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Joined: Jun 10 2007

i don't go to work, i go to school! i have the best job - i teach high school english - it's a wonderful way to spend my time and to serve my community. and of course, the music never stops in room 1607! jerry hangs on my classroom door to welcome everyone! the kids think he looks just like walt whitman who looks just like santa claus but not the santa claus in the tim allen movie but more like the one on the coke cans they put in in december...ahhh, kids!


Joined: Jun 14 2007
my day job

out of college I was an EMT/EMT-P, then between burnout, and one too many back injuries, went back to school, got a law degree, while I work for a legal aid clinic, most of my work is actually spent securing restraining orders and other legal assistance to survivors of domestic violence. I also do a lot of child support enforcement, and never thought I'd take pleasure in sending someone to jail, but, I've gotten so sick of deadbeat parents that make babies thenmove on to the next babies momma that I have come to really enjoy throwing those smug sob's into jail. I've come to the conclusion that non payment of child support is a form of abuse.

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Joined: Jun 25 2007

I have worked as a veterinarian since 2001. Graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1992, ended up at veterinary school at Iowa State. My first year I did an equine internship in south florida, but now I work with small animals of all sorts. Its a rewarding career. I get to help animals and also people. It is never the same day twice. I have recently taken an interest in ultrasonography, and have been pursuing this. Still trying to get the word out to spay and neuter your animals, rescue or adopt........

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Joined: May 26 2007
Qualifications? what qualifications?

hey now, garciagirl. This is one Environmental Manager who would be very happy if she could get to live with her 13 yr old son and his dad! I'm a little envious of parents who don't have outside incomes/jobs, and who still make it work. Count your lucky stars tonight, my friend! (and welcome to the site!)

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Joined: Jun 25 2007

It seems I've found the upper crust of DH fans, editors in chief, environmental mgrs, rocket, Im a Mom of young children, gratefully my job is to be at home with them. Ages 12, 10 and 2 ( and hopefully more..) If they only knew the DH me of years past, oy..
There's been many a night that baby Miles has drifted off to sleep to Brokedown Palace and the like, and when I can get a moment of the eldest's time I try to show her that there is far more out there than top 40, by bringing her to Ratdog shows..( "Mom, whats THAT smell???)..oy, again.
So, that is my profession, chief family officer of my home in mom..diaper changer, listener of all dramatic problems of the pre-tween set, and amongst my refrigerator art, slews of pictures commemerating family events, laundry and Thomas the train sets..sits the black and white of Jerry, snapped in '86--. Hmm, perhaps I'll post on the ' so your mate's not a DH' thread! New today, and glad to be here

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Photographer (Las Vegas) & note on Theaters for Rock

"Hi, my name is Archure, I photograph everyone at no obligation, can I get you to put your arm around the lady and smile for the camera?" is what I say to people in the showroom before the show, then we sell the photos in the loby after the show. I just love my job, its so much fun, meeting so many people, and selling well posed photos to those who fall in love with them (we sell around 20% of what we take on a good day, typically). "Flowers last a week, but photos last a lifetime". And I think of all the photos I could have had, should have had, over the years, memories. I work for Cashman Photo who has around 200 employees all over town (Las Vegas). They regularly hire, and experience is not always required (I think I have noticed that they have a prefrence towards people in the Arts, Music, etc, high IQ people, people who do, because its commission, I get a percent). Summer is busy season (they might need extra help), but it doesnt slow down till Nov or Dec. When seeing a show in Las Vegas, line up and get in early, then wave (or go up to) the photographer and ask for photos at no obligation (don't have to buy them unless you want to take them home). Don't wear all black (it blends with the surroundings and messes up the focus. Do wear nice attire (Las Vegas is formal and/or casual, where ever you go, mostly). Do wear Black & White (easy to focus, shows your shape), or Red, or Blue (photograph well), Purple and other colors may vary a slight bit on the hue. Look in the lens and smile (or just say a quick "no thanks" if you don't want photos taken, but there is no obligation). Its lots of fun, and I really appreciate the nice smile, the beautiful ladies, the nice attire, the nice people, and by all means, wear Grateful Dead attire if you want, that should photograph well. Lots of great shows in this town. I would like to see the Dead play here again (I have to work most nights, rock stars should have a day show, so all the night workers can go for the rock, also its an international town, English people are on Greenwhich Time, Japanese are on Tokyo Time, EC is on Tulsa Time, and I am Justin Time. I think there is a market in this town for shows at all hours, Brittish people wake up by 12 midnight and want something to do, by 6 AM they would love to see a show. Prefered Theaters: UNLV Thomas & Mac (saw the Other Ones there, great show, great showplace), the Sun Coast (good place, I saw Tower of Power there, and the Spazmatics (Hollywood Vegas band, friends of Pat Benatar), play all around town. ROCKERS, BEWARE of places like Boulder Station (the seats are so small, and tie wrapped together, so that there is no room, its very unpleasant, and I can't go see the great shows they book). House of Blues is cool, but rarely any place to sit (they advertize SEATS on the web, you show up, no seat, you stand, my girlfriend has MS, so we couldn't go). I saw Robin Trower at House of Blues (too much man, and low price), as well as Hot Tuna & Jefferson Airplane. The Cannery is a great show place, but I have not been there recently (I hope they don't over crowd like Boulder Station does. The Cannery is not owned by the Station Casinos (unless they took over). Station Casinos are Palace Station, Santa Fe Station, Boulder Station, Sunset Station, they are all off the strip (30 min drive), and they are very nice places, but the SEATING SUCKS TO HECK, its terrible (I wrote them and told them, I love the acts, but can't go, besides I work nights). Rockers, promote your concerts on radio, like KKLZ radio and The Point radio (rock stations). I don't like the MGM Grand theater, as the stands are real weak, I just hope they don't colapse (or if they have, I have not heard aobut it), and the MGM is very expensive. The Dead should play at the Thomas & Mac (if the University will allow it). I know Rat Dog played the Palms (nice smaller place), and I have not been to the New Orleans Arena (Van Halen plays there), but if its as nice as their regular showroom theater, then thats great.

Music for the New Millennium by ARCHURE reg tmrk

Joined: Jun 24 2007
dunkin donuts

i work at a dunkin donuts. its amazing though, since every sunday we hook up the ipods to the speakers in the store and play 5-7 hours of the dead every week. we were amazed how many customers stop before they order and go...wait! this is the dead! i remember i saw em like...and stores just keep coming. its pretty amazing stuff.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
What do I do?

I do lot's of things. Most of which are not gainful employment.
I prefer to look at the stars, go hiking in the mountains, listen to the Dead, hang out with friends, go for a bike ride, read poetry, play the guitar.

However to pay my bills I work as a Registered Nurse at a non-profit mental health agency.
Before this I was the Conservation Director of an environmental group that worked on forest and wilderness issues. I have gone between these two worlds for years. I have had some great but stressful jobs.
I continue to be involved in conservation, wildlife, forest and wilderness issues as a volunteer for the Sierra Club.

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
Walt Whitman-Song of Myself

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Cosmic Tattoos

nice work. really nice.


Joined: Jun 9 2007
I'm a bookkeeper . .

. . and if not for shows, I'd die of boredom


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My Gainful Employment