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10k Review of Phil & Friends

(I know I already posted this under festivals but thought I'd put this here as well, because, er,.. just because..)

Phil & Friends on Saturday night- Perfect cool Minnesota evening with a little breeze, and they start around the time that the sun is setting. Then take a break and come roaring back with the light show and so much more!!!!

Glorious and majestic interplay between great players at the top of their art.

I believe this is accurate for Phil's seltlist, but after that 10 hour drive home Sunday, I maybe a bit muddled, but here goes:

1st Set: Shakedown Street, Alabama Getaway, Ball & Chain, New Minglewood Blues, BIODTL, Althea, Cosmic Charlie (Scofield & Campbell absolutly ripped it up on Althea and went wild on Cosmic!!!! )

2nd Set: Casey Jones (at double time speed), Jam > Don't Let Me Down > Eyes of the World> Jam > Wheels on Fire >Mason's Children, Viola Lee Blues >Deal >Viola Lee Blues >Bertha > Viola Lee Blues reprise. E: Tom Thumbs Blues

John Scofield sat in for the first set, but he was the only guest that night. (Teresa Williams was not there @ 10k). I thought Phil looked energized (he was grinning up a storm), as the band jammed well and they teased us constantly (china cat tease, TOO tease, Wheel tease, Mr. Charlie tease, etc. etc.) during those wonderful jams. I gotta say that I truly enjoy this version of Phil & Friends. Greene, Campell, Molitz, and Molo were charging right out of the gate! (Wasn't there a rider tease in there as well, or am I having a flashback of '77?)

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, please give a listen to their version of "Don't Let Me Down", it was a wonderful surprise of a John Lennon song with perfect vocals from the boys. Exceptional!!

Also, I would have LOVED to see Kimock sit in with the Friends during that second half. Kimock's stratospheric guitarwork with Mickey Hart Band (on Thursday) was transportive, and the MHB's version of Sugaree was stellar (Kimock had some amp problems during the first 3 songs or so, but then got it 'just exactly perfect'). And his playing was so expansive, textured, atmospheric runs, and just downright tasty (shit, I ran out of adjectives, Don't ever miss Kimock!). Jen Durkin and George Porter's vocals were wonderful (and his bass playing was the BOMB, er as my boys would say). Hollingsworth (keys) , Reyes, (drums) and the master of the talking drum Sikiru Adepoju completed Mickey's palate of colors during that Thursday show.

I was just so excited to see both Phil and Mickey having so much fun, playing so well, and surrounded by musicians that they are inspired by and they want to play with. In my opinion both the new and old blood there, enhanced the whole show and there was fine improvisation, musicianship, exploration, heart and soul, all those qualities that drew me to the Dead back in the early '70s. I saw both bands pushing it, taking chances, not playing it safe, either in song selection or in their performance. Phil and Mickey both looked like they were having the time of their lives. And I was along for the ride. Big time.

BUT I suppose if Master Kimock had graced the stage with Phil that second half, it might have just cracked the spacetime continuum and that could have then erupted with a new crater (in my mind) at the 10,000 lakefest venue, which might have endangered us all.

Or maybe the boys are saving that for next time?

Ahhhh, next time!! (Homer Simpson voice and saliva drool).

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St. Louis

Thanks so much for the awesome show phil. I will remember it for the rest of my life.

"You know the one thing we need is a left handed monkey wrench....."

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Great Show

Last night's show at The Greek in L.A. was superb. Explosive form the moment of initial stage presense all throughout the first song: "Shakedown". Jackie Green was in top form, as was Mr. Cambell. Molo was a dynamo. Phil was beyond stunning, as he gently led his band mates across a vast array of tunes with a vengence. I can only give this show a 5 on, but if there's a scale that goes to 100, then that's what it gets! It also seemed that the National Guard of Los Angeles' Greek Theatre has relaxed it's "sit the fuck down & put out that smoke, OR ELSE" policy. That's a big factor in the experience. I think Phil & Friends felt it too. What a special night... Where's the tape? I can only hope that Ratdog will half as good a night next month there.

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And Many, Many More...

Happy Birthday, Phil. Thank you! I can't wait to see you again.

