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Joined: Jun 13 2007

If you write an intro for New Vines 3 , I would be willing to look it over before it is sent to the whole group. It looks like both our names were mentioned, but since you may have a start on it, you should go for it and I could help as needed.

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agree with Oroboros

Leave off people who sign up before the vine has its own post. Only fair way to do it. Now, if the poster signs up a few people before posting the vine, that is another thing, and the poster should include those names in his original post. A little joke there, let's be honest, no women post vines for some reason.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
marye, I think that if you would not include any names from

those who sign up on the vine prior to your posting it officially, might be enough to 'condition' us viners to be able to wait until your official posting. (Maybe a little Pavlovian, but....) You should go ahead and post all the relevant info on the vine, but just leave off all names of those who jumped the gun and signed up too early. Just an idea.
I really like the whole inclusion of 'how to' information "how to vine" and 'how to cut and paste to sign up' as well as the relevant disclaimers as the permanent 'header' on the 'New Vines' section. There is a lot of traffic and seeing that would reinforce the habits to keep the vineyard growing nicely.
Again thanks for all you do, your tending is much appreciated.

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And Mark....


"I had a hard run, runnin' from your window."

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Joined: Jul 7 2008
I love everyone

Let's finish this and rock on......."I had a hard run, runnin' from your window."

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Thanks Mary

Your solution is perfect. I propose that whoever writes the "instructions' include that no one should sign up until the vine has its own topic. It might also be a good idea, at least for a while for the seeder to include that caveat in the initial post.
Now, if getting tickets for the new tour was this simple!!!!!!
"Let there be songs to fill the air."

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MitD and Erickat

Mark my thoughts we just a quick PM the guy in front, don't disappear with the vine, (You are just ripping off the whole community then and screwing up your karma). Not a lot of rules if any.thing more suggestions and guidelines.

Erickat- I see New Vines 3.0 looking like 2.0 We post our vines and chat a little, with some nice easy to follow guidlines. Little disclamer about waiting for mayre to make it own topic before signing up.

If the new guys "color outside of the lines" well who realy cares. It happens every day here. Does the earth stop spinning? No. Do I wish they would not jump th e gun? yes but we muddle along and as a community we have grown a bazzion fold. Go look at the post on the early days of this. We just adapt and learn and change and get better.

Now off to bed, this soap box is getting to high.

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The only words I'm good with are the dirty ones


I figured you guys seeding the vines would take care of that part too ;^D

I've got some "guidelines" from other sites that I used to figure out how vines were supposed to be done, when I was getting started way back in...July, I think it was. Some posts from here as well. I'll try to make draft out of all that, without sounding too bossy.

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a couple of questions....(and maybe answers)

1. how do we keep people from signing up in the new vines area?

I'm assuming that the new vines area would not allow posting - and would simply consist of the instructions on how it all works - and we'd have to PM Marye with the new vine propositions - so that's ok
but.... the new vines topic would become static, as it wouldn't be updated & would eventually fall to the bottom of the list (50 pages back) - so my 2nd question is...

2. How do we keep the "new vines" topic at the top of the list - or does it need to go up a level (like to the vineyard level - so you would only see vines in the vineyard - but instructions at the same level as the vineyard grouping?)

I think that's how it will have to work, given the constraints of the drupal software being used (unless there's a trick to make a static topic stay at the top).

These instructions should probably consist of a "how to" but also, a FAQ area, which asks and answers common questions we've seen all along - it would be nice if it was searchable, but we can't ask too much.

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Joined: May 26 2007
sunshine daydream

kind of exists in its own parallel universe, but there are rights issues amid the sea of mysterious issues involved, and we just shouldn't go there. I AM sorry though.


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New Vines, continued