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Joined: Jun 22 2007
I saw Phish for the first

I saw Phish for the first time by accident right after getting off Dead tour in fall 1989. To me it was a situation of going from my peak Dead experience to my peak Phish experience. Before the world caught on Phish was just plain stupid fun. If your a fan of Zappaesque composed music listen to some Phish shows from 1991. The scene at Phish shows at this time was wonderful many smart spiritual folk and no hangers on. The band was still travelling around in a van it was a great time to see the band.

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RE: Farbie

Yeah Farbie, I can hear you about the jams not going anywhere alot. I mean I love Phish, but I can only come up with a handful of really good Reba JAMS. Nothing like Phish though...

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Living Vicariously

I have had the unfortunate luck throughout my life of always having something come up that keeps me from going to show. This has proven true for both the Dead and Phish. Everytime I would get tickets in hand something come up that would make it impossible for me to go. There is also the fact that I did not get truly into the Dead untill late '94 giving me a small window of time to be able to see them. As a result of this horrible streak of luck I have been obsessive about archiving as many shows as I can get my hands hands on. I know it is not quite the same, but I have to go with what I can get. As far as Phish shows the one that sticks out in my mind is 8-13-96 from Deer Creek. The setlist is amazing, plus it has sentimental value because it was the first show I got a a tape of from a friend. I was ecstatic when it was released as part of the Live Phish series, because I was able to listen to the show again as a SBD recording.

"...the powerful plays goes on, and you may contribute a verse"
-Walt Whitman-

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I thought that the lot scene for Phish was sort of stuck up and rude, but then again I only went to a couple of thier shows and never really got into the whole enchalada.
To me the jams never went anywhere, stuck into the same rotations, younger musicans maybe the cause, but the influence was heard all through the music.
I guess that I was Tainted by the Dead and the way everyone had their own voice in the band and together that was a symphony, at least to me.
Phish on the other hand I could go either side of the fence really the studios are well produced and sound good, live shows I have not bothered with, just because there are so many more hours of the Dead to enjoy.
Sorry Phish-heads, I know that in your eyes they are your Dead, for me I can take it or leave it.

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Ive only been to a few shows
Tucson 1991& 92
Phoenix 93

I have something like 75 tapes though and many sbds so I have lots of good material from this band.


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2nd night, Deer Creek 00'

I've seen over 30 Phish shows since 96', but the one that sticks out in my head is Deer Creek 2000, 2nd night. It was the only show of the 3 night run that I had Pavillion seats, as if that ever mattered. Anyway, the whole Zepplin 'Moby Dick' theme ran through the entire show, it was SICK!!! My adventure was heightened by a certain member of the mycological community, but nonetheless it was a great time. That was my last true Phish experience. I saw them in 04', but it just wasn't the same. Maybe they'll get back on the train and jam once again.


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One of the best I saw by Phish

7/17/98 The Gorge

I: Makisupa, Ya Mar, Gumbo, Divided Sky, Waste, MMGAMOIO, My Soul

II: Also Sprach, Mikes->Weekapaug, Character Zero

E: PYITE, Rockytop

Dead to the Core

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Livephish, PhishNet, etc

I could never understand all the negative stuff about the Dead on these websites. Didn't anyone ever understand where it all came from?

Anyway... Maybe Clifford Ball day II...Definitely not 12/31/95

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phish-related:ever heard of


ever heard of Smokin' Grass?

a burlington VT bluegrass/newgrass band, with some of the guys being friends with some of the phish guys... i have a show or two where mike gordon sits in with them...

they have a few cd's out, they used to come thru southern WV and stay with a friend of mine while they were in town.

they also have ties to jamie masefield and gordon stone...

i told doug perkins (their guitar player) once, that i thought he was as good as tony rice (to me, they both have similar styles when pickin' the "speed" grass).

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i saw my first phish show in 1995 in gainesville, Fl. After the grateful Dead stopped touring, Phish became my new home away from home. Sure the two lot scenes differed...the dead scene being more mature and laid back, and the phish scene being more young, sometimes rude, but often rockin. Most people (my peeps) were there for the music...some wern't. The 11/02/96 coral sky Crosseyed and Painless>Antelope firmly set the hook deep into my cheek...and i was pulled in hook, line, and sinker. Over 30 shows later and i'm still hooked.
All the Lakewood shows in Hot Lanta from 97(ghost),98(roses are free, moma dance, fluffhead,DWD, YEM>Running with the devil encore),99(2 day 4th of july meltdown),00(2 night run),and 03 were sick. Oak Mountain 99 was big pimpin. Big cypress was unreal...had to be there to was epic...many dreams came true for many many people down there.
my last phish shows were the 4 night miami new years run from 2003...the 30th being especially awesome with the Epic 1st set opener to the P-funk second set...diaper and all

I miss my phishin'...hopefull trey will pull it together and get back on the train! There are few bands out there these days that can even touch what phish did...going to shows just isn't the same...


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