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Farewell to the Godchauxs Vine

is here

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LZ: More Than Enough Part 4

Here is the final part to my Led Zeppelin series. It contains:

4/27/77 SBD A
5/21/77 SBD A
5/26/77 SBD A
7/17/77 SBD A
7/23/79 AUD A
7/24/79 AUD A
8/4/79 SBD A
8/11/79 SBD A
6/17/80 SBD A
6/18/80 MTX A
6/20/80 SBD A
6/21/80 SBD A
6/23/80 SBD A
6/24/80 SBD A
6/29/80 SBD A
6/30/80 SBD A
7/2/80 SBD A-/A
7/3/80 SBD A-
7/7/80 SBD A


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Farewell To The Godchauxs' Vine

Blair's recent blog about the Godchauxs final tour got me to relisten to it. There are some duds and some shows only have one source in circulation as of now. But there are a few upgraded sources from the vines that some of these were on and have since long been perished and some decent shows here. Again, offering up some sbd's, aud's and mtx's for those who are interested.

gd79-01-05.naks.wiley.17342.sbeok.shnf (Only Source)
gd79-01-12.claridge.kempka.309.sbeok.shnf (Only Source)
gd79-01-14.nak300.wiley-miller.18460.sbeok.shnf (Only Source)
gd79-01-21.aud.cole.19083.sbeok.shnf (Only Source)
gd79-02-07.sbd.cotsman.13879.sbeok.shnf (Valium Show)
gd79-02-09.aud-nak.glyde.13848.sbeok.shnf (Only Source)
gd79-02-11.naks.vernon.16468.sbeok.shnf (Very Distant; Only Source)

1. dstache

Joined: Oct 27 2008

I also read somewhere that miller had an upgrade of 11/19. It was posted by him so it must have been on one of the torrent sites but that was a couple years ago (if memory serves right) and there is no upgrade yet (to my knowledge). I have posted my reseed of autumn 72 (Sept) and there are some alternate sources on that and there will be alternate sources for all of the 1972 Vines I reseed. I will post them accordingly. Thanks everyone for your patience and if there is anything anyone is lookinf for please PM me

Joined: Oct 27 2008

Yes I have those sources. I have been working on reseeding the Fall/Winter 1972 Vines and noticed some other sources have come up since these were originally vined. Let me get myself together here and figure out what all I still need to send out then I will work on these

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Apologies if this is the wrong section, but I've noticed a dearth of material from ''92 round here. Would some kind soul like to fill us in??

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There is a discussion in the Taper's Section from the week of 9/17 re: fall '72 and it got me thinking about Oct/Nov and the less than stellar sound quality of much of what circulates from the period. I found that there are some upgrades to a few of the shows. If anyone has them or can download them and vine 'em, that would be great. Sorry if one or more have already been vined and I overlooked it. And if you know of more upgrades that just aren't on Archive yet, even better. Thanks!


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Pink Robert Faves vine

is here

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Joined: May 26 2007

I'll get this posted as soon as I can; there's a slight software issue at the moment but this too will pass.

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Pink Robert favorites vine

Pink Robert was one of the first to archive bootlegs and put them on line. These are some of my favorites.

Three of these have been beautifully remastered by Jesse Miller(soniclovenoize) from The Curiously Strong Peppermints.

Bob Dylan - Big Pink (Soniclovenoize Basement Tapes)
The original Basement Tapes album that do not have the extra overdubs and remixed into true stereo.
These are some fun songs to listen to. You can tell Bob was having a good time, he breaks out laughing in a few of the songs.

Bob Dylan - Guitar Kissing and the Contemporary Fix
Pink Robert describes this: To some the best CD ever! It is one of my favorites. Manchester Free Trade Hall May 17, 1966

Jimi Hendrix - First Rays of the New Rising Sun (Soniclovenoize reconstruction)
This is an attempt to recreate what would be Jimi Hendrix’s final album, First Rays of The New Rising Sun. The track sequencing and song selection follows closer to what is believed Hendrix intended, and attempts to be true to his artistic vision in 1970 based on recording histories, interviews and handwritten tracklists. Also, all tracks are taken from alternate sources.

The Beatles - Get Back (Soniclovenoize reconstruction)
The purpose of this reconstruction of the Get Back album is to attempt to successfully create the album that The Beatles set out to make in 1969, as all four versions of the Get Back / Let It Be albums were flawed in some way.

Beach Boys 10-22-66 Early Show from "Sea of Tunes"

George Harrison Demos
I have collected these from a lot of different sources. I had the same idea as the reconstuctions above: Georges original demos sound better and are more passionate than the final releases. Most of these are from his first album "All Things Must Pass". Most of the acoustic recordings you can hear Phil Spector say "Take one".

This will have 7 cdr's for the flacless and one dvd with the flac files for those who would like them.



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