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Pig Pen Bring Me My Shotgun Vine

Started by Greg Macfarlane

Posted: January 5, 2008 - 5:40pm
Pig Pen Bring Me My Shot Gun

One for Eric (aka gd1294) who posted on The Grateful Dead catalog pages.

Usual deadnet vine format – put your name in the next position and contact the one before with postal details.

Two audio discs:
a) - Pigpen's Apartment Solo Acoustic Demos 1966 - it's from 4 track master>?>CD>.wav via EAC>.shn via MKW. Forget where it came from and when I got it but converted back to .wav via MKW.

Tracks: Two Woman, Michael, Katie May, New Orleans > That Train, Instrumental, Bring Me My shotgun, CC Rider, Katie Mae, Hitchhiking Woman, Two Women, When I was a Boy, Bring me my Shotgun.

It also has: I Believe, She's Mine and No Time, listed as Pigpen's final recordings '73 (?).

It finishes with a '64 recording of Sweet Georgia Brown>Betty and Dupree with Jorma.

b) Again .wav – Pigpen (King of the West Coast Blues)
The Same Thing (9:49) and Smokestack lightning (8:40) 11-19-66, It Hurts Me Too (4:07) 10-22-67, TOYLL (9:07) 5-14-68, Katie Mae (5:26) 5-15-70, Smokestack Lightning (12:38) 12-7-71, It Hurts Me Too (7:42) 2-18-71.


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Joined: Jul 17 2007
Yes, I'm a Pig fan, but

Yes, I'm a Pig fan, but truth be told, Brent is my man (on the keys anyway).
I head a mental block when coming up with my profile, and that was the first thing I thought of...

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Joined: Oct 23 2007
Lovely Suggestion

I'm rather new to the Vineyard. Thanks all for taking me under your wings and sharing excellent music as well as good times.
operator ~ Congrats on your sweet family! Try to sleep while you can!
I have questions about fellow viners as well. I'll start with you: When I see your name I think of Pig~ if you don't know, I really have a thing for him (musically speaking) So are you a big PigPen fan?
My take on Rick~ he's a Ballooning pilot? Just a guess.
What does 143 or 245 mean?

Ha, this is fun! Thanks Marye & Operator

Joined: Jul 17 2007

So I suggested to Mary that we start a topic so we could all introduce ourselves here.
I feel like I've gotten to know quite a few here and we've developed a great little community but I still want to know a little more.
Is Rick really a pilot?
What's going on in Bartlett, NH?
What does KJ7XJ mean?
etc etc
I guess since it was my suggestion, I'll kick it off.
I live in Brooklyn, NY with my wife and little boy who turns 2 tomorrow. And we have a little girl on the way. So I guess with all the chaos in our little household, the music gives me a mini vacation.
I work as a photographer and photo retoucher and I happen to work a lot from the home office which is very conducive to burning discs...
Unfortunately, I got into the Dead way too late. I started listening to the Dead when I was a teenager in the early 90's (ouch). But being that I have a somewhat addictive personality, I haven't stopped listening in the last 18 years now. I only made it to 3 shows, one at MSG and two at Highgate, VT. I remember the VT shows as being fun, but utterly underwhelming, musically. To make up for the lack of live shows, I traded tapes actively in the 90's (anyone remember Terrapin Tapes?) and again haven't stopped since. It's an obsession but its pleasing!
I hope to hear a little more from you all if you feel like sharing.
Thanks to everyone here for the great music and great spirit.


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Pig Pen Bring Me My Shotgun Vine