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Joined: Aug 31 2008
Any Dead heads in Edmonton?

Just wondering if there are any heads here or not.


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Joined: May 8 2009
Gainful, but not really profitable

I am a ft student, transferring to a Unv or CSU (CA State Unv.) in fall 2013. I am a Poli-Sci/Legal major with a minor in Communications.
I would like to try my hand in either international law or possibly becoming a paralegal to practice in another country(or equivalent of a paralegal/international law). This year I became an intern for the re-election campaign for Congressmen John Garamendi ( I know, stay away from Politics in the world of the Dead ) ... I am really hoping that a decent job can be obtained post graduation (with the economy so topsy-turvy, who knows?) - loan repayments await! If the organization of the GD needs a fairly smart nerd type to read over legal paperwork - Ive got a pretty good resume so far
I am super broke but happy ( how can one not be in northern CA - money or not? ). With any spare time I volunteer for a variety of solid causes( prop 37 anyone - or at least i feel they are worthy causes) and I also volunteer as a radio dj on Fri nights/Free Speech & Non-Profit KPFZ 88.1FM Lake County, CA Community Radio. I get to play my favorite band to a fairly cool listening audience.
Its been awesome to read these other posts by various folks across the country and globe regarding something as serious as employment. I hope someday (30 yrs from now) I will be able to post that me & mine are retiring to some exotic place on the other side of the planet. thanks for the inspiration people - have a great day everybody - peace, Boogie

Joined: Aug 13 2012
i teach...

i teach english in brasil for anyone who wants to pay me for my services. i work for people in company's like hp and lexmark. i like it there in brasil. it'll be a good life here not worrying about work at all.... ever

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Joined: Apr 24 2008
No complaints here...job (or anything wise).

I work in IT Desktop Support for a large U.S. Bank based in Liverpool (U.K.).

The work and environment is very good major pressure and the opportunity to take in some great sounds during the day and when i go out for my lunch hour around the city.

After doing a bit of shopping, it's always nice and relaxing to sit on the waterfront listening to a hot show.

It's just as well that i have loads of spare time to listen to music as i have 6 x 2TB external hard drives bursting with mainly official live downloads of all the bands i'm into, plus many more shows i receive from 2 great friends in the States (Castaic (CA) and Nottingham (MD)).

Thankfully my working hours are very good too...07:00am > 15:00pm.

The wife and i are hoping to retire in the next 18 months to 2 years to maybe the Greek Islands or Turkey...bring it on !.



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Joined: Jul 20 2012

i have been fortunate enough to work for a small company for the last six years as a grower of non-hybrid,native perennials. It doesn't pay a lot and it's physically demanding(greenhouses get hot,especially in this summer from hell) but very satisfying knowing that these plants, whose genes are 10's of thousands of years old, are still being propagated by us and sent all over the US. who knows where the birds or the 4 winds take the seed. we produced approx 370,000 plants so far this year..... of which 300,000 were hand sown from seed. Me arms and back is tired (but glad to be employed in this cool endeavor). Up until 6 years ago, I worked in various windowless industrial labs doing completely rote tests every day,all day. It paid the bills but crushed my spirit. would never go back..........unless..........the planets aligned............and........... nick sands called and was looking for a tech. THAT, i would definitely consider. Dream,dream,dream.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
mental health worker

I am a Mental Health Practitioner in the Partners in Recovery Apartment Program located in Orange County NY.

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Joined: May 26 2007
another day, another spammer...

welcome to the Internet. Lourdes is no longer with us.

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Joined: Feb 20 2012
Reply to: Lourdes Guenthartx re: Criminal Backround

That's a real bummer subject to bring up when someone is celebrating a job. Do you think all Dead fans have to worry about drugs in their systems? Sure sounds like you do or are you just jealous because you have to sell fake snakeoil (see link Lourd included in post).

How about some positive energy and congrats when this mean old world finally open it's eyes and gives one of us a job - dammit....

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Joined: Jan 17 2012
Steep hillsides in

Steep hillsides in rattlesnake country is no good, not to mention scrub oaks alone. Nice to know there's another arborist around! Practicing or otherwise. When my wife is out of school I'll be going back in to obtain my teaching degree; I'd like to teach world history. So Thanks for inspiring me the whole way round man!

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Joined: Jun 17 2007
Thanks marye

That's exactly what a former professor who's now my faculty mentor calls it: a gig. The word fits, I have to say, since all I did was riff on language and life and how we view these things for two sessions of roughly eighty minutes each. And when I compare that to how I earned my dough last year, which involved cutting scrub oak and pinon pine on sixty degree hillsides in rattlesnake country, there's simply nothing left to do, but smile, smile, smile...until it's time to grade essay #1 at least.


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