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New Vines 2009

With collaboration from various kind folks in the vining community, our own erickat prepared this handy guide explaining how vining works hereabouts. Many thanks to all involved, and vine on! --

Dead.Net Vines - What It Is & How It Works

(We're changing some things for 2009)

BACKGROUND: The concept of a "vine" is music sharing through conventional means (e.g. mailing cd's or dvd's) with the sign-up list being on-line. The basic idea is that someone starts (seeds) a vine, made up of one or multiple shows,and sends it via mail to the first person who signs up. That person makes a copy for themselves and sends the ORIGINAL media on to the next person on the list. As more people sign up, it continues to grow and grow - hence the name "vine".

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Make sure you can deal with the media format. Many vines are in audio CD format, so the minimum basic requirement is that you are knowledgeable and capable of copying audio CD's. Other vines are in DVD format, which means you at least need the capability of reading a DVD. Yet others are in SHN or FLAC format- if you sign up for one of these, you need to know how to deal with those formats. Help is readily available - just ask. Here are some helpful links:

Flac Format

SHN Format


VINE: An original physical package of music or video (cd's/dvd's) being passed from person to person

VINEYARD: A topic within (where all the vine forums exist) SEEDER: A person who initiates a vine (creates the original "seed" media) PM: Short for "Private Message" - communication provided through SIGNUP LIST: The list of people who sign up to receive the package. Note - Be careful to get the most up to date version - you may have to go back a few pages from the end to find it.

POSTING: The act of leaving a message in a forum (very important) Post to sign-up Post when a vine arrives ; Post after a vine is sent.

New VINE Process (changes for 2009):

1. Check the Vinedex (updated from time to time, but may be out of date) to make sure it hasn't already been vined. Note - not everything is fair game for vining. Check the following before vining anything:

a) The Vinedex

b) Dicks Picks

c) Other Live Albums

d) Download Series

If it's not in those places, it is generally fair game. No copyrighted material, please Taper friendly bands only. (Marye may veto a particular vine for copyright or similar reasons.)

2. Post your vine info here (without signup list) - maybe include a note reminding people not to sign-up until it has its own topic.

3. Marye creates a forum topic with the vine info & a blank sign-up list and posts a link in the new vines area (e.g. VINE XXXX Lives HERE - with a link)

4. Then people go to that vine & start signing up NOTE - to make it easier on Marye, you could also PM her with the info. No early sign-ups - Any sign-ups before the vine has its own home will be ignored


1. Find a VINE you want to sign-up for.

2. Locate the most recent and most complete LIST (towards the end of the vine)

3. Copy the list & paste it into a new message, adding your username at the bottom.

4. Post the message & PM the person directly before you with your name & mailing address. Note the fact that you signed up for this vine (a spreadsheet is a good idea) (it can take a long time between when you sign up and when it arrives, so you really need to track what you're on the hook for & when to expect it- it's a responsibility)

5. Check your PM inbox and the vines you've signed up for periodically, so you know if someone is looking for you AND so you know when to expect each vine's arrival. Remember, if someone posts that they sent it to you & that's the last we know... it will look like you were the one that dropped the ball. If you don't receive a vine when you thought it was coming, then Post

6. When the vine arrives, post to (on the appropriate vine) that you received it.

7. Take care of the media - don't scratch 'em or crack 'em or put your fingerprints all over them - clean media means a longer lived vine

8. Make a copy for yourself & mail the ORIGINALS to the next person on the list.(If the person directly behind you on the list hasn't sent you their address, PM them. If no response after 3 or 4 days, PM the next in line - but post to the vine so people know)

9. Please make sure to properly package and address the media before mailing it. We have had some unfortunate losses, due to bad addresses, packages falling apart and just plain lost in the mail. Padded envelopes are cheap - and make sure they're securely taped & properly addressed.

10. AFTER you mail it, post on (on the appropriate vine) that you have sent it to the next person on the list. It is your responsibility to remember what you sign up for and be anticipating its arrival. Post messages to the vine upon receipt and again, after you have sent it on.


1. If you did not receive a PM or email from the person who is next on the list, PM them. If no response, then PM the following person for an address and send it to them, if they respond. If they don't, PM the next person - but in any case, make a posting on Dead.Net (on the appropriate vine) about what you're doing. This is very important. It's the only way we know what's going on.

2. If you were expecting a vine and did not receive it - PM the person who was going to send it to you. In any event, post to Dead.Net (on the appropriate vine) with the circumstances, so everyone knows what is going on. It can't be overstated how important POSTING is - just knowing what is going on will prevent speculation, accusations & hard feelings.

CAVEAT EMPTOR As a friend of mine always says ... "don't sweat the small stuff" - "and by the way - it's all small stuff."

