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Posted: November 19, 2008 - 4:40pm
The PERRO Tapes

Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra:

David Crosby, Graham Nash, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, David Freiberg and others...

These are some tapes of everyone above in rehersal, working through songs, and just freely jamming together. Most of the songs arent finished and some barely get started and they are over. But these are still unbelievable, everyone should hear these! The other discs are just some jam sessions I have with the same crew. The last one is Crosby,Garcia,Lesh, and Hart aka David and the Dorks. This will be 6 audio disc and a data dvd with shn/flac files.

The PERRO Tapes
Disc 1
1. Is it really Monday
2. Under Anesthesia (false start)
3. Under Anesthesia
4. Crosby - I thought I would try something original...
5. Garcia's Tune (Loser)#1
6. Garcia's Tune (Loser)#2
7. Over Jordan (Wayfaring Stranger)
8. Mountian Song #1
9. Mountian Song #2
10. Mountian Song #3
11. Mountian Song #4
Disc 2
1. Wild Turkey (Leather Winged Bat)
2. Jerry & Jorma Jam #1 (electric bat)
3. Jam #10
4. false start on tape
5. Wall Song (electric)
6. Wall Song (acoustic)
7. Rounds (EEP Hour)
8. Dope rap w/piano
9. Shuffle (jam slide 2)
10. Jerry & Jormas Jam #2 after electric bat

I will print an abridged version of the PERRO story ( and include it with the cds. The full story will be on the data dvd.

10-28-1969 Jefferson Airplane House
Jerry Garcia - Guitar
Jorma Kaukonen - Guitar
Jack Casady - Bass
Mickey Hart - Percussion
Spencer Dryden - Percussion

Disc 1
1. Been All Around This World
2. Big Boss Man
3. Jam (Stormy Monday Theme)
4. Slow Blues
5. Jam
6. Jam

10-21-1970 The Matrix
Jerry Garcia, John Cipollina, David Freiberg, Papa John Creach, Jack Casady, Jorma Kaukonen, Nicky Hopkins.
Disc 1
1. Jam
2. Jam
3. Jam
4. Jam

12-15-1970 The Matrix Crosby,Garcia,Lesh and Hart
David and the Dorks
Disc 1 The Show
1. Drop Down Mama
2. Cowboy Movie
3. Triad
4. The Wall Song
5. Bertha
6. Deep Elem Blues
7. Motherless Children
8. Laughing

Disc 2 The Rehersal
1. Alabama Bound section
2. Eight Miles High
3. Tuning and Talking
4. Cowboy Movie section
5. The Wall Song section
6. Bertha section
7. Bird Song section

Jerrys vocals are low on these tapes, but Crosby does most of the singing anyway.


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I dont think anyone knows if the dates are right. I have some similar tapes of Garcia trying out new songs that eventually became Workingmans Dead. If I ever figure out where or when they were recorded I will post them.

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10/19 - 10/22 1970

The Grateful Dead took a break between Minneapolis (18th) and D.C. (23rd) so I guess it is possible?

Jerry was a busy dude that's for sure..

"I've stayed in every blue-light cheap hotel. Can't win for tryin. Dust off those rusty strings just one more time. Gonna make em shine."

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last night I was listening to the "10-21-70" disc from this vine and thinking (dangerous thing to do after getting back from the bar, I know).

First of all, the date is almost surely incorrect, since the Dead were on tour on the EAST COAST for pretty much all of October and November of 1970. And this is likely a tape from the Tuesday Night Jams at the Matrix that were common in those days, and 10-21-70 fell on a Wednesday.

The player line-up doesn't sound right, either. There's a drummer here, and nobody listed played drums that I know of. Also, 2 bassists (Casady and Freiberg) seems unlikely, although maybe Freiberg was on keyboards this night, or they were trading off songs or something.

I don't know that anybody here (or anywhere) can shed some light on this, just thought I'd pass along my thoughts. Regardless of what the actual date was or who was playing, this is one to put in the cd player and just let the music play.

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18. RaymondMBrown...OUT....8/22
19. Arkdeadhead
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Got it today

Thanks! I can have it out soon!!

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Out today

To Arkdeadhead....

17. Space Otter
18. RaymondMBrown...OUT....8/22
19. Arkdeadhead

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I have this....

And working on it! Will get out to Arkdeadhead in a day or two!



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This came in the mail to me yesterday. I'll have it out to Raymond tomorrow or Thursday, depending on when I can get to a post office. Big kudos to stuman for bringing this one back to life.

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I did`nt really want to post this .

But folks please help our brothers and sisters out here , and keep the list up to date .
there is a list of other people that are looking foward to this . ( not to mention this
makes it a dificult choice to re-seed anything )

To: stuman
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Date: July 29, 2009 - 7:00pm

" Got it, thx, It sure is special. Will have it out tomorrow. peace, "
16. Longrifle
17. Space Otter
18. RaymondMBrown
19. Arkdeadhead

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Any word??

Anyone know the whereabouts of this one??

Just checking in.... and giving this a bump to the front.




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