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 suggested by Stuman: How about a forum deadicated just to our Mother Earth ? A place where we can talk specificly about recycling tips, reusing of what we can`t recycle and reducing waste. And other enviromental issues. I'm actually surprised we don't have something like this. Greenpeace and other groups have always been around the shows (at least the shows I remember) . And the GD has been into saving the rainforest and saving our Mother Earth. So lets talk about it here. Earth Day should be every day!! what do you all think abt it?


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Joined: Jun 22 2007
Nature's Disappearing

Having acquired my first working turntable in about 18 yrs, I've hit a gold mine discovering my "new" old music that I have never upcycled to CD or any other non-vinyl format.

An early re-discovery in this gold mine o' mine was a John Mayall album, USA Union, circa 1970 or so. Among the songs is "Nature's Disappearing," a song that Mayall re-recorded about 20 yrs later and released it on his Wake Up Call cd.

I'm not just listening to the music, I'm LOOKING at the album jackets as well. Included on USA Union jacket is a short essay on "ten ways you can help fight pollution while there's still time." The suggestions include:

--Don't litter

--Don't use nondegradable packaging

--Buy only deposit bottles

--Teach the cleanliness habit

--Pick up litter

--Build life into your car (2009 comment -- there goes the "clunker" option!)

--Recycle your newspapers

--Start a compost heap

--Recycle as many items as you can

--Build craftmanship into what you make

It's pretty sad that nearly 40 yrs later we're still begging people to do the same things...sadder still that people STILL need to hear this kind of very, very simple message.

On the funny side, just so we're clear about WHEN this was written, the "Build craftmanship" paragraph includes the following quote:

"If YOU work in a factory, or if you women make clothes or crafts at home..."

Maybe we've made a LITTLE more progress on some fronts than others.

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Can't even stop arguing...

... om Jerry's birthday? Come on...

Joined: Nov 21 2007
Thank you Marye !

seems like ka is just looking for someone to argue with . not happening here pal .
you are not worth the effort .

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it's unseasonably chilly in Oakland too, and hot in Seattle, but that is no excuse to get snarky with Stuman. Please stop. Thank you.

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ka.swan (not verified)
to stuman from overseas

snows are melting in europe and the poles as well.those who care about the planet get informed about what's going outside of the US. Who cares about al.Gore!not only can't he be blamed for everything,he is not important enough to save anyone,let alone such an old planet who hes so far existed much longuer than any one else around here. for sure not even politicians could save the world! however ,climate changes and ecological uptight mindsets in France all too often resume to more and more taxes instead of stopping wars for more oil for cars.last but not least, in western France right now, (where I live),it's quite fresh for august (reminds me of windy summers in San Francisco!),whereas on the french riviera it's about as hot as the sahara desert.Some like it hot andothers like cool.Local area climates are different and yet,it' s less extreme than in America,here.anyway,if you don't know nothing about us "folks in any other country" nor even about the weather outside your homeland, it's a pathetic joke to worry only about your own inches of snow for americans only.i would't call that caring about the Earth,pal!

Joined: Nov 21 2007
politics is politics is bullshit

But can politics explain the record high tempratures around the world ? It keeps getting warmer.. Or can politics explain why the snowfall was mesured in FEET 30 to 40 years ago and now it is mesured in INCHES ? and thats only if the folks up north are lucky enough to get any snow at all.. By up north I`m talking abt. north America .. I don`t know about you folks in France or any other country I don`t travle abroad ..I kinda like it here in my homeland...
And beside , you can`t blame Al Gore for everything !!

ka.swan (not verified)
to crypticalmystic on ecology

I just read your opinions on earth climate cycles dated may 31st 2009 and I agree with you! on earth climate cycles.Al Gore also came to Europe to noisely sell his books/movies/conferences,big medias got on the bandwaggon with mindseted scientists and career politicians and after many luxury banquets/luxury hotels,it now gets down to business as usual:taxes and taxes on every one about every thing!