"Since you've all been such good boys and girls, I would like to take everybody in this entire audience out for milk and cookies. There are buses outside. Everybody follow me."

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Wowie Zowie Happy Birthday

Wowie Zowie

Happy Birthday

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How do I say this in a nice way?


I love you man. Been seeing you play since early 71. By the way, that night at the Fillmore in April 1971 when TC came out as a guest was the best show of the hundreds I've seen. Obviously, there were MANY wonderful magical shows, but that one show, was my personal favorite. Do you remember me, 12th row center? just kidding...but I remember that night like it was yesterday, down to what the Joshua Light show was doing. Did you know when you did Box of Rain that night (which is not captured on any recording I've seen/heard), the light show was of a Box Of Rain flying around fields, pastures, lakes, and beautiful settings? wow....

While I'm at it, most of the fans here wouldn't know this, but during a stint at the Nassau Colusium in Long Island back in 73, I believe, the entire dead, except for Jerry, were at Radio City Music Hall in Manhatten to see Pink Floyd perform Dark Side of the Moon. The seat at the end was open, and feeling one with the cosmos, I politely asked Keith if any one was sitting there, to which he replied "no", so I sat down. I complimented Keith on his piano lick on Playing in the Bank on ACE's album, which just came out the summer prior, and he really appreciated the comments, and we had a great talk. Half way through the show, the dead left and I said to Keith "where you guys going", to which he replied, "to have some fun". lol Great moment in Rock N' Roll. Who am I to argue, so I said see you tomorrow at the show, and enjoyed the remainder of the show with a huge grin ear to ear.

Fast forward to Springfield MA in 1977. You guys are leaving the show and outside I spot you getting in a car, and ask, "where you headed" to which you replied "gonna go eat meat" hahahahaha... must of been a Bear influenced remark......a. c k... speaking of Bear.. some months ago while at the Fillmore here in San Francisco, I was at an acoustic Hot Tuna show and ran in to Bear himself. Blew me away. I was at the area selling CD's at the break, and suggested a live airplace fillmore CD to a person on line, and Bear overheard me and said he was there. Further conversation with Bear led to him telling me he used to work on the sound for the dead, so I asked him his name, and when he said Bear, I nearly fell on my face. I just said Owsley, gave him a huge hug, to which he reciprocated, and we had an awesome chat. I read in the pink section of the SF Chronicle that Sunday that Bear was in town for a short time and delayed his trip back to Austrilia, or New Zealand, can't recall, but one of the places down under.

My Jerry encounters would follow in later years, but I'll save that for another post.

Sorry, got side tracked.

I am not a fan of Jackie Greene at all. As a guitarist, I appreciate his abilities, but his style is a turn off; perhaps too much of a dylan knock off; not sure exactly what it is that turns me off. I've enjoyed all the players that have joined you. This is the first I've not liked enough, to actually leave a show early; at the last Greek Theatre show.

Any way, I hope the fans here don't flame me for simply being honest.

Much hugs & love.

A fan for life and beyond. -EW

Joined: Jan 16 2008
Jackie Greene is so smooth, with country flavor, reminds me of .

I was lucky enough too catch the show in st louis and was totally blown away tee hee. I was lucky enough to be in bean blossom when jerry was learnin. Him and Jackie make me sick, I've been playin 50 years and still can't play a lick. please don't forget us out in the sticks

older and slower, but still havin fun. watchin the rivers roll on and on. missin all those who've gone on before. I'll wait to hear the jam, when I go through that door. yet I imagine the possibilities as I go through my chores. let the 4 winds blow
Take care everyone.

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I hope Phil keeps these

I hope Phil keeps these friends for another summer tour :) Really enjoyed each show I saw with this band.

"The bus came by and I got on, that's when it all began.."

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~one song~

Casey Jones....beautiful acoustic

Phil spoke about politics....his family will be in Nevada next month to back Obama!!!

~bent my ear to hear...closed my eyes to see~

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I missed this! I can't believe I missed this! Did anyone listen in?

"If the forms of this world die, which is more real, the me that dies or the me that's infinite? Can I trust my habitual mind, or do I need to learn to look beneath those things?"


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Phil and Friends