Life happens - car accidents, arrests, people get sick - people abscond - but you can't get overly upset about any of it, especially when it's all free. Sometimes vines disappear - and many times, they are revived or re-seeded by kind folk. This is the most unrestrictive & trusting vine community I know of - and the reason we emphasize posting is so we can keep the music flowing - not to accuse or condemn. If we know a vine is lost, then someone can re-seed and keep the music going. Nobody should get upset or make personal attacks over what happens here. In the past, we've had all sorts of reasons why people just disappear - and when they came back, we were overjoyed that they did. Sometimes, if a person is known to be unreliable, their name will be removed from the vine lists - but that's a rare occurrence.


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erickat's picture
Joined: Feb 20 2008
Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome; time for zis one to come home

Been on the sidelines - feeling overlooked, absorbed in my own circumstances - but struggling to break out of that. nobody seems to remember when (once upon a time) i was the hall monitor & finder of lost vines - even went as far as to send a fake "official GD" letter to a few folks - it was a hoot - but it worked. The crowd of usual suspects changed over time & some new folks became old folks & some left us & some have always been here. For a while, I was pumping out a new vine every week (about 30 or so) - but dropped off partly due to not having anything particularly new or rare to share. Recently, been getting back into Hunter & thought i'd offer up this little vine (which will grow to more shows by the time it goes out in the mail - most likely on a DVD with a mix of FLAC & SHN.

Thanks Marye

--------------------- Robert Hunter ------------------------
04/25/02 Belcourt Theater - Nashville, TN
03/01/97 Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO
03/02/97 Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO
02/07/80 Fast Lane - Asbury Park, N.J.

04/25/02 Belcourt Theater - Nashville, TN
Source: Mic's ?-> Lunatec V2-> Tascam DA-P1-> SHN
This show may be the gem of the tour & an excellent quality recording.
In RH's own words: "Really poured my heart out to old Nashville tonight.
So glad to be here and performing for a sophisticated music audience
who know how to listen, which allows more risk taking than usual. Voice
well broken in now, strongest of the tour. Got out on some limbs
tonight, explaining that my pleasure is to dive into empty pools on
the off-chance there'll be a flash flood on my way down."
---RH seemed to relish occupying the same stage as so many greats of the
past (The Belcourt Theater was the original home of "The Grand Ole' Opry")
He plays for nearly 3 hrs. Special thanks to Ben Ehrsam For making the trip & the tape

CD #1
Set 1:
Announcements, 0:48
Box of Rain, 8:24
Days Between, 8:27
Cumberland Blues, 3:10
Wind Blows High-> 10:22
Promitory Rider, 5:39
Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, 9:03
Standing on the Moon/cut because of flash photography, 1:00
Talking Money Tree,-> 1:33
Friend of the Devil-> 2:47
Love to Me, 7:30
Cruel White Water, 4:20
?-de la Rosa?, 7:29
High Timberline 4:44

CD # 2
Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias-> 5:02
Touch of Grey-> 5:03
Scarlet Begonias, 3:51
Deal, 3:55
Doin' that Rag, 7:38
Changes, 4:10
Gentle on my Mind, 4:54
Terrapin Suite, 6:35
Wharf Rat, 4:44
Down to the Depot, 5:25
Delia Delyon and Stagger Lee, 3:32
Keys to the Rain, 6:46
Standing on the Moon, 5:19
Uncle Johns Band, 6:04

CD #3
E: Into the Blue-> 6:28
Ripple, 3:44
Boys in the Barroom 1:36

Robert Hunter March 1, 1997 Boulder CO Fox Theatre

[Disc 1]
--Set 1--
01. Box Of Rain
02. Touch Of Darkness
03. Mr. Charlie >
04. Easy Wind
05. Rum Runners
06. Brown-Eyed Women
07. Alabama Getaway >
08. Mason's Children > Alabama Getaway
--Set 2--
09. Jack Straw
10. Pits of Thunder

[Disc 2]
01. Shelter From The Storm
02. Standing On The Moon
03. Down the Road*
04. Cruel White Water
05. Sugaree
06. Wild Bill
07. Reuben & Cherise
08. Promontory Rider
09. Days Between*
10. Ripple
11. Boys In The Barroom

* First time played.
Hunter's first show since 1990 or 1991.

Robert Hunter March 2, 1997 Boulder CO Fox Theatre

[Disc 1]
--Set 1--
01. Intro
02. Tiger Rose
03. Deal >
04. Bertha
05. End Of The Road
06. Keys To The Rain
07. Friend Of The Devil >
08. Talking Money Tree
--Set 2--
09. New Speedway Boogie
10. It Must Have Been The Roses
11. Depot Blues > Whiskey in the Jar > Buckdancer's Choice
12. Stella Blue
13. Happy Wanderer
14. Yellow Moon

[Disc 2]
01. Wharf Rat
02. China Cat Sunflower >
03. Dark Star >
04. China Cat Sunflower >
05. Dark Star >
06. Terrapin Station*
07. Franklin's Tower
08. Scarlet Begonias
09. Ripple > Boys in the Barroom

* Included first (only?) performance of 'Recognition' section.

Notable flaws:
Diginoise (?) in a few spots, most notable during d1t11 and d1t12.

Robert Hunter 1980-02-07 Fast Lane, Asbury Park, N.J.


