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Pig Pen Bring Me My Shotgun Vine

Started by Greg Macfarlane

Posted: January 5, 2008 - 5:40pm
Pig Pen Bring Me My Shot Gun

One for Eric (aka gd1294) who posted on The Grateful Dead catalog pages.

Usual deadnet vine format – put your name in the next position and contact the one before with postal details.

Two audio discs:
a) - Pigpen's Apartment Solo Acoustic Demos 1966 - it's from 4 track master>?>CD>.wav via EAC>.shn via MKW. Forget where it came from and when I got it but converted back to .wav via MKW.

Tracks: Two Woman, Michael, Katie May, New Orleans > That Train, Instrumental, Bring Me My shotgun, CC Rider, Katie Mae, Hitchhiking Woman, Two Women, When I was a Boy, Bring me my Shotgun.

It also has: I Believe, She's Mine and No Time, listed as Pigpen's final recordings '73 (?).

It finishes with a '64 recording of Sweet Georgia Brown>Betty and Dupree with Jorma.

b) Again .wav – Pigpen (King of the West Coast Blues)
The Same Thing (9:49) and Smokestack lightning (8:40) 11-19-66, It Hurts Me Too (4:07) 10-22-67, TOYLL (9:07) 5-14-68, Katie Mae (5:26) 5-15-70, Smokestack Lightning (12:38) 12-7-71, It Hurts Me Too (7:42) 2-18-71.


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Winterland 74 ~ Who added Kansas?

Hey everyone. Just sent reedchris the Winterland vine with lots of added goodies. I hate to say that one of the Kansas discs did not make to chris, & I'm trying to find out who added that show. PM me Kansas owner.

Thanks & Peace

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Let's deal

Gr8ful works as a civil servant for the U.S.A. I enjoy winter sports, fishing and microbrews. Been to a few live Dead shows and currently go to Panic and Feat shows. Meet me at Wakarusa, as I like to volunteer there. I have a ton of cassettes I/m willing to give away.

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Poor Pete's Dead

Here's a great little story of how I got involved with the Dead. My brother (Peter) was leaving home to go to California & was downsizing - and I was on my way off to college - and he'd said I should listen to the Grateful Dead & let me listen to China Cat Sunflower on an album (this was 1978). He was busy trying to change his music collection from album to cassette, and had recently attended some (very outstanding) GD shows & had tapes of them (he knew the taper) - 5.26.77, 5.28.77& 9.3.77. Anyway, He went off to LA & I went off to college (with a new sound system & lots of music - including some "broken" tapes he'd left behind) I did cassette surgery on them & resurected them, only to find an incredible audience tape of 5.26.77 - the kind that doesn't annoy or overwhelm, but gives you the sense of being actually There - and I labeled the tapes "Poor Pete's Dead" - and made copies for all my friends eventually - and then I started going to shows & collecting - I burned through about 4 different tape decks trading tapes - and had a workbench with an in-folder & out-folder - and even now, I still have 7 of those wooden racks that hold 100 tapes each - all Dead Bootlegs - but I discovered places like where you can download shows & now have almost as much on cd & hard drive as I do on cassette. This vining thing is new to me - and I'm signed up for quite a few - Can't wait. As for me - I'm turning 48 this year (in November) - saw the Dead first in 1978, am married w/ 3 wonderful kids, 10(G), 13(B), 15(B) who have grown up listening to this music - My daughter's favorite song is Dire Wolf - it made quite a stir when she was 5 years old, singing "Pleeeeese don't murder me" - some people thought it was strange - but others thought it was great she already knew the words. Anyway, I play music (mostly Dead, but some Neil, Dylan, & other eclectic stuff) and work in the computer industry. I bought a bass for my oldest son, but he hasn't really worked at it & got a drumset for my middle son - he's energetic, but needs discipline. He sounds fantastic when he wails on them - but can't keep a steady beat on a soft song. Then my little girl - she will either be a lacrosse champion, soccer champion, or an actress - she's got the drive & the looks - but she can't carry a tune to save her life. I'm hoping I can teach her guitar & voice - she really really wants it. My wife doesn't understand - even though she's a deadhead at heart - she thinks I should listen to "new" music (which I do - I'm actually quite eclectic - I just heard a song by the ting tings called "that's not my name", which I thought was pretty cool.

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...a little about moi'

Hi, I'm new to this forum, though I've had this site as the opening page to my web browser for years. I'm an art teacher in the Philly area, listening & going to shows since 7th grade! I had a DH older brother who took me and a close friend to shows if they were in town. He took me to my 1st concert, Bowie at the Tower theater in '76. He's gone now (brother, not Bowie), but he got me on the bus. I am a remarried old time twirl girl with 2 young kids- 5 & 7. It's tough to be an older mom, especially after teaching K-6 graders art all day. but, I love teaching and my district and program are great- this is year 25 for me. I'm set to see ratdog in March, just got tix and will go with a friend of mine, known him since 2nd grade. his wife and my husband are not DHs, so we go together. He and I went to hundreds of shows together...ah, them old days. I was very lucky to be in art school where I scheduled my midterm and final critiques around shows and tours. I went on the road for a bunch of fall and summer tours, college tours in NY, PA, NJ, and MD...too much fun. I know some of you have (and may still be wearing) earrings I made, t shirts my friend and I silk screened, t-dyes, and some awesome glass ornaments I used to blow back in my college days. It was a fun time and got the travelling bug into my soul. I saw much of the US with Jer & the boyz following me close behind, then set out to Europe, and other venues. As a teacher, I have been lucky to have travel time and spent months in central America, Mexico, and Malasia. I'm a warm water scuba diver, so I follow the sun and warm waves before an area gets too known...but with 2 young kids now, my last trip was to Disney World! Fun, surreal, but no Panajahel,Guatemala!

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Housewarming in LA

sounds interesting


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

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thanks Yamadog

good luck with the house

we'll bring some blanks to the house warming party!

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Alive And Well

Just Thought I Would let Everyone Know Everything Is Okay.Haven't Posted Any New Vines In Ahwile,But Some good Stuff Is Coming. In The Process Of Buying A New House,(Why Can't It Be As Easy As Buying A Dicks Pic Off This Site?)Anyway I Have Come Into Possesion Of Some Outstanding Shows,Once The Move Is complete I Will Be Turning Loose Some Vines,Also Any Intrest In Some Janis Vines? Should Be Back In The Vining Mode At The End Of April At A New Address.
Have A Grateful Weekend.
(Cause' There's An Easy Wind...Blowin' Cross The Bayou Today)

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PC Emergency Care

Buy a couple gallons of isopropyl alcohol. If you can isolate the effected parts, soak in the isopropyl then rinse with the iso. Let dry and reassemble. Isopropyl alcohol will not damage electronic parts and can be counted on to evaporate completely.

Good luck.


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I hate when that happens!

a speedy recovery to your technology infrastructure.

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Please skip me on all upcoming vines...

Sad to say that one of my children spilled a steaming cup of hot chocolate on our PC this morning. Maybe it'll dry out????

Thanks to everyone



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Pig Pen Bring Me My Shotgun Vine