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What I remember hearing/reading is he is taking the summer off to spend time with family. I have a feeling we will see our favorite bass player sometime soon after that... As for him playing with Jackie Greene - pretty darn sure that will not happen this summer. That being said, I would love to be proven wrong! :-)

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Phil with Jackie Greene

I just saw some people saying it on Probably not true but Phil is either taking a long break this summer and fall or he has something up his sleeve....hopefully!

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Jackie opening for Ratdog

with Phil, no word as of yet.


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haven't heard a thing

but I'll ask around.

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Phil with Jackie Greene

Anybody know if there is any truth to Phil playing with Jackie Greene this summer and fall when Jackie opens for Ratdog?

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----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: KBAH
To: Phil Lesh
Date: Apr 26, 2009 10:12 AM
Subject: You made us donate....

Hi Phil. I was at MSG last night... keep thinking that someone should send the FDNY over there cuz WE BURNED THAT PLACE DOWN. Thanks for that.

Three weeks ago today I lost my father to a heart attack. Craig Bear was 60 years old. He was a small town American who loved his family, his dogs, his corvette and helped anyone who asked for it. He was funny, loveable and the best friend and father I could have ever asked for.

Last fall I was in NYC for the opening night of the Phil A Thon. I'm a fan from long ago - but had put away my dancin shoes for a while to raise my daughter... so I was invited to visit NYC and see your smiling face. :)

When I returned home, I was sharing my experiences with my family, and on your advice, turned to my father and mother and said: Would you like to be organ donor's when you die?

Three weeks ago, at the hospital after learning of my father's death, my Mother, Sister and Brother and I made note of the conversation I had with my Dad, and signed the papers to donate whatever organs could be used.

Because my dad had recently survived cancer, the donor banks couldn't take any internal organs, but they could use his corneas. My mother received a letter a week ago stating that the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin was able to successfully transplant Pop's corneas for two different people.

Thank you for the music, for the inspiration to carry on, and for spreading your message every time you play. Because of you, the two recipients of my dad's cornea's will live on to see their children's faces, to watch a sunrise, to take a walk without escort or assistance....

I lost so much with Dad's death, but the comfort of knowing the impact he had on someone else's life is staggering.

Thank you, again. I'll be seeing you soon... look out in the crowd at the next show... I'll be the one dancing in a tye dye.

Deadhead, Phil Fan, Friend, Daughter, Future Organ Donor.

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PHIL!!!!!! bring back

PHIL!!!!!! bring back warren, jimmy and rob PLEEEEASEEEE!!!!!!!!!

after the 3 shows i saw (nokia 07, jones beach 08 and vibes 08....vibes, by the way was the worst of the 3 i saw, jones the best, and that was even a lame show)
i am on phil strike. jackie green is right out of the brady bunch and his playing along with the other guy is uninspirational...rancid even. and the person on the keyboard sounds like a girl. in fact i had a lot of people ask me who the girl on the keys was. i had no idea, still dont know and dont care.
sry for a negative response but if the dead switched up their players every few years, say traded garcia off and picked up steve miller, would they be who they were?
comon phil, send the kiddies on their way and bring back the professional musicinas who KNOW and LOVE the music.

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Phil Lesh & Friends Fundraising concert

I am inserting a letter I sent to the Unbroken Chain Foundation...

Dear Phil Lesh and Friends, December 3, 2008

I am writing to the Unbroken Chain Foundation on behalf of the Central New York Eye and Tissue Bank (CNYETB) located in Syracuse, New York. Earlier this year I was working at a display table at Crouse Hospital here in Syracuse, promoting awareness about organ, tissue, and eye donation; a nurse (wish I had her name so I could thank her) approached the table and proceeded to tell me that “Phil Lesh promotes organ donation at his concerts”. Later that day I did a search online and learned more about your story and the fundraising foundation. At that time I was in the middle of organizing and planning the promotional items and staff required for our display booth at the New York State Fair; as you can imagine, this display is a costly venture for a not-for-profit agency.
This is where I could use your help…our executive director has considered not having a booth at the NYS Fair in 2009 because of the financial strain it puts on our agency. As the Hospital and Community Relations Coordinator for CNYETB I am asking for support from the Unbroken Chain Foundation. We would be honored if “Phil Lesh and Friends” could have a fundraising concert to help us raise the money we need for the display booth at the 2009 NYS Fair. We have an agreement with the Oncenter event complex, which would provide an adequate venue for your group.
I have enclosed a picture of our display booth at the fair; the pictures on the background are pictures of local recipients and donors. Some donor family members come to our booth every year just to see their loved ones picture. Of course, this is not the only reason we have our display, we are there to increase awareness about organ, tissue, and eye donation for those who are unaware/uneducated about the subject. It would be a shame and a disgrace if we were unable to provide this much needed resource because of financial reasons. Please visit our website for more information about our agency and feel free to call me with any questions.
Central New York Eye and Tissue Bank

