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As long as I've been a Dead Head, which is coming up on 30 years now, it's been a running joke with my friends that we would all eventually go off together and retire to the old hippies' home. Now, of course, we're about ready for the old hippies' home, for real.

 So, where should people like us (which encompasses a pretty diverse demographic!) retire to?


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Good one Marye,I see this as a really fun place to blend our minds and visualize our future's.I am certain that every one of us has contemplated what the march of time will look like to the 'experienced' head.If we put down enough good stuff,we could put together 'The Tie-Dyed Guide to Retirement and Beyond'....

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the cookies, gonz...

ya left out the cookies!!

lamagonzo (not verified)
Great Topic!

I think a solid financial commitment to 5 separate homes around the country that cater specifically to Deadheads could do really well and may attract the venture capital that would be needed to create the right kind of "set & setting".

Perhaps richer deadheads that have the most lavish accomadation could donate space in one of the other facilities for the less fortunate.

Employment at "Grateful Meadows" would have to have the right kind of staff -- doctors, nurses
field trip coordinators that would make our remaining years of live musical performances rich and rewarding.

Euthanasia should be allowed if legal documents have been executed and everybody would be an organ donor unless they opted out.

I think lots of pool therapy with acoustic bands and rounds of golf-frisbee along with bird watching from well-stocked leisure boats should be available for those who enjoy those things and arts and crafts and computer games designed to stimulate the mind centers
for maximum quality of mental stimulation available for those who need/choose them,

Hope you saved your pennies because it is going to be very expensive to live in such conditions with animals, well manicured grounds on broad estates with staff -to-resident
ratiosof 3-1.

That is the captalist model, anyway. In then end, it's all about death. Smple, spare comfortable places with meditation teachers leading you along the transition should be an option -- though I doubt much that most deadheads would choose the croquet-badminton (with the acoustic band and well-stocked bar of remedies,following close behind in the Airstream.

However the dynamic works out, there is money to me made here with a shrewd investment!

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Hippie Resting Place

Paradise Awaits:) :) :)
Only I got on the bus....uh the boat...nah really the plane before my time....just here feelin' how hang loose it really is....May I recommend to you the Big Island....Lots of hippies here...expecially Ocean View and Puna.......Enjoy your Wise Years and May they be hippie....Aloha

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3 places

Belize in the winter with a ski condo in Colorado, and a fishing cabin in northern Minnesota during the summer is my plan: waiting for the right Powerball ticket to end up in my hand.


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