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For all the talk about Phil and what his Friends are up to!


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Happy 74th Birthday, Phil

And wishes for many happy returns...

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2004 CD covers

I'm looking for the Phil and Friends CD covers from the free downloads of the 12/ 17,18,19/ 2004 Warfield shows. If anyone knows where I can find them e-mail me at

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Happy 72 to Phil!

Didn't see any happy B-Days to Phil, so I thought I send one. Many good wishes and positive energy to Phil, he's certainly sent so many my way, Karma demands some in return.

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so we do!

I am inquiring, and meanwhile Happy 70th to Phil!

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Phil's B-Day!

U guys usually put a Birthday shout-out on the Landing page for the appropriate band member.... where is Phil's???

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Have a grateful day!

Indeed, Happy #70 Phil. Thanks for your contributions over the last 45 years and especially so since Jerry's passing. I will definitely look forward to your next appearances!

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Happy Birthday Phil

I hope you have a grateful day! We all love you Phil and I'm having a wonderful time going Furthur with you and Bobby (and Jay, Joe, Jeff and the awesome girls singing backup). Thank you!

"I hate to advocate music, science and math to anyone but they've always worked for me." ~ My spin on Hunter S. Thompson (thanks to my fiend Jim)

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John mayer

Sorry for the cross post. Can anyone tell me what show John mayer sat in with Phil and friends?

Please and Thanks!

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Jackie Greene and Friends w/ Ratdog

why is it a stretch to think that Phil would show up and play bass with Jackie and Bob and Karan? they did it not too long ago at the GAMH, remember? not at all the gigs but a few select shows... a little all-star jam set sorta chance of any Phil for the summer>early Fall at least...

cheers, oso rojo

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naturally, i wouldn't be surprised if Phil popped in and played a few songs or even a whole show with jackie if he happened to be in the area...

I think Phil will do some of his usual fall things, but keeping my ear to the ground, and will advise if anything surfaces.

I've been predicting a P&F / Ratdog summer tour for a while, but once again, proven wrong. Seing Jackie (even without Phil) as an opener for Ratdog is certainly a treat, though.

Now I will start predicting / hoping for a Jackie opening for a P&F, RD NYE gig again like last year... that is, if there ain't a The Dead show for NYE.

maybe, just maybe, Rothberry will be the pivot on the fulcrum to announce some more The Dead shows.

one never knows, do one?

( -:


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