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with tears in my eyes, I'm going to have to turn this one down, on the grounds that the Zappa estate is famously litigious and sharky on intellectual property issues. Google "Zappa estate copyright" and it'll give you some idea. Get me a mommy note from Dweezil and we'll talk, as it were, but history suggests major bad scenes if we do this without the estate's permission, which I seriously doubt would be forthcoming. They don't even let people cover his songs.

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Shoreline 6/21/89 Video vine

is here.

Joined: Nov 21 2007
GD @ Mountain View, CA. 6-21-89 video

Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, CA
June 21, 1989

set 1; disc 1
Hideaway> Touch of grey> Minglewood blues; Ramble on Rose; Box of rain; Dire wolf; Masterpeice; Row Jimmy; Cassidy; Deal

set 2a; disc 1
Tuning> Scarlet begonias; Hell in a bucket

set2b; disc 2
Ship of fools; Estimated Prophit> Eyes of the world>Drums>space>Truckin>The other one>Morning dew>Lovelight; E: Brokedown palace

video: NATIONAL PAY-PER-VIEW BROADCAST>Master Hi-fi VHS>Windows ME w/ATI All-in-Wonder 128 video card (352x240 MPEG-1);

audio: Satellite uplink>Houston Tracker 8+ C-Band Satellite receiver w/ Video Cipher II digital descrambler (on Galaxy 3, Transponder 21)>JVC HR-S8000U Super VHS (SP)>Fostex D5 DAT (analog in) @ 44.1 kHz>Turtle Beach Fiji>WAV (normalized to -0.03 dB using Sound Forge 5.0)>SHN (w/ seek tables appended); via tol's ftp server

editing: shn>wav (via MKWact)>wav synchronization to MPEG-1 (via VEM 2.2 and CE2K)>uncompressed avi movie (30fps, 352x240, 44.1kHz stereo audio)>Video-CD NTSC MPEG-1 352x240 29.97fps CBR 1150kbps, Layer-2 44100Hz Stereo 224kbps

Enjoy !!

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Zappa Vine

Well apart from coming from California, I am not sure that Frank Zappa and the Dead had much in common, but I know there are some Zappa fans in this place, so here is a special new year treat for you. A DVD containing FLACs of five fine Zappa soundboards from the 70s and 80s (all openly traded but some hard to find) with outstanding bands, exceptional music, experimental weirdness, cheesy doowop tunes, massive guitar solos and of course Frank’s special form of humour and ..err...questionable sexual politics. I saw Zappa more times than I did the Dead and he was never less than brilliant. These shows come with three warnings

• They are all soundboards, but not perhaps always the high quality recordings you are used to from the Dead.
• Do not listen if you or others listening are of a sensitive nature and do not appreciate Frank’s perverted antics.
• Hold on to your seat. These are some of the best rock shows ever recorded (IMHO)

RIP Frank, a true non conformist and warped genius. I sometimes wonder what he would be saying about the state of the world today.

November 23 1974. Michigan State University. Tush tush tush; Stinkfoot; RDNZL; Village of the sun; Echidna’s arf; Don’t you ever wash that thing?; Apostrophe; Penguin in bondage; T’Mershi Duween; Dog meat; Building a girl; Stage banter; Dinah-Moe Humm; Camarillo Brillo; Montana; Dupree’s paradise; Solos>Chunga’s revenge; Encore intros; Oh no; Son of Orange County; More trouble every day.

February 15 1978. Berlin, Germany. SBD with a few mildly annoying tape flips. Intro; Dancin’ fool; Peaches en regalia; The torture never stops; Tryin’ to grow a chin; City of tiny lights; Baby snakes; Pound for a brown; I have been in you; Flakes; Broken hearts are for assholes; King Kong; Wild love; Yo’ mama; Titties’n’beer; Black page #2; Jones crusher; Little house I used to live in; Dong work for yuda; Bobby Brown; Envelopes; Drum solo; Disco boy; Dinah-Moe-Hum; Camarillo Brillo; Muffin Man. For me this is one of the best shows by anyone ever.

October 31 1981 (Late show) Palladium NYC. Mixed SBD. Black Napkins; Montana; Easy Meat; Society Pages>I’m a Beautiful Guy>Beauty Knows no Pain>Charlie’s Enormous Mouth; Fine Girl; Teenage Wind; Harder than your Husband; Bamboozled by Love; Sinisister Footwear; Stevie’s Spanking; Cocaine Decisions; Nig Biz; Doreen; Goblin Girl; Black Page #2; Tryin’ to Grow a Chin; Strictly Genteel; The Torture Never Stops; Joe’s Garage; Why does it Hurt when I pee?; The Illinois Enema Bandit; King Kong; Auld Land Syne.

