Grateful Dead

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Joined: Jul 20 2007
Carpenter's helper

My hubby owns his own construction/remodeling company. Today I will be sanding and staining trim and doors for a job.Love the work, but the fumes are gonna get me again! Gonna break out the ipod loaded with my fav GD tunes and go...Peace,Gigi

Joined: Jan 24 2008
Friendly Skies

I fly all over the country for a few different airlines on contract. My I feel like a sell out sometimes but I get to see a whole lot from above and Im always remembering when I fly over familiar places

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Joined: Oct 17 2007
Then one day you find ten years have gone behind you . .

I have ben self-employed for a long time, the last twenty years or so as a landscape contractor. I never intended to start a business. It kind of creeped up on me, little by little. I was going to college and needed money and knew how to fix sprinklers, so I started doing that. I wanted to practice my spanish so I hired a guy from El Salvador, who turned out to be better at the trade than I was. I like meeting people and don't mind selling things, so I kept selling jobs. My worker had an uncle and a cousin who had a nephew who had a brother-in-law. We all started working together. I got married and had kids to support. Now I really needed money. Suddenly, it seemed, I had an honest-to-God business with dozens of employees, all kinds of deadlines and responsibilities, stress and o yes, money. Now I work for really rich people in Silicon Valley and wonder how I ended up doing this instead of one of the many other things I was more interested in. I still have my original employees and now they have families and houses and responsibilities too. More puzzled than complaining. Things are never so bad that they can't get worse and, so far as work goes, this is actually pretty good.

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Joined: Jan 15 2008
A carpenter! Yaay! #2 man

A carpenter! Yaay! #2 man tho. So that's not to baaaad!

A dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago...

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
Film and TV

Yes after being a real hippie and selling burritos at shows and owning my own custom made moccasin store(and Birkenstocks)I crossed over to the other side. Now part of the 'Hippies with Haircuts' clan.
I have been working as a 'dolly grip' for nearly 25 years now.A IATSE union member as well. I do camera movement-yes the actors move and we follow them-or lead them or if they don't move -we do- and create the drama! But I have decided that the old body is aging and it is getting harder to carry my 475 # dolly upstairs any more so I have moved up to camera operator. I am the guy that looks through the eyepiece and composes the shots you see (if you watch tv or see movies). I have been a photographer since a child so this really is where my heart is! I do get to wear my tie dyes at work as well as my old show shirts so work is a gas. I currently am working on the Lifetime channel show 'Army Wives', the production designer is a head as well and we try to sneak in little Dead tidbits wherever we can. It is kind of a subliminal game we play. This has been done on many a show I have been on before. We are everywhere!!
Never had such a good time...........

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

Blue 22 - I really like your winter photos, thanks for sharing.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

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Joined: Jun 14 2007
i have no idea what i do.......

anything from blazing a snowshoe trail (only in winter, as it's more work than fun in the summer), to passing medication to someone ("it's medication time"), to crisis intervention, to being a therapist or a wanna be (as im in graduate school), to taking a picture in the woods to reading to my beautiful boy at night....I am poor ass broke because i can't just go get a real job and the government wants all this money I have not even made yet.......

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Joined: Jul 6 2007
New Dead Head in Tech Support

One of the dudes I was working with in Tech Support is a dead head. I wasn't really into the dead, and I placated him a whole lot. Then after he got canned I went to to listen to what the whole fuss was about. After listening to my First Dark Star I was hooked. Now it has been a year since I have started listening, and my mother in law (a true dead head) is in shock at my live collection up to now. Man, where have I been all my life. I still work at the Tech Support place and I havent talked to my old coworker since he got canned, but i carry on the dead's spirit here. I guess I'm a Tech Dead Head....

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Golf Professional

I am the Assistant Golf Professional at a private golf club in Victoria BC Canada. I also manage the bag room where the members golf bags are stored. In winter we are short staffed and I work only in the bag room. It is pretty chill I have computer speakers with my Ipod plugged in and I listen to the grateful dead whenever I am in the storage room probably 4 hours a day. In the summer I am very busy working in the proshop assisting members and selling merchandise. This summer coming up is the first time that I will be a qualified professional instructor so I am excited about being outside teaching golf and running junior camp for kids. Thare are not any deadheads who I work with however I am surprised at how many members of the golf club come into the bag room hear my GD playing and recognize it and like that is always a fun time of my day.

Joined: Dec 14 2007
I build the trucks that drive America

I toil on the line for Chevy. It's a job and hopefully my kids will never do. Right now as I can figure I'm the only Deadhead in the building---scary.


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