Grateful Dead

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Joined: Jul 31 2007
Hey pamie

.What do you inspect?

Joined: Sep 26 2009
Day job

I'm a quality inspector at a company in Fremont CA

lamagonzo (not verified)
Studying for a licensing exam...

...and feeling like a flashback to college 30 years ago.

Except there was real Grateful Dead then. Now, it is like some version of deadhead hell where I still have to study but the world is in freefall and so is the band, though it looks like everybody will land on their feet, who the hell knows?

The faster we go, the rounder we get,
The faster we go, the rounder we get
The faster we go the rounder we get,
In the forth dimension!

(They're coming to take me away
Hoo-hoo Hah-hah!
To the funny farm
Where life is beautiful!)

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Joined: Sep 21 2009
I’m the one that passes while your gone

I travel - as my name has fated lol. While the place is empty I come in and tidy up. If you see me I’m late or your early… or both.

Look around cause you're there

Joined: Jun 9 2007

Keep on writing!
I live in Miami and write also-- mostly screenplays (I am a dreamer)
I am an insurance agent working with mostly small family owned construction companies-it's been tough many of my customers/friends are really hurting. I love what I do My checking account is my boss I work as much or as little as I need to and the people I work with are fantastic. They find me being a Deadhead amusing. I will run into some construction execs who admit to seeing them. There is one old guy (I'm guesing late 60's) who is semiretired that claims he saw them all of the time in the Avalon Ballroom along with the Jeffferson Airplane before Grace Slick.

And the road goes on forever....

Joined: May 27 2009
I'm a freelance writer...

...and I finally got to write a story on the Dead! It's about our trip from Florida to see the Dead in Denver earlier in the month and lessons learned along the way. The editor of a local paper here in southwest Florida agreed to publish it on their site. Talk about mixing business with pleasure!

Anyway, it's titled "Lessons from the Golden Road." Here's a link:

I'm hoping to get some more gigs with them, so good, bad or indifferent, if you check it out please leave a comment at the end.

Thanks: Grateful for the gig in Florida...

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Joined: May 16 2009
Industrial Salad Dressing Maker

I work for a small company that makes HUGE batches of salad dressing for supermarket salad bars. In addition, I work in the dairy department for a local supermarket. In ADDITION, I slang.

Keeps the bills paid and the children fed.

Love to all

Joined: May 15 2009
i help people..

i work for a nonprofit social service agency. i help poor folks get services they need for themselves and their families. i will never be rich but it's a nice way to make a living.

"Well strange is the story your eyes tell me
And quiet all the few words that you say
So come and hold my hand for you see I'd understand
And remember that the only time is now.."

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Joined: Apr 11 2009
Thank you for calling....

I answer phones for the PBS station here... and between this and the last job I had, I haven't worked for a for-profit company in over a decade. No wonder I'm poor. But happy, so it is a fair trade.

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Joined: Feb 20 2009
im a substitute teacher . im

im a substitute teacher . im actully posting this in class, today i'm teaching esl (english as a econd language) interesting work because i speak very little spanish.


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