Cosmic moments of note at Oakland Coliseum, Seattle Memorial Stadium & the Palace.......

lamagonzo (not verified)
Veneta Country Faire Grounds, Eugene

Venta, hands down. Nuff said.

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depends on the head

I cut my teeth at Red Rocks, but I have a few other faves.

First, I wanna say that the most "cosmic venue" has as much to do with the head as the space. For example, McNichols and the Civic Center at CU sucked, but I saw some great shows there, and one of my most cosmic moments ever at the Civic Center.

That said, I loved Ventura. Like our buddy above said about the beach parties - I actually lost my clothes there while swimming after a show. I found them eventually, but it took awhile. Watch those currents. And sleeping in the sand, waking to find a dead sea lion not thirty feet away. Odd stuff.

And though the Telluride shows weren't actually blistering, I know some folks there who were! Awesome place.

Loved the Greek, too.

The Kaiser. Yow. Loved pouring out into the park at daybreak.

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Of course Winterland........

Campus Stadium UCSB.........Hollywood Bowl.........Orpheum Theater......Anywhere the Grateful Dead Played.......The Oak trees and cow paddies at the Calaveras County Fairgrounds......Oh yeah...... the Swing Auditorium......{ Somthin' about the Swing }....Anywhere Jerry played.......The Wiltern.......Leigon of Mary at the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara...... etc......etc.........Anywhere my tribe is at.............My latest favorite.........................The Bryce Jordan Center

Gone are the days we stopped to decide........where we should go......we just ride.

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Many places I've been but the Closing of WinterLand was just amazing!!! Danced for 13 hrs straight... couldn't stop if I tried anyway... :op

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Hampton had something

Hampton had something special about it. I KNOW the Dead saw something there as they decided to bring back the Warlocks there, another sneak show after the Omni in 91 I believe and in all the shows I saw there, only 1 or 2 were ok, the rest were really great shows.
I too like Merriweather although I never got to see the GD there I go to see The Dead there.

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The Wildest Ride into Telluride?

after flying through Monument Valley on about a 20 person plane, wishing I had had the video camera, then circling the landing strip @ Telluride (a tee-pee nearby) & what looked to be a cliff @ the end of it, everyone yelling OK-we can stop now! It had to have been my wildest plane ride............memoirs of the Gypsy Cowgirl
ps. tommygutt- I took my son to Winterland the 1st time he was 2 where we both grew up a bit (tried to save his ears the 1st 2) .......well, there was another plane ride down the Columbia River Gorge from Portland to Pendleton, Or.....that was about a 7 seater-not going to a gig-just the Pendleton Round-up...."Let 'er Buck" as they say up yonder.......

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I agree with you Gipsy,,

one hundred percent,,, bout the To hell u ride,, venue at the town park,, was too lil for winterland although the music speaks for itself,,and the high school auditorium,,,in alaska,,,the music speaks for itself,, but for me,,, the most cosmic venue ever,,, ( well it depends on the mood i'm in ) but actually,, its THE SWEETWATER god rest her soul, in mill valley, never saw the whole band there ,, but loads of bits n pieces Peace if Free if you want!!TG


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Most Cosmic Venue EVER