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JGB Moore's Vine

is here.

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Sorry Marye

I left out some pertinent information

Jerry Garcia Band
Moore's Egytian Theater
March 6, 1976

Please merge if you can.


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JGB Moore's Egyptian Theatre

I was reticent of starting a vine of this since it is only one show, but I checked the vindex and it has not been vined previously. Additionally it is a MOTB release and the sound is really nice.

If agreed to it will circulate as flacs on one DVD.

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Tore Up Over You
d1t03 Catfish John
d1t04 Russian Lullaby
d1t05 They Love Each other
d1t06 Mystery Train

d2t01 Who Was John
d2t02 Night The Drove Old Dixie Down
d2t03 Lonesome And A Long Way From Home
d2t04 Intro (set 2)
d2t05 Harder They Come
d2t06 Friend Of The Devil

d3t01 After Midnight
d3t02 Moonlight Mile
d3t03 A Strange Man
d3t04 I Want To Tell You
d3t05 My Sisters and Brothers
d3t06 How Sweet It Is


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thanks guys

sorry to have fallen behind but will get to this shortly.

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Furthur Festival Vine 2010

Per Request of JackstrawfromColorado
Hey now, I'm going to be seeding this vine of all the Soundboards of all 3 nights of this Magical definitely will be pleasure to your eardrums. I'll be sending out 2 Flac DVD's of all three nights and throw in the Furthur Festival 2010 ~ Critter Cam movie documenting the adventure. The only thing missing is the Late Night Jam All-Star session, but when that comes out I'll forward it to the viner who has it at that time as well.

2 FLAC DVD's containing the following:

Open Air Soundcheck
May 28, 2010-05-28
Furthur Festival @ Mountain Aire
Angels Camp, CA

1. Jam (6:18)
2. The Eleven (7:40)
3. Eyes of the World (14:39)
4. Dark Star (15:05)
5. Bird Song (5:29)
6. Loose Lucy (7:14)
7. Dear Mr. Fantasy (7:47)
8. Scarlet Begonias (10:28)
9. Fire On The Mountain (10:42)
10. Let It Grow (13:35)
11. Unbroken Chain (13:36)
12. Standing on the Moon (9:05)
13. Playing In The Band (11:46)
14. Dark Star (5:31)
15. E: Donor Rap (2:21)
16. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad (9:57)

*Note: For some reason there is a bit of fuzz/static on the Sounboards during Eyes and Fantasy but it's not that bad and everything else is stellar (Must have been the recording)

May 29, 2010-05-29
Furthur Festival @ Mountain Aire
Angels Camp, CA

Furthur performed three classic Grateful Dead albums in their entirety:

Set One: American Beauty

Set Two: Workingman's Dead

Set Three: Anthem of the Sun

~Show Dedicated to the Memory
of Maggie Campbell

Set I

Box Of Rain
Friend Of The Devil@
Sugar Magnolia
Brokedown Palace@
Till The Morning Comes*%
Attics Of My Life *%
Truckin' *

Set II

Uncle John's Band
High Time
Dire Wolf
New Speedway Boogie*
Cumberland Blues*
Black Peter*
Easy Wind*
Casey Jones*


Cryptical Envelopment
The Other One
Cryptical Envelopment
New Potato Caboose
Born Cross-Eyed
Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks)
Donor Rap
E: Muly Guly
One More Saturday Night

@with Larry Campbell on fiddle
*with Larry Campbell on guitar
%with Teresa Williams on vocals

First Muly Guly - new song with lyrics by Robert Hunter

Furthur Festival
Calaveras County Fairgrounds
Angels Camp, CA
May 30, 2010

Source: SBD > (?) > Flac16

Set 1:

01. Jam > 07:25
02. Help On The Way > 04:04
03. Slipknot! > 05:40
04. Franklin's Tower 09:06
05. King Solomon's Marbles 11:16
06. Music Never Stopped 09:56
07. Crazy Fingers > 10:01
08. Sage And Spirit > 03:29
09. Blues For Allah 10:43