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10k Review of Phil & Friends

(I know I already posted this under festivals but thought I'd put this here as well, because, er,.. just because..)

Phil & Friends on Saturday night- Perfect cool Minnesota evening with a little breeze, and they start around the time that the sun is setting. Then take a break and come roaring back with the light show and so much more!!!!

Glorious and majestic interplay between great players at the top of their art.

I believe this is accurate for Phil's seltlist, but after that 10 hour drive home Sunday, I maybe a bit muddled, but here goes:

1st Set: Shakedown Street, Alabama Getaway, Ball & Chain, New Minglewood Blues, BIODTL, Althea, Cosmic Charlie (Scofield & Campbell absolutly ripped it up on Althea and went wild on Cosmic!!!! )

2nd Set: Casey Jones (at double time speed), Jam > Don't Let Me Down > Eyes of the World> Jam > Wheels on Fire >Mason's Children, Viola Lee Blues >Deal >Viola Lee Blues >Bertha > Viola Lee Blues reprise. E: Tom Thumbs Blues

John Scofield sat in for the first set, but he was the only guest that night. (Teresa Williams was not there @ 10k). I thought Phil looked energized (he was grinning up a storm), as the band jammed well and they teased us constantly (china cat tease, TOO tease, Wheel tease, Mr. Charlie tease, etc. etc.) during those wonderful jams. I gotta say that I truly enjoy this version of Phil & Friends. Greene, Campell, Molitz, and Molo were charging right out of the gate! (Wasn't there a rider tease in there as well, or am I having a flashback of '77?)

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, please give a listen to their version of "Don't Let Me Down", it was a wonderful surprise of a John Lennon song with perfect vocals from the boys. Exceptional!!

Also, I would have LOVED to see Kimock sit in with the Friends during that second half. Kimock's stratospheric guitarwork with Mickey Hart Band (on Thursday) was transportive, and the MHB's version of Sugaree was stellar (Kimock had some amp problems during the first 3 songs or so, but then got it 'just exactly perfect'). And his playing was so expansive, textured, atmospheric runs, and just downright tasty (shit, I ran out of adjectives, Don't ever miss Kimock!). Jen Durkin and George Porter's vocals were wonderful (and his bass playing was the BOMB, er as my boys would say). Hollingsworth (keys) , Reyes, (drums) and the master of the talking drum Sikiru Adepoju completed Mickey's palate of colors during that Thursday show.

I was just so excited to see both Phil and Mickey having so much fun, playing so well, and surrounded by musicians that they are inspired by and they want to play with. In my opinion both the new and old blood there, enhanced the whole show and there was fine improvisation, musicianship, exploration, heart and soul, all those qualities that drew me to the Dead back in the early '70s. I saw both bands pushing it, taking chances, not playing it safe, either in song selection or in their performance. Phil and Mickey both looked like they were having the time of their lives. And I was along for the ride. Big time.

BUT I suppose if Master Kimock had graced the stage with Phil that second half, it might have just cracked the spacetime continuum and that could have then erupted with a new crater (in my mind) at the 10,000 lakefest venue, which might have endangered us all.

Or maybe the boys are saving that for next time?

Ahhhh, next time!! (Homer Simpson voice and saliva drool).

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St. Louis

Thanks so much for the awesome show phil. I will remember it for the rest of my life.

"You know the one thing we need is a left handed monkey wrench....."


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