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Joined: Jan 12 2009
My Job, My Life

Welcome to my world. I am a huge dead head, always have been.(I think my mother listened to The Dead while I was in utero!) I am also a Sedation Nurse for a hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. I get to play with good drugs all day and make my patients "high". I LOVE MY JOB!!! My co-workers call me the bartender and my patients call my their best friend.

"May the Four Winds Blow You Safely Home"... I Miss Jerry

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Joined: Jul 31 2007
my job

i am the front desk manager at a hotel... not to bad i realy like it.... most of our guest are nice but i could tell you some the guy who call the cops cause we had to many bikers at the hotel...but not everyone beleives we are just one large community....most days go by smoothley... the cool thing is i get passes to the local mountains so i can snowboard on my days off and of course cheap hotel rooms when i travel my friends like that too...

peace and hugs to all

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Joined: Jan 9 2009
Metal Artist AKA Broad with a Blow Torch !!!

After years of "workin' for the man" managing Lenscrafters with a crew of 20 + people and training others in optics and sales... I said " BITE ME"
After moving to Northern Wisconsin " Back to Nature"... I became the artist that I always knew lived in my heart....and being self employed .. you can't get fired !!
I now hold the Patent on the "Copper Cattail Wind Chimes" tm found on the web. I work in copper and bronze and attend many Art shows across the US..
( Guess I'am still just a Dead Head on the Road ) and enjoy my life more than ever.
From the many shows and many friends that have come into my life.. I am truley Grateful!
Check out my art work if you like on the web ... and don't forget to practice random acts of kindness !

Joined: Feb 19 2009

chucked my job as an engineering manager at Micron Technology (memory chips and such) and now own apartments and a deli. never been happier. My favorite job...keeping my bus serviceable.

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Joined: Jan 5 2009

Im a Junior Unix (free bsd, Linux, Irix) sys admin for a webhosting company.

Joined: Jan 24 2009
Deadhead in Libraryland

I work in the library of Princeton University repairing books in the Preservation Office. Not too many fellow Deadheads here, but there are a few....Any Deadhead librarians or other Deadheads in Libraryland should check out Terry Ballard's page and Dead Librarians blog at: !!!

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. ~Henry David Thoreau

lamagonzo (not verified)
I got a Job!

I got a job trading hits for pieces.
We made wrinkles, advertized them as creases
Not subject to recession!

"The pay was pathetic.
It's a shame those boys couldn't be more copascetic!"

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Joined: Feb 1 2009

gitarjenny- So just want to say........I am here for anyone who is being abused, neglected, or just needs a friend. I am out of my hell.....and looking up,up, and away!!!! If you are going through domestic "imprisonment" and/or abuse......WE SHOULD ALL SPEAK UP!!!!!! LIFE IS TO SHORT.....We can help eachother pick up the pieces.....because they are well worth picking back up-PEACE,HEARTS, and BANDAIDS-gitarjenny

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Joined: Nov 28 2007
A Deadhead from way back

A Deadhead from way back when who is still trying to make a difference. I am a scientist doing environmental toxicology studies, and I run a foundation that is looking to support solar energy research. A shrine to the Dead is in my office, inclusive of a stuffedv Jerry doll. It centers me and helps me think thorough the complexities of what I do. I have had about 150 students work with me im my laboratory over the years, and they all know my passion for music and life. Best products of my life are those students and the careers they will follow.

As always, Mutant

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Joined: May 15 2008
Modern Day Warf Ratt

rich65vwbus... Well After years of parting, on tour, various jobs not amounting to much. I Sobered up got on the water wagon and cleaned up my act. Which was for the best I was the one in the lot who could never get enough (very addictive personality). Im now in Logistics for a major pharmacudical company go figure that out ? They even gave me a Key...! what were they thinking. Lol just kidding It's funning how growing older changes your priorites. I might not get tore up anymore but I didn't go deaf , I still love the Dead . Springtime , Roadtrip to a Deadshow in a Microbus....Priceless Just a little history about this Deadhead, Peace & Love,


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My Gainful Employment