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Joined: Nov 21 2007
just one more thing

Do pot smokers deliver the truck loads of you favorite bands CD`s and DVD`s to the store for your enjoyment ? Or do pot smokers deliver the bands equipment to the next arena ? NO I don`t think so !! Think about the ways you think , or is it the weed that keeps you closed minded ? unable to think clearly . Think about it , think about the folks who give up the ability to smoke weed so YOU can have a normal life .

Joined: Nov 21 2007
lame, slow, uninformed, no passion for their work ????

Wel I for one don`t smoke weed ! Clean and sober except for a beer or two every two to three weeks . Besides for being under employed , I happen to LOVE what I do ! I take great passion for doing my work . weather it be driving a truck or working on someones car .
I do my job well and folks love me for it. The smiles on Grandma`s face when she can drive herself to the market , it`s Pricless !! " lame, slow, uninformed," maybe the one who wrote this should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror . Do pot smokers deliver you groceries to the market you shop at ,
or any goods that you need to survive . I don`t think so . Do pot heads and drug users make for quality mechanics , I never seen one .
And Marye , well hell I thought you where better then that . I am shocked in horror to hear that you really think that way .

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
I resemble that remark

That's quite a vague generality you tossed up here. I am not required to take any test in my line of work, which involves active supervision, new employee training, old employee updating, and performance review. Passion may be slipping away as I am real close to retirement.

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Joined: May 26 2007
lame, slow, uninformed, no passion for their work

and also a stunning lack of critical thinking skills and horror of people who display any.

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Joined: Oct 3 2008
22 months, 16 days

since I had a job, finally, looks like I might have a pt job. It's not the marketing director for rhino, but, it's a job. Just have to pass a bg check, and since I'm not a criminal....wait, we are all outlaws in the eyes of amerika, thank the gods they aren't checking for that. :)
Just say "no" to drug tests. All they do is identify pot smokers, and if ya want happy workers, let them smoke pot, or, at least, don't test them for it.
Just an observation, but has anybody else noticed that people who have "drug free" positions seem, to me anyway, lame. slow and uninformed? No passion for their work? Just an observation.

lamagonzo (not verified)
A sweet potatoe? (yam what-i yama)

Sweet potatoes french fries! Um-umm!

Joined: Oct 24 2008
I Yam What I Yam

High school English and employability skills teacher.

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Joined: Oct 31 2009

I'm another old hippie who forgot to chase the cash.
Instead, I look to understand the prehistory of us all. I teach the night course version of human evolution, and I do some pretty cool research.

I look at food residues inside of old pottery. Buried in the charred stuff is evidence of what was being cooked. I use a microscope and an image analysis system and look at the microscopic bits and determine what was going into the pots. I love archaeology and microscopes, and I have even learned to love multi-variate statistics. Got a lot of research published in national and international journals.

I was too young for the inspiration to come from Sandoz, but I sure loved the inspirational material produced by Bear Owsley. In fact, most of my research was just so inspired! So, long live all of us who never really gave up on the sixties!

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Joined: Jan 25 2010
Alternative Energy

I work on wind turbines and it is an awesome field to be in was a carpenter in the truest sense of the word and due to the economy it went away and this came along. So right up my alley since I like to turn wrenches and work on something that is something so much bigger than all of us and will benefit future generations instead of satisfy someones ego( sorry worked on too many Mc Mansions )

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
I hang around bars

I like the night life, the bands and all. I get up when the sun goes down and go to bed when it comes up. You might say I'm a vampire "Draw the curtains, curse the glare", you know how it goes.

I never thought I'd make this a profession but, hey, it pays the mortgage and I'm not really working. I just moveed my way up the food-chain and now I just do the rounds. Got a steady job.

Lot of people I know aren't making it. At least I stayed in the same fucking line long enough to get lawyers and bondmen on retainers.


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