Grateful Dead

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needs fairly serious librarian chops, which is a good thing really...

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UC Santa Cruz seeking GD Archivist
Joined: Jun 13 2007

After several years of touring I found myself bumming around the country and decided it was time to get a real job. i ended up cooking in restaurants for many moons and finally realized that tho i loved cooking I did not like the long hours for little pay. After working in the kitchen at a country club and seeing all the stock brokers driving fancy cars and playing golf all day i figured that would be a better gig. I got my crap together, got some govt loans and went back to school. I ended up with a finance degree and a job with a wall st firm. I basically book the trades that the brokers are making and make sure everything flows smoothly...not the high paying job everyone thinks of when they think "wall st". Not that it's a bad job, it's just not going to afford me the early retirement i was hoping for ;)

Joined: Aug 1 2009
Got a little lost ...

I work in Technology .... by passion a software developer which, when done right, in a creative art form --- just put the headphones on with some good music and get lost in the magic world of creating some inventive and well crafted code. On a good day writing code, you can get lost in the creation and the time flies by -- like performing the perfect jam!

Somewhere along my career, I took a detour and moved through the management ranks. Currently in senior IT management for a global company and spend a ton of mindless hour sititng in meetings talking about pointless topics, putting together ridiculous operating models, and swearing that I'm done dealing witht the politics. Have gotten to see some terrific places (London, Amsterdam, Paris, Edinburgh, NY, Boston, Toronto), but ready to move on and get back to the real passion -- software dev!

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Another writer

I'm a freelance writer, translator and editor, native New Yorker, living in a village in the French Alps. I've been in France for 25 years; which means I didn't see the Dead in the last decade or so. (My last show was probably 81, in fact.) Turning 50 this month; got on the bus in 1976.

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Hey pamie

.What do you inspect?

Joined: Sep 26 2009
Day job

I'm a quality inspector at a company in Fremont CA

lamagonzo (not verified)
Studying for a licensing exam...

...and feeling like a flashback to college 30 years ago.

Except there was real Grateful Dead then. Now, it is like some version of deadhead hell where I still have to study but the world is in freefall and so is the band, though it looks like everybody will land on their feet, who the hell knows?

The faster we go, the rounder we get,
The faster we go, the rounder we get
The faster we go the rounder we get,
In the forth dimension!

(They're coming to take me away
Hoo-hoo Hah-hah!
To the funny farm
Where life is beautiful!)

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I’m the one that passes while your gone

I travel - as my name has fated lol. While the place is empty I come in and tidy up. If you see me I’m late or your early… or both.

Look around cause you're there

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Keep on writing!
I live in Miami and write also-- mostly screenplays (I am a dreamer)
I am an insurance agent working with mostly small family owned construction companies-it's been tough many of my customers/friends are really hurting. I love what I do My checking account is my boss I work as much or as little as I need to and the people I work with are fantastic. They find me being a Deadhead amusing. I will run into some construction execs who admit to seeing them. There is one old guy (I'm guesing late 60's) who is semiretired that claims he saw them all of the time in the Avalon Ballroom along with the Jeffferson Airplane before Grace Slick.

And the road goes on forever....


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