Grateful Dead

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vacation over

Two weeks of vacation, back to work tomorrow.

Joined: Apr 12 2011
I am hairdresser and I

I am hairdresser and I really love my job! And I guess my friends do so as well... ;)

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Very cool story:


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Okay, I have to say

that is a cool story.

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I am a nanny

I am a nanny for Olivia who is three years old. She loves the Greatful Dead, in December we were at a mall buying arts and craft stull to make presents for her parents. She started jumping up and down all excited. She saw Santa Clause and thought he was Jerry. I explained that Jerry was a angel now up in heaven and that was santa claus. She has grown up listening to the music of the Dead,Pink Floyd, Beatles, Led Zepplin, etc. She is pretty cool for three and I feel children are the hope of this country.

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How's the hardest workin fans in rock and roll doin?

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Make my living as a

Make my living as a purchasing agent in the steel industry. Also spend nights and weekends as a Locksmith. If you were at a festival and a happy locksmith helped you out is was most likely me ;) Been a huge deadfan since I was about 12 (25 years ago). Everyday they seem to brighten any dark skys that come my way, even after all this time! Life is good!

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Hey Taxman- I would

Hey Taxman-
I would assume that the majority of us- i.e. at least 51% of us- are liberals/democrats/progressives we appreciate what taxes do for our society. I want my roads safe and my bridges not collapsing and my schools strong...heck, I even want my health care single payer so I'll pay what needs to get paid to get that done.

Don't apologize. Taxes are necessary in a functioning, caring society.

That being said, I love my rebate check! Welcome!

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Cause I am the Taxman

..Don't be a 'player hater'. I am enjoying helping american's pay that ohh so elusive tax debit. Honestly, I am in Collections for the IRS but "..let the story teller speak.." that you are far better calling the IRS yoursrlf and seeking assitance than paying a agency $1000- $10,000 plus to do something you yourself can do for free.

Everyday, people say or write, "... if I had know it was this easy I would have not have paid such such....". You ask who is such and such, well, " man among you have no sin upon his hands... before playing in the band...". The most intresting part of my job is working with poeple one on one working out a reasonable payment plan that they can afford and feel comfortable with.

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hate my job

I do mail and data entry for Prudential Retirement,,, I have never worked a job I hated, but it pays my medical insurance,,, funny thing is I didn't used to feel unhealthy till I worked at this place... I plan to get out real soon, I would rather be poor than feel the way I do now,,,,I am thinking of taking a year off and hitting the road and see what happens,,, I need some inspiration
(~);} Have a GRATEFUL day (~);}


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