Disc One (70:32)
Set I:
1. The Eleven >
2. St. Stephen >
3. Truckin'
4. Independence Day >
5. Sugaree
6. Cruel White Water
7. Brown-Eyed Women
8. Alabama Getaway >
9. Althea >
10. Alabama Getaway >
11. Deal
12. One Thing to Try
13. ...Alligator >
14. Mr. Charlie >
15. Easy Wind
16. Grinnin' in Your Face
-beginning of Set II:
17. Cumberland Blues
18. Till the Morning Comes
19. Keys to the Rain
20. Standing at Your Door
21. Casey Jones
22. Tales of the Great Rum Runners

Disc 2 (54:06)
Set II continued:
1. Tiger Rose >
2. Reuben & Cherise
3. Book of Daniel
4. Crooked Judge
5. Doin' That Rag
6. Sunshine Daydream >
7. Scarlet Begonias >
8. Sunshine Daydream >
9. Stella Blue >
10. Sunshine Daydream >
11. Scarlet Begonias
12. Boys in the Barroom >
13. Friend of the Devil
14. Long John Silver Suite
15. Ripple

dstache's picture
Joined: Sep 10 2007
1973 SHN/FLAC Part 6

I just received the rest of 1973. This installment will be 4 DVDs in lossless format and contain everything from 9/24-11/21, except for the 4 officially released shows (10/19, 11/9, 11/10, 11/11). The next and last part of the 1973 vine will be posted next weekend. Please keep this in lossless only. Sources are:


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Joined: Jun 26 2007
Sign me up for NRPS

I live 10 minutes from Cotati and the old site of the Inn of the Beginning. I met Marmaduke in 1991 in Larkspur (Marin County, CA) at a little GD boutique shop just down the road from where I lived in Greenbrae. Very cool cat.

"when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door"

dstache's picture
Joined: Sep 10 2007
1970 SHN/FLAC Part 2

Here is the second part of our adventure through 1970. All of the files are in SHN/FLAC. 4 DVDs of just about everything from 3/20-9/20 plus a CD of 3/8. As with all my SHN/FLAC vines let's keep this in lossless format only. Here are the files:

4-03 gdlive shn

JackstrawfromColorado's picture
Joined: Jan 2 2009
NRPS One from 69 and Two from 70 Vine

Anyone up for a NRPS vine? In memory of Marmaduke I am honored to offer:

New Riders of the Purple Sage
Inn of the Beginning, Cotati, CA

source: sbd reel lineage: sbd reel>?>cdrs>eac>flac
encoded by Rob Berger

one disc: 78:55

01: Fair Chance To Know
02: Long Black Limousine
03: Connection
04: To Have The Hurting End
05: Games People Play
06: Hello Trouble
07: Quinn The Eskimo
08: Delilah
09: Death And Destruction
10: The Lady Came From Baltimore
11: Henry
12: The Weight
13: Mama Tried

New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, MO

John Dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals
David Nelson - lead guitar, vocals
David Torbert - bass, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Mickey Hart - drums

source: sbd
unknown gen 7" reel @ 3.75 ips, no nr
Don Grossinger's copy lineage: sbd>?>reel, Sony TC-850>sbm1>cdr>eac>cd wave>flac
reel transfer and seeded to Lossless Legs by Rob Berger

one disc: 44:45

01: If You Hear Me When I'm Leaving
02: Henry
03: Portland Woman
04: Fair Chance To Know
05: Dirty Business
06: Cecelia
07: The Weight
08: Honky Tonk Women

notes: opened for Grateful Dead
not great, but only source in circulation

New Riders of the Purple Sage
Club Agora, Columbus, OH

John Dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals
David Nelson - lead guitar, vocals
David Torbert - bass, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel
Spencer Dryden - drums

source: aud lineage: aud>?>cdrs>eac>adobe audition 2.0(pitch correction)>cd wave>flac
edited & seeded to Lossless legs by Rob Berger

one disc: 49:54

01: Hello Trouble
02: I Don't Know You
03: Whatcha Gonna Do?
04: Portland Woman
05: Glendale Train
06: Cecilia
07: Delilah
08: All I Ever Wanted
09: Sweet Lovin' One
10: Louisiana Lady
11: Honky /Tonk/ Women

They are not the best quality recordings by any means but these are hard to find and most definitely worth a listen!

"I've stayed in every blue-light cheap hotel. Can't win for tryin. Dust off those rusty strings just one more time. Gonna make em shine."

Joined: Apr 6 2008

to the phamily Buffalo!

"In a bed, in a bed, by the waterside I will lay my head.
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul."

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
sounds good
That Nice Hippy Guy's picture
Joined: Jul 8 2007

Go ahead and just post both the YMSB shows as one vine if youd like to. I'll send it to Hal first and he can add his show.

Thanks alot,

"You know the one thing we need is a left handed monkey wrench....."

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

Hal and Trevor, figure out what you guys want to do and I'll start it.

Darol Anger: highly recommended!

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
Rothbury vine

is here.


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