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Joined: May 16 2009
Industrial Salad Dressing Maker

I work for a small company that makes HUGE batches of salad dressing for supermarket salad bars. In addition, I work in the dairy department for a local supermarket. In ADDITION, I slang.

Keeps the bills paid and the children fed.

Love to all

Joined: May 15 2009
i help people..

i work for a nonprofit social service agency. i help poor folks get services they need for themselves and their families. i will never be rich but it's a nice way to make a living.

"Well strange is the story your eyes tell me
And quiet all the few words that you say
So come and hold my hand for you see I'd understand
And remember that the only time is now.."

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Joined: Apr 11 2009
Thank you for calling....

I answer phones for the PBS station here... and between this and the last job I had, I haven't worked for a for-profit company in over a decade. No wonder I'm poor. But happy, so it is a fair trade.

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Joined: Feb 20 2009
im a substitute teacher . im

im a substitute teacher . im actully posting this in class, today i'm teaching esl (english as a econd language) interesting work because i speak very little spanish.

Joined: Apr 30 2009
Ummm...I'm a barber, LOL

Actually, that's how I make money. What I really do for a living is ride my motorcycle and listen to the Dead.

Joined: May 1 2009
Night Owl

Well, after searching for years for a job I can actually feel good about, I went to school and became a nurse. I am now working nights as a charge nurse in a long term care center. I never wanted to quit my job touring, but having a child 14 years ago pretty much put a stop to that. In the same year, my daughter was born and Jerry was gone. Luckily she was wble to make it to a few shows in her stroller!

Joined: Apr 26 2009

I'm a laborer with a contractor who specializes in ponds and pondless "water features", such as waterfalls and streams and things for backyards mostly. It pays the bills and here in california unemployment is quite high and I'm just thankful to have a job. I love being outdoors and I rarely miss a sunrise. It's also fun taking on a different a different task each day even if I am moving several cubic yards of dirt or lifting heavy rocks. I'm living proof that we "hippies" aint lazy! "We will get by, We will SURVIVE!"

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Joined: May 26 2007
I assure you

izzie had nothing to do with it.

Joined: Jan 11 2008
hi john my man..

i wanted to send you a post about unemployement in general,but miss Izzie nuked me,thanks mam........but why the fuck?(as you are the only person to use this word on the net,izzie...i borrowed it again.)

Joined: Apr 2 2009
well technically i'm not!

i'm a student....again! but i guess i'm still also a teacher ;)


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