September 1 1984. Saratoga, New York. Heavy duty Judy; Band introductions; Carolina hardcore ecstasy; Advance romance; I am the slime; Be in my video; What’s new in Baltimore?; Lucille has messed my mind up; Ride my face to Chicago, Teenage wind; Truckdriver divorce; Cocaine decisions, Nig Biz; Sharleena, Keep it greasy; Honey, don’t you want a man like me?; Carol, you fool; Chana in de bushwop; Let’s move to Cleveland; Frank plays with panties; He’s so gay; Bobby Brown goes down; Crew slut; On women; Camarillo brillo; Muffin man; the Illinois enema bandit.

May 1 1988. Stockholm, Sweden. Heavy duty Judy; Packard Goose medley; Any kind of pain; Trouble every day; Penguin in bondage; Hot plate heaven at the green hotel; Cosmik debris; Inca roads; Advance romance; Bobby Brown; Keep it greasy; The torture never stops medley; Big Swifty; Joe’s garage; Why does it hurt when I pee?; Peaches en regalia; Stairway to heaven; Whipping post; I am the Walrus; Sofa. From Frank's last rock and roll tour, when he started playing strange cover versions or rock classics.

There will also be a bonus DVD disc with a special treat for Zappa fans

This one goes first to iknowyourider as she requested it long ago, but I have only just got round to assembling it.

1. iknowyourider

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Furthur NYE Vine

is here,

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New 1990s Part 1 Vine

is here.

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Best of '79 Spring/Summer Vine

is here.

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I'd say...

until someone says we can't it's fine.

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It just hit me - I probably should have asked first if I can vine Furthur shows?? I assume yes since you can get them easily off the net but when they sell CD's/downloads it feels like I should ask..

"I've stayed in every blue-light cheap hotel. Can't win for tryin. Dust off those rusty strings just one more time. Gonna make em shine."

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Furthur NYE 2009 Vine + RD Bonus

Happy New Year! Vine includes the epic 2 night run at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Dec 30 & 31 2009. Way too many awesome moments to list here but when they played Pink Floyd's Time my jaw almost hit the floor. Good ol Bobby and Phil can still surprise me after all these years and I love it! Not to mention John's well-played So Many Roads - amazing! I will also include a couple of RatDog shows for the heck of it. As always flac on DVD. All you need is love.

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
December 30, 2009

Source: Neumann KMF4i > Denecke PS2 > Modified D8 (11ft. Stand in Section)
Transfer: Modified D8 > Prodif Gold > Soundforge 6.0 (fades & Normalization) > CD wave (tracks) > Flac(8)

Disc One/Set One:
1. Jam >
2. Here Comes Sunshine>
3. Bertha
4. Promised Land
5. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo>
6. Deep Elem Blues
7. Lost Sailor>
8. Saint Of Circumstance
9. Cosmic Charlie

Disc Two/Set Two:
1. Intro
2. Playin' In The Band>
3. Eyes Of The World>
4. Scarlet Begonias>
5. Fire On The Mountain
6. King Solomons Marbles

Disc Three:
1. Unbroken Chain>
2. Standing On The Moon>
3. China Cat Sunflower>
4. I Know You Rider
5. Crowd/Donor Rap
6. E: Terrapin Station

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
San Francisco, CA
December 31, 2009

Source: Milab VM-44 Link -> Lunatec V2 -> Korg MR-1000 (1bit/2.8MHz DSD)Transfer: Korg MR-1000 -> AudioGate (16/44) -> CD Wave -> FLAC

Set 1:
1. Shakedown Street
2. Jack Straw
3. Mama Tried
4. Candyman
5. Loose Lucy
6. Viola Lee Blues
7. Truckin’

Set 2:
1. Help On The Way
2. Slipknot
3. Franklin’s Tower
4. Cassidy
5. The Wheel
6. Dark Star
7. Time
8. Uncle John’s Band
9. After Midnight

Set 3:
1. house music
2. countdown
3. The Golden Road
4. Let It Grow
5. Cryptical Envelopment
6. Born Crossed Eyed
7. The Other One
8. Cryptical Envelopment
9. So Many Roads
10. St. Stephen
11. The Eleven
12. Not Fade Away
13. donor
14. Sugar Magnolia

"I've stayed in every blue-light cheap hotel. Can't win for tryin. Dust off those rusty strings just one more time. Gonna make em shine."


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