Set 2:

01. Saint Stephen > 14:00
02. Dupree's Diamond Blues * 08:26
03. Rosemay * 04:14
04. Doin' That Rag 07:13
05. Mountains Of The Moon > * 11:18
06. China Cat Sunflower > 07:03
07. What's Become Of The Baby > # 10:49
08. Cosmic Charlie 09:03

Set 3:

01. Estimated Prophet > 14:23
02. Dancin' In The Streets > 07:28
03. Passenger > 07:59
04. Samson And Delilah * 07:49
05. Sunrise > # 04:37
06. Terrapin Station 24:21
07. Encore: Donor Rap 02:14
08. Not Fade Away 10:52

* w/ Larry Campbell
# w/ Teresa Williams

--- NOTE --- All tracks contain Sector Boundary Errors which can cause clicks between tracks if burned to CD. These can be fixed using Traders Little Helper prior to CD burning.
::EDIT::SBE Errors should be fixed in this download.

Furthur Festival 2010 ~ Critter Cam
MP4 -- 313.51 MB -- 39:28 min

Hope you all Enjoy! And Thanks to Furthur for carrying the Torch!

1. JackstrawfromColorado
2. ripple1974


Twirly Banner

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The Third Eyeball

By request from Kwitt - the SEVA benefit. A small, fast 3cd vine. I have not had a chance to listen to this yet.

Kingswood Music Theater
Maple, Ontario CA
June 21, 1984


Set 1
Disc 1
01. Hell In A Bucket
02. They Love Each Other
03. CC Rider->
04. Bird Song
05. Beat It On Down The Line->
06. Dupree's Diamond Blues->
07. Looks Like Rain->
08. Might As Well

Set 2
Disc 2
01. Scarlet Begonias->
02. Fire On The Mountain
03. Good Time Blues
04. Samson & Delilah->
05. Terrapin Station->
06. Drums->

Set 2 continued
Disc 3
01. Space
02. The Wheel->
03. Throwing Stones->
04. Not Fade Away
05. E: New Orleans
06. E: Big Boss Man->
07. E: Iko Iko
08. Wavy Gravy Announcements

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Feb 1986 HJK Convention Center Oakland sbd Vine

Hey now I got a hold of some nice stuff from '86! This vine starts the year out in Oakland for 5 nights. Some pretty sweet shows, all sbds of shn/flac on a dvd.






"Lazy lightning you say you never strike the same place. I want a double dose in any case" ... "You got to hear my supplication. Got to hear me now. A little bolt of inspiration"

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Pink Floyd Part 2

Here is the last of the promised vines of other bands. 5 shows, 1 DVD of SHN/FLAC files, 10 CDs of WAV files. The shows: 11/16/74, 11/17/74, 6/18/75, 5/9/77, 8/6/80.

The SBD recording (A sound quality) of 11/16/74 captures the Dark Side and Echoes portion of the show, and is considered to be perhaps the definitive live version of the Dark Side album. 11/17/74 is a very good AUD (A- sound quality) of the entire show, Raving & Drooling, Shine On, etc, along with Dark Side and Echoes. The source for 6/18/75 is the awesome AUD (A+ sound quality) of Dan Lampinski. Same setlist as 11/17/74. If 11/16/74 is the definitive live Dark Side, then 5/9/77 is the definitive Animals and Wish You Were Here. This is considered to be a great show and the best sound quality of any 77 show in circulation. Oh, and it is from Oakland, so maybe marye or others were at the show????? The AUD of 8/6/80 is just exactly perfect, and the show is considered one of the best performances of the Wall. The band had performed the material enough times that all the kinks were worked out, but not so many times that the band were were becoming bored with the songs.

WAVers, please note that the Echoes encores from 11/16 and 11/17/74 are included on a single disc, with the 11/16 version coming first. Thanks marye and enjoy!

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Garcia and Friends 1981 Vine

is here.

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Joined: May 26 2007
Mike Millard Vine

is here


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