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Joined: Nov 23 2007
My two cents worth - The Library Book Principle

I never stay up nights worrying about global warming, PET, etc. I'm totally confident that the planet will outlast me -and if it doesn't - BOOM - we're all ashes, ashes . . .
I try my best to follow what I think of to myself as the Library Book Principle. I have no kids, and so no grandkids, and don't even particularly like kids, but -
the planet doesn't belong to me, so I should try to take care of it, leave it in the condition I found it in, and so it will be there for your kids/grandkids, etc. to enjoy just as I have. I always return my library books in good condition too, because they don't belong to me, and someone else will be enjoying them next. I always recycle (if I had a dollar for every time I sliced my hand open washing out a cat food can!), and I've been really working on diminishing the unnecessary shopping and consumption, which translates into so much less repackaging material in the recycling bin. This one turns out to be less of a hardship than a refocusing on better values. The peonies blooming in my garden right now are more beautiful than anything I can buy in any store!

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neighbors helping neighbors

I recently read in the Eugene, Oregon "Register Guard" newpaper that the Trainsong neighborhood organized a trash collecting day where one could put out an old washer, vacumn, etc. They collected about 8 old vacumns and loads of other stuff. Really helped people. They were disposed of properly with commercial recyclers involved. So good to see these efforts.
That story Marye related about the pet hair removal tool was hysterical. I've used a "dustbuster" on the couch but it isn't fast enough for me. If I bring a small bowl of water over to the coffee table and keeping my hands lightly damp with it, I run my hands over the couch and the animal hairs gather nicely. Good Luck ............. our dog has been in the islands for 3 yrs now and i still come across her short black hairs.....lots of 'em.

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from "' The San Francisco Chronicle online

June 2009
Throwing orange peels, coffee grounds and grease-stained pizza boxes in the trash will be against the law in San Francisco, and could even lead to a fine.

The Board of Supervisors voted 9-2 Tuesday to approve Mayor Gavin Newsom's proposal for the most comprehensive mandatory composting and recycling law in the country. It's an aggressive push to cut greenhouse gas emissions and have the city sending nothing to landfills or incinerators by 2020.

"San Francisco has the best recycling and composting programs in the nation," Newsom said, praising the board's vote on a plan that some residents had decried as heavy-handed and impractical. "We can build on our success."

The ordinance is expected to take effect this fall.

The legislation calls for every residence and business in the city to have three separate color-coded bins for waste: blue for recycling, green for compost and black for trash.

Failing to properly sort your refuse could result in a fine after several warnings, but Newsom and other officials say fines will only be levied in the most egregious cases.

Fines for almost all residential customers and many small businesses - anyone who generates less than a cubic yard of refuse a week - are initially capped at $100. Businesses that don't have proper bins face escalating fines up to $500.

There is a moratorium on fines until at least July 2011 for tenants and owners of multifamily buildings or multitenant commercial properties to get people used to composting. Buildings where recycling carts won't fit can get a waiver.

"In any scenario there will be repeated notices and phone calls before we even start talking about fines," said Jared Blumenfeld, head of the city's Department of the Environment. "We don't want to fine people."

The proposal, hailed as an effective way to cut about two-thirds of the 618,000 tons of waste the city sent to landfill in 2007, drew resistance from some apartment building owners when details emerged about a year ago. And some residents were upset over the possibility of inspectors checking their garbage.

The ordinance calls for garbage collectors to leave tags on containers when they spot incorrectly sorted material, but those collectors are only going to view what's on top of the container and have no intention of going through them, said Robert Reed, a spokesman for San Francisco collectors Sunset Scavenger Co. and Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling Co., subsidiaries of Recology, formerly Norcal Waste Systems.

"Our role is to pick up the garbage and to make recycling as easy and convenient as possible for our customers," Reed said. "Our collection drivers will not become enforcers."

City officials would levy any fines, and the legislation doesn't provide funding for new trash inspectors.

"It doesn't create trash police," Blumenfeld


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